1950s America


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In this powerpoint it describes 1950s America, specifically 1950s American culture. You will see how it changed from pervious generations and how some of what they experienced has affected us today.

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1950s America

  1. 1. { 1950s America
  2. 2. Culture of the 1950s The US had the world’s strongest military power during the 50s  At the end of WWII most Americans wanted to have children because they were sure of their future (The Baby Boom)  During the 50s most Americans had money to spend and prosper on 
  3. 3.   The G.I. bill, officially the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944, provided many benefits to veterans of World War II. Most Americans during the 1950s moved from the city to the suburb because most Americans could afford a car
  4. 4. During the 1950s a growth in Americas infrastructure took place with the creation of many national highways. (The Federal Aid Highway Act 1956)  With the 1950s came a sense of conformity within consumer market (the franchise ex: McDonalds)  The Beat Movement came about in the 1950s, and they rejected the predominate values of American society  The 1950s sees the rise of Rock n’ Roll with the popularity of Elvis Presley who combined a mix of Southern blues, country, and gospel to form his music 
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