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  1. 1. Holy WeekPalm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week
  2. 2. Jerusalem• It’s early in the morning and the streets are deserted on a day which will become a famous day in the history of Christianity.• Today a young preacher and miracle worker from a small village called Nazareth will come to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover with His twelve disciples.• He has carefully taught them and now they are nearly ready to become apostles, the first bishops, who will bring His messages to all nations.• Many people have come to Jerusalem for the Passover.• Suddenly, Jesus is seen in the distance riding toward Jerusalem on a donkey, just like king David’s son Solomon on the day of his anointing.
  3. 3. • Many people think Jesus is the Messiah, the Christ, the Savior.• Word spreads quickly. People are awakened and rush down to the street near the entrance to Jerusalem.• Just like any other great man the people want to welcome him into the Holy City in a special way, but how?• Some spread out their coats on the road while others cut palm branches to lay in his path, signs of honor and respect.
  4. 4. • Soon, everything is in readiness for His arrival.• People wait with more palm branches in their hands ready to cast them in front of Jesus.
  5. 5. • When he is seen, people begin to cry out, “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.• Still others call out that He is the King of Israel!
  6. 6. • The Pharisees look at one • On Palm Sunday we join another, “You see that the enthusiastic crowds in you can do nothing; Jerusalem as we long for look, the world has gone our salvation. after Him. • It is time for us to• We will begin to walk examine ourselves and through the great our loyalty to Jesus. mysteries of our salvation • Will we be like the crowd with Jesus this week and later in the week and discover how good God demand His crucifixion or has been to call us out of will we have the courage the darkness of our sin of John the Evangelist and into the light of His Life. walk with He and His Mother to the cross?
  7. 7. Palm Sunday• On Palm Sunday we will • Are we the kind of Christian hear of Our Lord’s triumphal who will abandon our faith entry into Jerusalem and His when our emotions are death on the cross just a overcome with fear or few days later. anxiety?• As Holy week progresses we • Are we the kind of Christian shall slowly draw back the like Judas who focus on curtain and see the actors things of this world instead emerge to play their parts. of building up our treasure• Some will be heroes while in heaven? others will demonstrate • Are we the kind of their need for the courage. Christian, like John the• As we watch and listen to Evangelist, who will walk the actors, we might find through the soldiers to ourselves. remain loyal to Christ?
  8. 8. Holy Week - Monday• We find Jesus in Bethany at the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus the man Jesus had raise from the dead.• We hear of Mary, anointing Jesus with aromatic nard.• Judas, a man of the world, quickly objects that the nard could have been sold and the money given to the poor.• Judas cared more about money from the sale of the nard, than about Jesus.• Who is your god, money, a car, a house, a job or the one true God?• Are we Sunday Christians or 24/7 Christian?
  9. 9. Holy Week - Tuesday• In today’s gospel we find • But that was not the ourselves in the upper room Father’s plan. for the Passover meal. • Peter says he is willing to• Jesus announces that one of die for Jesus but Jesus tells the twelve will betray Him. Peter before the cock crows• Every time we sin we join three times Peter will also Judas and betray Him. betray Jesus by denying• It would have been easy for Him. Jesus to identify Judas as • When pressed have you the traitor and we can rest acted like Peter and denied assured that Peter would your faith or your faith’s have taken action to teachings because you fear prevent his treachery. what others may think about you?
  10. 10. Holy Week - Wednesday• The Son of Man indeed • Judas is the goat who will goes, as it is written of lead the lamb to the Him, but woe to that man slaughter. by whom the Son of Man is • Have you been willing to betrayed. bargain away your honesty,• Today we see Judas make a or your integrity, for a few bargain with the life of an dollars? innocent man.• They agree on thirty pieces of silver, the price of a slave.
  11. 11. Holy Week - Thursday• Today the bishops will • At this point we leave the concelebrate the Chrism Lenten season and enter Mass with the other priests into the Easter Triduum. of their diocese. • In the evening there will be• The bishop will bless the the Mass of the Lord’s Holy Oils that will be Supper. distributed throughout the • Following the homily there parishes in his dioceses. will be a “Washing of the• This Mass is a Feet” just as Jesus did at the demonstration of the unity Last Supper. that exists between the • At the conclusion of the bishops and the priests. Mass the tabernacle should be entirely empty.