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5. december 1987


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5. december 1987

Published in: Health & Medicine
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5. december 1987

  1. 1. 30 Years Ago In H.I.S.-tory by Vince Ciotti © 2017 H.I.S. Professionals, LLC, all rights reserved News from December 1987 as it relates to today
  2. 2. Interesting Ad • Hard to remember that Kodak was the giant vendor for photographic film back then – they almost died after the introduction of digital cameras… Anyone remember what film is? 35mm versus 128mm?? • Kodak was selling a device that displayed your PC screen on an overhead projector – from both IBM PCs and Apple II PCs. No mention of Windows or Macs… • Reminds me of how hard it was to get a projector for my presentation of HIS-tory at HIMMS a few years back – and finding a printer to make the overhead foils! Today, you plug your PC into any projector and off you go…
  3. 3. Sentry in this Century • The people section mentioned Rick Mager, an HIS pioneer who cut his teeth at TDS and then helped make Sentry Data Inc. a major player in the 80s with their Tandem “non-stop” HIS. • Amazingly, just last month one of the few remaining print magazines in HIS featured this story about a new business analytics vendor named, guess what? Who’d a thunk it! • Makes one wonder what future start- up vendors might try to re-use names like “Healthland” or “Eclipsys?” • Branding is all the rage on Wall Street these days – it’s not the product or services that counts, but the name…
  4. 4. 5-Year Predictions From LIS CEOs • This fascinating article featured predictions by CEOs from four leading Lab vendors at the time – amazing that two of these vendors still run today:
  5. 5. Were Any Predictions Right? • In case you couldn’t read the fine print, here’s what the CEOs predicted and how right or wrong they were by 1992 vs today: • Scott (Lab Force): “By 1992 there will be an all-digital, including voice and image, medical record.” A little premature for 1992, but so true today with our near-total adoption of EHRs! • Eggart (3M): “Also in five years, we will see more fully-integrated HIS vendors and technology advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Expert Systems will be most beneficial.” Again, a little premature for 1992, but very true by today regarding fully integrated HIS vendors (Epic, Cerner, Meditech, et al) • Patterson (Cerner): The most prescient comment considering how his firm transitioned from LIS to HIS in the mid-90s: “By 1992 I see most labs being computerized and what we will see emerging is a ‘replacement market.’” • Goldblatt (Sunquest): “Within five years, almost all labs will be computerized, and most will have integrated systems with HIS and other peer systems; networking and interfacing standards will come to pass; and by 1992, we will be approaching a time when HIS will be a subspecialty in…medicine.” Right on! Sid was the Pathologist at Conemaugh Health System in Johnstown, PA, founded Sunquest in 1979, and sold it to Misys in 2001 for $400M.
  6. 6. Remember These? • When is the last time you saw a pay phone in a hospital, or anywhere else? • Back in the 80s, the “Ma Bell” telephone monopoly had been broken up into smaller regional players, and New York/New England gave their pay phones for free! • When did you get your first cell phone? I remember getting a call from Shelly Dorenfest on his first in the mid-80s – very hard to hear him but what a gutsy guy!
  7. 7. Vendor Profile • Featured vendor was a small start- up from Mass. that was starting to make waves in the small hospital mini-computer system market: Medical Information Technology. • Meditech claimed three operating principles in this profile article: 1. “To develop its own product using its own technology.” – So true: to this day they have built almost every app themselves. 2. “To Provide the most product for the money” – Also true to this day: they charge 1% per month, 12% per year for software maintenance; most other vendors charge 2 to 3 times more!! 3. “To emphasize flexibility in product design and marketing philosophy.” – Bit of a fudge: they only sold Magic in the 80s, Client/Server in the 90s, and Release 6 in the 2000s. The first two were pretty much “model” systems – take it or leave it…
  8. 8. Big Blue Roots • Another vendor profiled in the December 1987 issue of Bill Child’s HCC was Sunquest • Hard to read the fine print, but founder Sid Goldblatt describes how he developed his LIS in 1965 (I was a still a Junior in college!): “It was an IBM card-based system…” • Sid then wrote to every computer manufacturer about his new system but only DEC responded, so they wrote the pioneering CliniLab LIS in PDP-12 for DEC minis.
  9. 9. That Reminds Me… • I’ll never forget seeing this odd- looking building at Cedars with these strange-looking windows scattered all over the façade as if they were arbitrarily placed on different locations on each floor. • What could the architect have been thinking for such a strange design? • Way back in the early 1980s, I was in working in marketing at McAuto and we made a sales call on Cedars Hospital in Miami, FL. I don’t remember the exact year or month, but I’m sure it was winter time…
  10. 10. Recognize It? • Ironically, just this month we were at a gig in Miami and passed by the same building. My aging memory cells flashed and I asked my partner Elise Ames to take those pictures – she’s much younger than I am and did not immediately recognize the meaning of the odd-shaped windows – do any of you HIS-talk readers? • Flash back to Sid’s “IBM card-based” system and you get the answer! Seems back in the 60s, the architect designed this building to reflect the iconic 5081 keypunch cards first used in the US census at the turn of the 19th century, and the Hollerith code input for IBM and BUNCH-group mainframe computers back then. • I’ve got a small stack if anyone wants one - very low price… • Wonder what the picture “holes” on the Cedars building spell? Any DP gurus know??
  11. 11. Next Month/Year • Some interesting news & articles from January 1988: – CliniCom – remember the bedside system revolution? Pioneer CliniCom completed its funding in January, 1988. – SMS – this pioneer in shared systems officially formed a separate division for its DEC-based turnkey mini systems. – McAuto – SMS’ primary competitor, took over management of NEIC, a pioneering claims processing (EDI) vendor. – FDA – Dr. Ralph Korpman, founder of Health Data Sciences, weighs in on proposed FDA regulations of HIS systems. Hope you enjoy jumping back to these early days of HIS-tory – glad to hear any of your memories or negative feedback: Vince Ciotti HIS Professionals, LLC 505.466.4958