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111. vendor c suite a

  1. 1. H.I.S.-tory, by Vince Ciotti © 2013 by H.I.S. Professionals, LLC, all rights reserved. Episode #111: C-Suite Answers Did You Recognize These Faces?
  2. 2. Gaff(e)s • For an English major, I screw up my spelling pretty regularly! Check out this email from Dave Wellons, VP of Sales, MDdatacor: – “Vince, In your 9/30 episode, you corrected a couple of mistakes. You called them "gaffs". I think you meant "gaffe.” A gaff is either a hook and pole used to land fish, or a type of sail boat rigging. Sorry to poke a bit of fun, but the irony of making another gaffe when apologizing for your "gaff" was too good to pass up. Keep them coming - I look forward to each episode. David” • I’ll tell you an even better screw up: in the first of the beige “Application Manuals” I wrote at SMS back in the early ‘70s, on the first page, in my proof-reading I missed a typo on the word “hospitals” as “hoapirals!” At least the content was good…
  3. 3. Muchas Gracias! • First, I must thank a number of old friends and HIS-tory heroes who were kind enough to help out my aging memory cells to get the answers to last week’s quiz on vendor C-Suites: – Frank Poggio – who founded HMDS, did a bunch of consulting for HIS vendors over his 40 years in the biz, and lately helps them with Meaningful Use certification (847/382-1388) – Frank Pecaitis– who was VP of sales for several leading HIS vendors including QuadraMed &MedShpere, and who now head up sales for PatientSafe Solutions (858/746-3118) – Sheldon Dorenfest – the HIS guru of all time, who took time off during his travels to China to fill me in on many HIS vendor founders & presidents he knew personally (312/464-3000) – Bill Childs – the founder of all HIS media starting with his Computers in Healthcare rag in 1980, and now Senior Vice President with First Choice Professionals (949/218-4092)
  4. 4. From The Source… • Bill was especially helpful with ID-ing the early executives over Lockheed’s pioneering Medical Information System (MIS) project: – “What was known as Technicon or the TDS system was conceived in 1967 and started in 1968 at Lockheed Missiles and Space Company in Sunnyvale, CA. Lockheed received a “Matching Grant” from the U.S. Government to develop systems in order to track and report on the new Medicare / Medicaid System which went into effect in 1968 at a cost of $3.2 Billion for the first year… The first CEO of the project was Kenneth Larkin, who was a Lockheed Vice President and his COO was Mel Hodge, who was Lockheed’s youngest VP and a Fulbright Scholar at Northwestern University. He was truly a visionary and first proposed a Medical Information System that physicians would use in 1967. Leaders of the development were Paul Williams for applications, Chuck Tepella, for online-real-time systems and Bill Childs for Financial Information Systems. – Note: parts of the Medical and Financial Systems are still alive in several hospitals some 45 years after their first “Go Live” (Financials in 1969 and Medical in 1971) at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, CA.”
  5. 5. Ta-Da! • And here it is, from founders to current execs – please email me with any additions/corrections and I’ll send you the Excel file: vciotti@hispros.com
  6. 6. Larger Print • And in case your eyes are getting as bad as mine, here’s the four quadrants of the big spreadsheet blown up to much larger fonts; first, the upper-left, the large vendors from 1960s through 1990:
  7. 7. Larger Print 2 • The upper right quadrant - large vendors from 1985 to today:
  8. 8. Larger Print 3 • The lower left quadrant - smaller vendors from 1969 to 1990:
  9. 9. Larger Print 4 • And the lower right quadrant – small vendors from 1985 to today:
  10. 10. Today’s HIS Vendor Founders • Here’s the list of today’s leading HIS vendors, listed in order of their annual revenue, with the names of their original founders 1. $3.2B = McKesson, née HBOC = Walt Huff, Bruce Barrington, & Dick Owens 2. $2.6B = Cerner, still run by Neal Patterson, co-founded by Cliff Illig& Paul Gorup 3. $1.8B (est) = Siemens, née SMS: Jim Macaleer, Harvey Wilson & Clyde Hyde 4. $1.5B =Epic, Judy Faulkner, the only female in the group, but what a lady!! 5. $1.4B =Allscripts, née Eclipsys, also founded by Harvey Wilson of SMS. 6. $850M (est) -GE Healthcare, née IDX/PHAMIS: created by Malcolm Gleser 7. $597M = Meditech, still run after all these years by Antonino Papallardo 8. $375M = NextGen: née Quality Systems Inc. founded by Sheldon Razin 9. $183M = CPSI, founded by M. Kenny Muscat & Denny P. Wilkins 10. $156M = HMS (Healthcare Management Systems), Tom Givens & John Doss 11. $150M = Keane, parent giant by John Keane, but HIS div. built by Ray Paris 12. $106M = QuadraMed, née Compucare, founded by Sheldon Dorenfest 13. $75M (est) = Healthland, formerly Dairyland, founded by Steve Klick
  11. 11. Visual Q & A © 2013 by H.I.S. Professionals, LLC, all rights reserved. Name: Chuck Barlow R. J. Macaleer Walt Huff Steve Klick Harvey Wilson Vendor: McAuto SMS HBO Dairyland SMS/Eclipsys • Do OK on that verbal test? How about your visual IQ in naming these photos of these of HIS- tory heroes: • The only picture I’m not 100% sure of is Malcolm Gleser’s… Name: J. Whitehead John Sacco Terry Alley Clyde Hyde M. Gleser Vendor: TDS JS Data Gerber-Alley SMS PHAMIS Name: Neal Paterson S. Dorenfest N. Pappalardo D. Wilkins J. Faulkner Vendor: Cerner Compucare Meditech CPSI Epic Name: Tom Givens K.Muscat John Doss Rich Tarrant Ray Paris Vendor: HMS CPSI HMS IDS(X) Keane
  12. 12. Much Tougher Challenge… • I must confess I am still stumped by many of these faces in Bill Childs challenge in an article of his from Computers in Healthcare magazine in the late ‘80s. • I typed in the few I knew reasonably well, but would sure appreciate hearing from anyone out there who recognizes the rest to earn the $250! Mark Gross Art Randall Frank Russo Steve Macaleer Peter Marsh Ford Phillip s
  13. 13. Next Week • Actually, it may be two weeks as I am reaching out to Larry Gerdes who helped Walt Huff get his original financing for HBO, and was so impresssed by the prospectus, he later joined astheirCFO! • If any of you out there have early HBO stories you’d like to share, please call or write: – vciotti@hispros.com – 505/466-4958 Chuck Barlow G. Weinberg J. Whitehead Mike Brown Rich Helpie Jim Macaleer Ralph Korpman Marion Ball