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Presentation 2012


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TEData- Global Data Service

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Presentation 2012

  1. 1. The Leading Service Provider TEData
  2. 2. Table of Content• Welcome to our Business World1. Company Background2. Core Network3. Global Data Service4. Global Partners5. Global MPLS Coverage6. Global IPLC Coverage
  3. 3. Company BackgroundTE Data is considered to be Egypt’s largest Data Communications carrier with a nationalnetwork and a regional vision. The company was established late 2001 by Telecom Egypt, toadopt the role of the Incumbent Operator’s regional Data communications and Internetarm.TE Data portfolio includes narrowband and broadband internet access services, IP VPNconnectivity services and global connectivity services.TE Datas portfolio of services covers the communication needs of all, whetherconsumers, small and medium internet service enterprises, large corporations andproviders.TE Datas service purpose is to cater for everybodys needs online.
  4. 4. Company BackgroundNational Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) awarded TE Data with “Class A”Data Communications License. The license allows the company to Build its own nationalbackbone network, operate its international gateway to the Internet, Co-locate itsequipment at the Central Offices and Sell IP and data communications services to end-usersas well as other service providers.TE Datas business expansion focused primarily on enlarging customer base, whileintroducing new & value added services, developing our existing infrastructure, andexpanding target markets beyond boundaries.Our mission is to provide cutting-edge converged communications services that exceedcustomers’ expectations and drive market growth, by bringing outstanding quality andcustomer service through attracting and retaining the finest talents, while fostering ourbusiness ethics and creating value to our customers, employees, shareholders andcommunities
  5. 5. TEData JordanIn 2004, TE Data Jordan operation was established and a Jordan Data License was acquired.License was upgraded to a Class License in 2005, granting TE Data’s Jordan operation a widervariety of IP, Data, and voice services to provide to the Jordanian market.In addition to the original array of IP connectivity services, TE Data Jordan operations hascapitalized on its reliable and secure network to connect over 750,000 expatriates to theirfamilies and colleagues at a fraction of the cost and a state of the art quality..
  6. 6. TEData Network Network Design  Network Performance  Built by TE Data  Hardware based switching  IP MPLS over SDH  Achieving best possible levels of  Built on top of TE’s multiple availability independent core rings  IP MPLS Network Coverage  MPLS traffic engineered network  1125+ Points of Presence  Support QOS and COS for service  Covering all of Egypt differentiation  Improve d network scalability Network Management  Guaranteed performance  24*7 Network Monitoring  MPLS based VPN  HP NNM Fault management  Life over IP  Unified multi-service IP network
  7. 7. Network Layers International Core Distribution Edge 10 GAccess 10 G STM 1 s E 1 /E 3 STM 1 s E 1 /E 3 STM 1 s
  8. 8. TE Data Core Network Topology• High End Core Routers I. Fully Redundant in terms of: II. Power Feeding III. Control Engine IV. Switch Fabric V. Network Uplinks Core• Multi Home Partially Meshed Edge POPs Legend 10 GE NxSTM1 1 STM1
  9. 9. TE Data Network Layers and HardwareInternational• IGW routers are Juniper M320, T1600.Core• P routers are Cisco CRS-1 & GSR & Juniper MX960, T1600.Distribution• P routers are Cisco ESR 10K, Juniper M10, MX480 & M7.Big Edge• P routers are Cisco 7600, ASR 1K & ASR 9K & ESR 10K & Juniper M10 & M7, MX480 .ALL POPs• PE routers are Cisco 7206vxr & ASR 1K & ESR 10K & Juniper M7.Inter-AS ASBRs• Cisco 7206vxr & 7600.Access Servers• Cisco Universal Gateways.DSLAMs• Alcatel ASAM & ISAM• Huawei 5100, 5103, 5105,5603 & 5600
  10. 10. TE Data Architecture
  11. 11. TE Data Network Protocols• IGP  OSPF is the IGP used with TE Data• MPLS  LDP is used for fast switching of packets and to support other MPLS applications.• BGP  Route reflectors are used to propagate Routing information to the entire network.  TEData divides the network into 4 zones; each zone has its own Cluster, and 2 Route- reflector for redundancy.  IPv4 address-family and IPv6 address-family are supported.  8 fully meshed Route-Reflectors distributed in the 4 major core nodes• IPv6  IPv6 Edge (6PE)
  12. 12. TE Data Customers Protocols• Customer peering protocol – BGP (Private ASN or Public ASN) as per request. – STATIC – RIP – OSPF ( not recommended ) – We don’t use proprietary protocols like EIGRP• Customer routing enhancements – cost for OSPF – local-pref, weight – AS-Path for BGP – hop-counts for RIP• Customer’s unsupported routing enhancements – OSPF timers modification – BGP Timers modification
  13. 13. TE Data Model and Techniques• QoS Classes and marking at Core – Premium (EXP 5) – Gold (EXP 3 & 2) – Best effort• QoS Classes and marking at Edge – Premium (Precedence 5 & EXP5) – Gold ([Precedence 3&2] & [EXP 3 & 2]) – Best effort• QOS Techniques – LLQ (Priority class) – Bandwidth guarantee – WRED (weighted random early detection)
  14. 14. TE Data National Coverage
  15. 15. Global Data ServiceBrings the World to you…. 15
  16. 16. Global Data Service• TE data extends its national and regional network and service offerings over the global footprint of international carriers to meet the needs of enterprise and multinational customers.• GDS can offer an end –to –end service (from in-country pop, to the carriers b-end customer location) the service will be NNI (network –to – network interface) to UNI (user- to – network interface) based and will compliant with adequate quality standards• One stop -shop provider IP-VPN MPLS L2&L3 IPLC- Leased Line – SDH – Point to Point IP transit• Covering over 200 countries Middle East , GCC & Africa Europe , Asia, Americas & Latin of America
  17. 17. TEData can take you further… to more placesProviding a robust MPLS network that is accessible in over 200 countries trough cost-effective MPLS solutions for communication and collaboration anytime and anywhere. with skilled peopleProviding future-proof technology expertise you need, and outstanding customer supportyou deserve. through optimal processesProviding a robust MPLS solution that converges voice, data, video and multimedia on asingle network, and thereby deliver operational efficiencies and in-region/local presence toefficiently work on your behalf and industry-leading productsProviding a managed MPLS solution and experienced network professionals, enabling youto focus on revenue-generating activities (e.g., product development, lifecyclemanagement) to higher profit marginsProviding a cost-effective MPLS solution that improves network and operationalefficiencies, and thereby contribute to improved profit margins
  18. 18. Global MPLS Partners
  19. 19. Global MPLS Coverage EMEA EMEA EMEA Latin/America Latin/America Asia Angola Hungary Qatar Belize Argentina Australia Austria Ireland Romania Canada Brazil China Azerbaijan Italy Russia Costa Rica Bolivia Fiji Bahrain Jordan Saudi Arabia Cayman Islands Chile Hong Kong Belgium Kazakhstan Serbia Dominican Rep Columbia India Botswana Kenya Slovakia Guatemala Ecuador Indonesia Benin*** Kuwait South Africa Haiti El Salvador Japan Bulgaria Kyrgyzstan Spain Jamaica French Guiana Macau Cameroon Latvia Sudan Puerto Rico Guyana MalaysiaCote DIvoire Lebanon Sweden Suriname Honduras Nepal Croatia Lithuania Switzerland Trinidad & Tobago Mexico New Caledonia Cyprus Luxembourg Tajikistan Turks & Caicos Nicaragua New Zealand Czech Rep Mauritius Tanzania USA Panama Papua New Guinea Denmark Mocambique Turkey Paraguay PhilippinesDjibouti*** Namibia Turkmenistan Peru Samoa Islands Egypt Netherlands Uganda Uruguay Singapore Estonia Nigeria Ukraine Venezuela Solomon Islands Ethiopia Norway United Arab Emirates South Korea Finland Oman United Kingdom Sri Lanka France Pakistan Taiwan Germany Palestine Thailand Ghana Poland Vietnam Greece Portugal
  20. 20. Global MPLS Coverage Americas Asia Europe AfricaArgentina Bangladesh* Austria Netherlands Kenya*Brazil China Belgium Norway MoroccoCanada Hong Kong Bulgaria Poland Nigeria*Chile India Czech Republic Romania South AfricaColombia Indonesia Denmark RussiaEcuador Japan Finland Slovakia Australia/OceaniaGuatemala Korea France SpainMexico Malaysia Germany SwedenPanama Nepal* Hungary* Switzerland AustraliaPeru Pakistan* Ireland Turkey New Zealand*Uruguay Philippines Italy United KingdomUSA Singapore Luxemburg Other CountriesVenezuela Sri Lanka Malta Upon Request Middle East Taiwan Bahrain Thailand Egypt Vietnam* Jordan Kuwait Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates 20
  21. 21. Global MPLS Coverage 21
  22. 22. Historic and Current Eurasia Routes, and East Med Gateway Germany UK Belgium France Italy Portugal Greece Turkey Cyprus Korea Japan Syria Tunisia Lebanon Morocco Iraq Jordan Iran Qatar China Algeria Libya Pakistan Egypt Bangladesh Taiwan Saudi Arabia U.A.E Myanmar India Oman Eritrea Yemen Aqaba Gulf Philippine Sudan Egypt Vietnam Djibouti Taba Ethiopia AqabaThailand Sri Lanka Brunei Somalia Jordan Singapore Malaysia Maldives Kenya South East Asia–Middle BERITARCable(FLAG) 4 Fiber-Optic Link Around the Globe Europe 3 Taba-Aqaba Electricity ALETAR, East–Western FALCON•• RFPA: 2010 (Plan) and 2006 RFPA: 1997 RFPA: 1998 RFPA: 1997 RFPA: 2005 Tanzania Indonesia••• Length:,3000+Km and 10,000 km 787 Km Length: 20,000Km Length: 15 Km Length: 39,000Km 27,000Km Mozambique•• Capacity:Sites:TbpsGbps3,232 STM1s Landing tbd 2of and 2.8 Tbps Capacity: 1.6Tbps Capacity:5 Gbps Capacity: 505Gbps, or Jordan) 10’s (Egypt, Madagascar•• Landing Sites: 39(Egypt, in 33are in Egypt2 Landing Sites: 14,points Syria,are in Egypt; Landing Sites:10, 2 of which countries, 3 2 of which Lebanon) 15, 2 of which are in Egypt 14 In for Falcon Egypt• Technology: DWDM Australia•• Technology: DWDM with OADMs Technology: DWDM,
  23. 23. TE NorthUK France Turkey Levant Countries GCC North Africa Jordan Keoje Egypt East Africa SEACOM Australia
  24. 24. 10 Way Diversity with Terabit Connectivity with 60+ Countries Germany UK Belgium France SMW3 HAWK FLAG SMW4 Italy Aletar IMEWE Portugal EIG Greece Turkey Korea Syria TEN Japan Cyprus Iraq Morocco Tunisia Lebanon Jordan Iran Pakistan China Qatar Algeria Libya Abu Talat Alex. Bangladesh Taiwan Saudi Arabia Egypt U.A.E India Suez Myanmar Aqaba Oman Eritrea Yemen Taba Philippine Sudan Vietnam Djibouti Zafranna Flag Ethiopia Sri Lanka Thailand FALCON Brunei Somalia Malaysia FLAG SingaporeSEAMEWE-3 Maldives SMW3SEAMEWE-4 Kenya SMW4 IMEWEFLAG EIG Tanzania Seacom/ TATAFALCON-HAWK IndonesiaIMEWE Mozambique Across EgyptEIG Diversity LevelsSEACOM MadagascarTATA Owned/ Consortium memberALETAR/BERITAR Private Cables AustraliaTE North
  25. 25. Historic and Current EurAsia Routes, and East Med Gateway Germany UK Belgium France Italy System within system Portugal (TE North) Turkey Greece Cyprus Korea Japan Syria Tunisia Lebanon Morocco Iraq Jordan Iran Qatar China Algeria Libya Pakistan Egypt Bangladesh Taiwan Saudi Arabia U.A.E Myanmar India Oman Eritrea Yemen Philippine Sudan Djibouti Vietnam Ethiopia Sri Lanka Thailand Somalia Brunei Malaysia Singapore Maldives Kenya TEN- Evolving thru Branch Extensions toIndia–MiddleFLAG NGN (HAWK) Africa SEACOM:Tata’s TGN EurAsia Europe India South & East (IMEWE) East–Western Europe Serving Gateway (EIG) MedGateway Tanzania IndonesiaRFPA: 2010 (Plan) and 2006 installed) 2009 (100% wet plantLength: 13,000KmLength:,3000+Km and 10,000 km 3,000 6,000 Km 17,000Km 15,000Km MozambiqueCapacity: tbdTbps (8 Fiber Pairs) 10 1.28 1.2 Tbps and 2.8 Tbps 3.84 Tbps Madagascar 11, in which in Egypt 4,2 which are 9, ofof Egypt are inLanding Sites: 10,2SEACOM/TATAEgypt ; - 2 pairs 2of which are in Egypt14 for Falcon AustraliaTechnology: Optical Amplifier DWDM - 1 pair CYTATechnology: DWDMLanding Sites: 3 (Egypt, France, Cyprus)
  26. 26. TE Submarine Network Reach and Potential Capability by year end 2010 GermanyUK Belgium France Italy Portugal Greece Turkey Cyprus Korea Japan Syria Tunisia Lebanon Morocco Iraq Jordan Iran Qatar China Algeria Libya Pakistan Egypt Taiwan Saudi Arabia U.A.E Myanmar India Oman Bangladesh Eritrea Yemen Philippine Sudan Djibouti Vietnam Ethiopia Sri Lanka Thailand Somalia Brunei Malaysia Singapore Maldives TE North SEAMEWE-3 Kenya SEAMEWE-4 Tanzania FLAG 10 Tbps Indonesia FALCON-HAWK IMEWE Mozambique FALCON-HAWK EIG Madagascar ALETAR/BERITAR IMEWE 5 Tbps SEAMEWE-4 SEACOM EIG SEAMEWE-3 SEACOM TATA TATA Australia ALETAR/BERITAR FLAG TE North
  27. 27. THANK YOU ! For more informationHisham MostafaGlobal Data Service Sales Unit ManagerOffice: +202- 333 20 800 Ext: 1636Mobile: +2-01003448186Email: hesham@tedata.netGmail: gds@tedata.netWebsite: