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School digital library general

  1. 1. HISPLUS SYSTEMS LIMITED Address:2b Bola Crescent, Off Anthony Village road, Anthony, Lagos. Nigeria Phone: 0803-8888-701 0805-5075- 777 01-9561180 Email : Web : http://www.hisplus.netDate: November 2, 2012 --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Dear Sir / Madam, Proposal on an E-library System HISPLUS Systems Limited is an indigenous IT company. We specialize in the development and deployment of computer application programs, ERP, e-commerce, e-business, e-portals, allied sales and services, biometrics management and IT training. Introduction E- library system also known as a digital library is concerned with that body of knowledge relating to the collection, organization, storage, distribution, retrieval, and utilization of digital information. Digital libraries basically store materials in electronic format and manipulate large collections of those materials effectively. Format would be a combination of text, imaging, sound, video, audio and animation. Methodology The code to use in building the website will be DHTML with PHP scripting having interactive database capability. The site will use Web 2.0 and Enterprise for a rich multimedia digital library.1.Website Content and features. The website will have the main menu as outlined below. 1. Home 2. Login and Register 3. Admin a. Users Access and Definition i. Enable Teachers ii. Enable Digital Librarian iii. Enable Operators iv. Others b. Evaluate the source collection c. Define Copyright d. Cataloging and Information Transcribing i. Define Available Subjects 1
  2. 2. ii.Define Search Types iii. Define Search Fields iv. Format and size v. Level of indexing vi. Enable New Arrival vii. Enable Subjects viii. Enable Library Material Digital Suppliers ix. Enable Element Dublin / Subject of Core 1. Title 2. Author 3. Date 4. Physical description 5. Subject headings 6. Edition 7. Call number 8. Subject and Keywords 9. Description 10. Publisher 11. Contributor 12. Format 13. Source 14. Language 15. Rights Management e. Content Management System / Maintenance f. Enable Output i. Printing ii. SMS iii. Email4. Social Networking a. Facebook b. Twitter c. LinkedIn d. YouTube e. Picasa5. Search by a. Basic / General b. Index c. Advanced6. Browse by a. Tutorials b. Exam Papers c. Annual Report d. Book e. Vocational f. Entrepreneurial g. Journal / Article h. Newspaper Clipping i. Seminar Paper j. Student Project k. News Clippings 2
  3. 3. l. Bibliography m. Etc… as defined in the admin. 7. Open School / Colleges 8. Browse Subject categories a. English b. Mathematics c. Agriculture d. Biology e. Chemistry f. Physics g. Literature h. Geography i. Arts j. Communications k. Culture l. Economics Etc… as defined in the admin. 9. Help a. About b. Operation 10. Contact Us 11. Header Banner 12. Flashed pictures (frequently changing with sponsors / promotion details. Possibly as adverts) Digital Collection (optional) 1. E-journals 2. E-books 3. Electronic databases 4. Newspapers 5. Full-text articles 6. Reference materials 7. Conversion from printed materials 8. Video and Audio materials Digitalization Image Text digitize usingDigitize using Scan as image Scan followed digital camera scanner by OCR Edit images Edit images Edit text 3 Compress Compress images images
  4. 4. InternetAdmin USERS4
  5. 5. Materials Collection Types 1. Textbooks 2. Maps 3. Music 4. Videos 5. Graphical itemsOrganization 1. Indexing a. Text indexing b. Image indexing c. Multimedia indexing d. Multiple language documents indexing 2. Metadata: refers to any data used to aid the identification, description and location of networked electronic resourcesMobile Integration (optional) 1. Black Berry 2. Mobile Phones 3. Iphone 5
  6. 6. 4. Ipad 5. SmartphonesTechnical MattersThe following web development tools and software will be used to design and develop thewebsite to ensure a website of international standard is built • Dream Weaver CS3 • Adobe Photoshop CS3 • Flash CS3 • My SQL database • PHP • Javascripts • Python • AjaxCosting: Design, Development and Integration 1. Home 2. Login and Register ( for advanced users) 3. Admin 4. Social Networking 5. Search by Group 6. Browse by Group 7. Browse Subject categories 8. Help 9. Contact Us 10. Header Banner for advert 11. Flashed pictures (frequently changing with sponsors / promotion details. Possibly as adverts) • 3 years of Website Hosting and Name • 20,000 worth of SMS with 150 characters / SMS • 3 years of Secured Socket Name (https) • 700Gb of storage space • 1000 emails • Inclusive of digitized 300 textbooks , 500 e-books, 100 videos and 300 audios • Organization: Indexing • Interface Evaluation o Database selection/classification of all the materials o Navigation o Query formulations and reformulations o Search features o Browsing features o Help system 6
  7. 7. Optional Item 1. Collection a. Digital Collection b. Materials Collection 2. Digitization: Conversion of Materials to digital library format 3. Mobile Version Integration 4. Maintenance by Hisplus systems or third partyDuration: 12 weeks for Development. 8 weeks for digitization of materialsPayment Terms for Design and Development: 70% in advance and 30% on completionPayment Terms for Optional Collection and Digitization of materials: 100% full payment on theaccepted quantities after completion of design and development. Thanking you for your anticipated cooperation. Yours faithfully, HisPlus Systems Limited Signed Tunde Omitogun Managing Director 7