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5 Things You Absolutely Need to Remember with E-Commerce Websites


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In this presentation, we discuss some of the most critical things that e-commerce website owners need to keep in mind. In the actual presentation, we had a number of amazing discussions about many related areas of e-commerce as well.

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5 Things You Absolutely Need to Remember with E-Commerce Websites

  1. 1. E-Commerce Mythology 5 Things You Absolutely Need to Remember with E-Commerce Websites
  2. 2. Will Strohl • CEO & Founder, Upendo Ventures • Delivering Web-Based Solutions Since 1997 • Using DNN since 2003 • Former DNN Corp Employee • DNN MVP since 2013 • Founder, DNNCon (a.k.a., Day of DNN, now DNN Summit) • DNN Book/Magazine Author & Technical Editor • Awareness EAG Leader
  3. 3. Hotcakes Commerce • Open Source Since 2017 • Product Owners • Hotcakes Cloud • SLA-Backed Support • Arrow Digital is the official steward
  4. 4. Why??? “Can you keep a secret?”
  5. 5. Abundance Principle 500k websites 4% market share is 20k 1M websites 4% market share is 40k
  6. 6. Myth #1 “If you build it, he will come.”
  7. 7. Marketing • Brand Identity • Talk about your brand like you’re telling a story • Target Audience • Be very, very, very specific • Marketing Strategy • How are you going to make it happen? • Sales Process • Build a pipeline, nurture it, close it
  8. 8. Myth #2 “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.”
  9. 9. Promotions • Discount Products Sparingly • Never automatic • Get rid of inventory • Attracts the wrong kind of customer • Discount Based on Behavior • Make your customer earn it! • Always use an order total threshold or coupon code • Cross-Promote Throughout the Website
  10. 10. Discounting = Racing to the Bottom Source: QSR Magazine, Harvard Business Review
  11. 11. Myth #3 “Show me the money!”
  12. 12. Customer Engagement • Contemporary & flexible design • Include feedback, reviews, testimonials • Pair requests with rewards • Make information easily accessible • Immediately engage unhappy customers • Keep track of significant days • Use social media
  13. 13. Myth #4 “I am serious, and don't call me Shirley.”
  14. 14. Security & Privacy Warning: A lot of this may seem like common sense
  15. 15. Security & Privacy • SSL… Duh! • DNN does a lot of the heavy lifting for us already • Make sure all server/activity logs are active • Run PCI/vulnerability scans regularly • Enable address validation • Require stronger passwords • Use a PCI compliant website hosting provider • Use DDoS protection (e.g.,
  16. 16. Myth #5 “Houston, we have a problem.”
  17. 17. Myth #5 “Houston, we have a problem.”
  18. 18. When Things Go Wrong • Can you duplicate the issue? • Do you have support? • Scour and backup all logs and website backups • Review logs and present findings to appropriate vendor(s) • Review order and transaction history • Review the logs on integrated systems/services • Maintain a change log for all updates
  19. 19. BONUS! Myth #6 “Roads?!? Where we're going, we don't need roads.”
  20. 20. Future Proof Your Store • Keep your eye out for next years demands/features • Is your chosen platform doing this? • Are there regular updates (including enhancements)? • Do you have a sales funnel in your reporting area? • Are you tracking progress across channels? • Seek inspiration from outside sources
  21. 21. Open Forum What are your questions?
  22. 22. Upendo Ventures Summary • Identify & implement your brand identity and target audience strategies • Avoid promotions that don’t incent behavior • Engage w/ customers at every step of their journey • Ensure your website/processes are secure • Have a troubleshooting strategy in place for when customers call • Get ahead of next month/ quarter/ year We use technology to help your business change people’s lives @UpendoVentures (650) 381-9160 548 Market St. #65401 San Francisco, CA 94104