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SamurAI Coding 2017-18 Opening, Award, Closing, Banquet


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Hironori Washizaki, Opening Remarks by Director, SamurAI Coding 2017-18: 6th IPSJ International AI Programming Contest, Tokyo, Mar 14, 2018.

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SamurAI Coding 2017-18 Opening, Award, Closing, Banquet

  1. 1. Opening Remarks Hironori Washizaki General Chair SamurAI Coding: IPSJ Programming Contest Committee Waseda University / National Institute of Informatics / SYSTEM INFORMATION / eXmotion
  2. 2. Welcome to Tokyo, and SamurAI Coding 2017-18 World Final! Organized by Committee Hironori Washizaki (Director), Tasuku Hiraishi (Vice-Director), Takashi Chikayama (Executive Advisor), Ikuo Takeuchi, Shingo Takada, Matsuki Yoshino, Kazunori Sakamoto, Tetsuro Tanaka, Makoto Miwa, Kiyokuni Kawachiya, Noriko Fukazawa, Hiroshi Suzuki Game Design and Development Support Kento Kawakami, Shingo Ohtsuka, Yuki Kondou
  3. 3. Gold sponsors Supporters
  4. 4. Supported by China Computer Federation IEEE Computer Society IEEE Computer Society Tokyo/Japan Joint Chapter IEEE Japan Office Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan International Information Science Foundation Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association Japan Information Technology Services Industry Association Japan Society for Software Science and Technology The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence The Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Japan Users Association of Information Systems
  5. 5. Mission of SamurAI Coding Be a Samurai! Felice Beato, Armoured samurai with sword and dagger. Samurai Coding 2011 Image
  6. 6. Mission of SamurAI Coding • Provides engineers and programmers with opportunities – to sharpen and demonstrate their AI programming, problem-solving and team work skills – to interact with students and professionals from other organizations • Provides a platform for IPSJ, industry, and academia – to encourage and focus attention on the next global and IoT computing era
  7. 7. ’17-18 Preliminary and World Final • Online preliminary round: Jan-Feb – 147 registered teams – 36 submissions • World final round – 14 teams from Japan – 2 teams from Germany and China
  8. 8. Contest (Game) Introduction Takashi Chikayama Executive Advisor
  9. 9. Program • 15:30 ‒ 17:40 Opening Tournament Matches with Introductions of Participants at the First Round • 17:40 ‒ 18:00 Award ceremony • 18:15 ‒ 20:00 Banquet (Location: Building 63, 1st Floor)
  10. 10. Award Ceremony
  11. 11. Top 9-16 Teams Congratulations! • piyo • nhho • kt_tenel • kumikomiya • nono • クレストボウズ • assy • BpkvT0FAkkQsXsc9
  12. 12. Top 4-8 Teams Congratulations! 4. KPCC Kamoike Team 5. エーアイテイオウ 6. hirokazu1020 7. johnnyhibiki 8. traP
  13. 13. Top 3 ~ 1 Teams Prize Time!
  14. 14. 3rd Place sc-samurai 10,000JPY
  15. 15. 2nd Place blank 20,000JPY
  16. 16. 1st Place tortoise 40,000JPY plus
  17. 17. Sponsor Award
  18. 18. いい生活 スポンサー賞 e-Seikatsu Sponsor Award • tortoise • KPCC Kamoike Team
  19. 19. Closing Thank you very much for all the participants, sponsors, supporters, staff and volunteers. Hironori Washizaki SamurAI Coding 2017-18 Director
  20. 20. See you next year! ?
  21. 21. Banquet 18:15 ‒ 20:00 Location: Building 63, 1st Floor
  22. 22. Greetings Tasuku Hiraishi Vice-Director Kyoto University
  23. 23. Introduction of Sponsors
  24. 24. Closing
  25. 25. The world final will be broadcasted on the Internet by nico nico Live (ニコニコ生放送). Please make sure that your word and presentation materials are appropriate for broadcasting. NOTE