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ISO/IEC/JTC1 SC7/WG20 Convenor Report Kuantan Plenary 2017


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Hironori Washizaki, "WG20 Convenor Report," ISO/IEC/JTC1 SC7 Kuantan Plenary, May 19, 2017, Kuantan, Malaysia.

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ISO/IEC/JTC1 SC7/WG20 Convenor Report Kuantan Plenary 2017

  1. 1. ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 WG20 Kuantan Plenary Meeting Convenor’s Report - BOK and Professionalization - Hironori Washizaki May 19th 2017
  2. 2. WG20: BOK and Professionalization • Participation – 14 experts – 10 bodies incl. IEEE and INCOSE • C Liaisons – International Engineering Alliance (IEA) – European Committee for Standardization (CEN)/ TC428 “e-Competences and ICT professionalism” • ISO/IEC 24773 Revision – Certification of Software and Systems Engineering Professionals – “conformance” standard – Part 1. General Requirements: DIS ballot will be started soon. – Part 2. Guidance Regarding Description of Knowledge, Skills, and Competences – Part 3. Systems Engineering: WD is under development. NWIP ballot will be started once available. – Part 4. Software Engineering • View on Agile & DevOps – Agile is at early stage for standardization – Better to structure concepts first; then map onto std. 2
  3. 3. ’16-17 Study Group on competency frameworks and models for software and systems engineering professionals • Chaired by Hiro, Kevin, Tetsuro • Target: iCD, SFIA, e-CF • Recommendations for 24773 part 2 – Differences in skills and competency definitions – But a general framework could be defined in 24773 3 Body of Knowledge Skills Competencies Jobs / Roles Generic model iCD SFIA e-CF Body of Knowledge N/A N/A N/A Knowledge Knowledge item N/A Knowledge Skill Skill Item Skill Skill Performance level Skills Proficiency Criteria Level Proficiency level Competency Ability to perform a task Competency Competence Proficiency level Task Diagnostic Criteria Level Proficiency level Job Job List Task Profile (representing role) N/A N/A • 7 members • Report N7205