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AppSteroid Product Deck


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AppSteroid is a social platform for mobile application.

AppSteroid will:

1. Convert existing users into quality users with in-app community.
2. Organically acquire new users through social share.
3. Migrate quality users to other titles efficiently.

AppSteroid is an one-stop-platform for App Developers

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AppSteroid Product Deck

  1. 1. AppSteroid Get Fans for Your Apps with
  2. 2. AppSteroid is a social platform for mobile application AppSteroid enable developers to: ‣ Generate quality users ‣ Acquire new users ‣ Migrate Users with Cross Promotion AppSteroid Social Platform
  3. 3. 3 Key Factors: ‣ Convert existing users into quality users with its in-app community. ‣ Organically acquire new users through social share. ‣ Migrate quality users to other titles efficiently. AppSteroid will realize these key factors to success, all in one platform. Benefit with AppSteroid Generate high quality users Cross Promotion User Acquisition AppSteroid Social Platform
  4. 4. AppSteroid Workflow ‣ AppSteroid SDK is as easy to implement within an hour. ‣ Over 10 features will immediately function after implementation to make your app social. ‣ Users social activity in the app will dramatically increase retention and engagement rate. ‣ Social activity will generate quality users, and trigger to acquire new users. ‣ Cross promotion will efficiently migrate your quality users to other titles. AppSteroid Social ActivitiesHigher Retention Social Features Social sharing drives discovery and
 user acquisition Migrate quality
 users to other titles
 cross promotion
  5. 5. Problem with Existing Community ‣ Small Benefit from Users Developers cannot maximize profit from the existing community which is placed out of the app. No social share, no cross promotion and no additional time spending in the app. ‣ Low Performance ‣ AppSteroid Community Will Generate quality users that contribute to increase valuable KPI, such as engagement, retention and app life inside the app with a super high performance. Only a limited number of app users will access the community out of the application. Their Our 20% of active users will access the AppSteroid community
  6. 6. Early Result AppSteroid was a Game-Changer! “After AppSteroid was implemented into our App “World Spin”, the average user retention increased from 65% to 80%. Also, the average time users spend in the App has shown a 20% increase. We are extremely pleased to be working with Fresvii, and are now implementing AppSteroid into our other titles as well.” Kazuto Hisada President, SAT-BOX games ‣ 15% Increase in User Retention! User retention rate has shown a 15 % increase with the implementation of AppSteroid. SAT-BOX is seeing great result in migrating quality users to their other titles with AppSteroid’s Cross Promotion. SAT-BOX got a new version of World Spin on the app store quick with easy to integrate AppSteroid instead of developing their own back end community services ‣ Fast Integration ‣ Successful Cross Promotion
  7. 7. AppSteroid Features ‣ Configured Full GUI ‣ Video Recording / Sharing ‣ User Segmentation ‣ Push Notification ‣ Forum ‣ Group Message AppSteroid Social Platform ‣ Event Management / Sharing ‣ Multi Leaderboard ‣ User Profile ‣ Rewarding ‣ Cross Promotion ‣ 10 Language Support
  8. 8. ENGAGE, RETAIN, PROMOTION with AppSteroid Push Notification Reach out to your selective audience any time and have the ability to constantly adjust the player experience. Event Design events that keeps the audience coming back. Events can be scheduled, and can be shared to SNS by users. Multi Leaderboards Multiple leaderboard, ranking and scores can be easily managed over a single game. Encourage competitive nature with the customizable leaderboard. RETAIN Video Recorder Encourage game play recording and viral media sharing Forum A community space for users to exchange information, make friends, and more. Developers can also use the Forum as an announcement space. Word filter, muting function and reporting system are provided for security purpose. Group Messaging A private space for users to chat, post stickers, pictures, and videos to keep communities going. Every update in a group will ping users in that group with push notification. ENGAGE PROMOTION Social Share Allow users to easily share videos, events and the App to major social media. Social share will kick start organic user acquisition. Reward Add rewards to Advertisement in AppSteroid. Also reward users who shares contents to social media. Cross Promotion Effectively migrate users to other titles with game play video ads, Event ads and more.
  9. 9. Service Menu AppSteroid Basic 100% Free SDK Service Advertisement will be shown on AppSteroid GUI. AppSteroid Cross Promotion Use of the SDK is Free. Cross Promotion Campaigns, which is based on CPC, can be setup on the Fresvii Web Console. When Cross Promotion is not setup by the Developer, the service will automatically switch to AppSteroid Basic. AppSteroid SDK License Licensing the SDK based on you demand. Please contact Fresvii, to customize the basic GUI set, change the service or for other requests.
  10. 10. About Us Fresvii, Inc. 609 Price Ave Suite 106, Redwood City, CA 94063 Tel: (650) 995-7220 Eugene Wilkinson, Marketing & Development Fresvii is run by a tight outfit of Bay Area game developers with a vast experience in backend development for games. Based on our experience, we learned how the fundamental element for services, “a good relationship with end users" is important, and how it can dramatically affect the value of products. We developed AppSteroid, which is our answer to build "a good relationship with end users”, for all app developers. AppSteroid is a one-stop-social-platform, designed for all app developers to build a good relationship with their end users through its user community.