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Skype Api


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Skype APIs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Published in: Technology
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Skype Api

  1. 1. Skype API Hiroaki Kawai 2009-03-02
  2. 2. Skype P2P Skype instances are servers at the same time they are clients. Windows Linux MacOS X Skype Skype Skype Skype Center Prime API Skype4Web Skype Extras DRM
  3. 3. Windows Skype Extras provides specialized COMs in Windows. Version Skype Skype4Com Skype Extras HTML Skype4Java Skype4Py Window Control DRM URI MLS (Multi-lingual) B plugin
  4. 4. Mac OS X Version Skype Cocoa Carbon Apple Script Skype4Java Skype4Py
  5. 5. Linux Communication Layer (X11) Communication Layer (D-BUS) D-BUS is pretty faster than X11 Version Skype Skype4Java Skype4Py