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[Secret to Business Success] Hire People Smarter Than You!


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Every Business need great talents & best teams to succeed. In this presentation we are giving out an important secret for any business success which is "Hiring People Smarter Than The Business Owner/Hiring Manager"

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[Secret to Business Success] Hire People Smarter Than You!

  1. 1. [Secret to Business Success] Hire People Smarter Than You!
  2. 2. Do You Know? Most entrepreneurs & hiring managers think hiring people who are smarter than themselves is a potential threat.
  3. 3. Why Fear To Hire Smart (new) People? Every individual is fearful when broadening his territory. The act of welcoming an unknown person to your team is not a cake-on-the- walk experience for most managers.
  4. 4. We experience fear when new people enter into our circle because of our 2000 year long taming to not welcome strangers into our tribe.
  5. 5. What the Stats Say? 63% Small Business Owners & 49% Hiring Managers feel threatened to hire a smart person
  6. 6. Why They Are Afraid? They believe that a smart new hire can: 1.destabilize their authority 2.can pose a bold challenge to their position within the organization.
  7. 7. Age of the Millennials This is the age of millennials. Millennial are totally different & a long distance ahead from the generation of baby boomers.
  8. 8. What Motivates Millennials? Millennials: Flexi working, good management, friendly atmosphere, awesome work culture, paid vacations, perks + tangible salary benefits. In 1990’s : Salary was the key motivator for job shift
  9. 9. Why It's Difficult to Compete with Millennials? immense drive towering ambitions, better social connections increased information flow eagerness towards learning increased technical knowledge.
  10. 10. Why Should You Face Your Fears? multiple individuals multiple ideas multiple inputs team efforts Business can grow only with the strength of:
  11. 11. Why Should You Hire Smart People? An organization cannot sustain long unless there is a constant supply of enriched individuals. a good functioning system needs the flow of fresh blood.
  12. 12. Hire Smart People For The Success Of Greater Vision! You can’t protect your business by distancing smart applicants! Start hiring the best people… In the end, it’s all about achieving the bigger goals, as a team.
  13. 13. Struggling to Hire? Get in touch! | Ph: +91-996-260-6690