India's Top 100 HR Influencers To Follow On Twitter


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Twitter is a very democratizing form of communications and to assess influence you really need to know who is first among equals. It means identifying power players who socialize and leave a mark by breaking through the constant noise of social media. Here is a list of Top 100+ HR Influencers from India.

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India's Top 100 HR Influencers To Follow On Twitter

  1. 1. HIRERS Presents India’s Top 100 HR Influencers To Follow On Twitter @thehirers
  2. 2. Tanvi Gautam Follow @tanvi_gautam She is enabling Leader Shift, Talent Management, Diversity, Corporate Story Telling & Cross Culture. Tanvi is a TEDx speaker, Host of #iHRchat also a Game Changer & Business School Faculty
  3. 3. Kavi Follow @_Kavi He is interested in Organisational Learning, Enterprise Collaboration, Leadership, Talent, Communication & Connecting
  4. 4. Gautam Ghosh Follow @GautamGhosh He is interested in How Social Technology impacts Work, People, Careers, Organizations, & Learning.
  5. 5. T.V. Rao Follow @raotv He is the Chairman of TVRLS and Former Professor at IIMA. Author, Researcher, Consultant. Founder of National HRD Network.
  6. 6. Sarang Brahme Follow @Sarangbrahme He loves everything about Sourcing, Social Media & Social Recruiting.
  7. 7. Achal Khanna She is the CEO of SHRM India. Follow @AchalKhanna1
  8. 8. Keerthi Kariappa Follow @Keerthi_AK She is an Eternal Learner, Interested in Talent Management & Acquisition specialist. Expert on Career advising & Career Counselling.
  9. 9. Aadil Bandukwala Follow @aadil He is a Social Recruiting Consultant at Linkedin. His other passions include Sky Diving, Bungee Jumping, Deal Hunting & Travelling. He is an avid Food Blogger.
  10. 10. Elango R Follow @agastyasays He is the author of “You Don’t Need a Godfather”. Elango is the CHRO and Emerging Geo SBU Head at MphasiS also Columnist at People Matters.
  11. 11. Maha Lakshmi Follow @MahasWorld She is an Organization Transformation specialist & Life Coach with a passion to enable people realize their dreams. Currently Head Global Rewards & OE Airtel & Bharti Group.
  12. 12. Abhijit Bhaduri Follow @AbhijitBhaduri He is the Chief Learning Officer of Wipro. Author of Don’t Hire The Best & the MBA Series.
  13. 13. Gurprriet Siingh Follow @JoyAndLife He is interested in Coaching, Change & Leadership. Gurprriet is the India Head of YSC.
  14. 14. Jonas Prasanna Follow @JonasPrasanna He is passionate about Talent Acquisition, Organization Culture &Workforce Trends.
  15. 15. Shweta Follow @shweta_hr She is an HR Professional interested in Talent Acquisition &Employer Branding.
  16. 16. Naveen Narayanan Follow @naveenn1972 He is the Global Head of Talent Management at HCL Technologies.
  17. 17. Rimjhim Ray Follow @GlobeSlother She heads Strategy for an ad agency.
  18. 18. Sahana Chattopadhyay Follow @sahana2802 She is an L&D Consultant, OD specialist. Working as Instructional Designer at Tata Interactive.
  19. 19. Jaya Narayan Follow @nohrgyan She is interested in Coaching & Organizational Development.
  20. 20. Paromita Deb Areng Follow @suddentwilight She is an IIM Alumnus, HR Professional interested in Photography.
  21. 21. Amit Avasthi Follow @avasthi_amit He is an OD and Talent Management Professional. Amit is passionate about people development and technology.
  22. 22. S V Raghunandan Follow @svraghunandan He is a HR Professional &Strategist. Raghunandan is interested in Leadership, Talent Management & Development, Change Management, L&D, OD, Coaching & Mentoring.
  23. 23. Anand Pillai Follow @Anand__Pillai He is the Chief Learning Officer at Reliance. Anand is a TEDx Speaker. He is interested in Personal Branding, HR, Innovation, Strategy & Employee Engagement.
  24. 24. Satya Reddy Follow @SatyaReddyA He is a Recruitment & Sourcing Evangelist. Satya is also a Speaker, Trainer & Business Value Consultant.
  25. 25. Vivek Paranjpe Follow @vivekparanjpe He is a vastly experienced HR Professional who loves travelling & meeting people.
  26. 26. Amit Sharma Follow @amitssays He is the HR at Philips. Amit is interested in OD, Change Management, Coaching & Mentoring.
  27. 27. Dr Deepak Malhotra Follow @HeadHR_Deepak He is an HR Leader. Author of “Please Me”.
  28. 28. Nabomita Mazumdar Follow @nabomita_smiles She is the Community Manager at Cite.Co.
  29. 29. Yash Mahadik Follow @IndianYash He is the Global Head of HR for Business Transformation, IT & Chief Learning Officer at Philips.
  30. 30. Shamik Vora Follow @shamikv He is the VP of Human Resources, Author of HR related books & Blogger.
  31. 31. Neelmani Singh Follow @SinghNeelmani He is the Head of Leadership Development at Reliance Industries Ltd.
  32. 32. Advait Supnekar Follow @advaits He is fascinated by leadership, organizational behaviour and maximizing productivity.
  33. 33. Dr Sujaya Banerjee Follow @sujayabanerjee She is the Chief Talent Officer at Essar Group. HR & OD practitioner, TEDx Speaker, author, founder of the L&OD Roundtable.
  34. 34. Rajesh Kamath Follow @RajeshMTHRG He is a Business Consultant interested in Learning, Leadership and Human Resources. He is the Co-founder of MTHRG.
  35. 35. Shantanu Follow @shantanub He is the Director of Learning Design & Development at Philips.
  36. 36. Nidhi Sand Follow @nidhisand She is an L&D professional at Wipro.
  37. 37. Vandana Follow @vvbellur She is the Brand Engagement & Social Media Advisor, India Lead at Dell.
  38. 38. Ester Martinez Follow @Ester_Matters She is the Founder & Editor of People Matters Magazine.
  39. 39. Tanmay Vora Follow @tnvora He is an IT Business Leader, Blogger & Author. Tanmay is currently exploring human side of work. He is passionate about Quality & People Improvement.
  40. 40. Aparna Jain Follow @aparna_jain She is an Integral Master Coach & works with senior leaders.
  41. 41. Sanjay Singh Follow @SanjaySingh21 He is the Vice President of HR at Tata Motors Craves.
  42. 42. Ruchi Follow @rucsb She is an HR Consultant & Founder of HRGurukul.
  43. 43. Dr Amit Nagpal Follow @DrAmitInspires He is a Story Teller interested in Building Brands & Connecting People.
  44. 44. Anshuman Mukherjee Follow @anshumanhr He is an IT Recruiter & Sourcer. Anshuman is interested in sourcing, executive hiring & social media.
  45. 45. N.S.Rajan Follow @RajanNS He is the Group Executive Council and Group Chief Human Resources Officer at TATA Sons.
  46. 46. Vijay Bankar Follow @VijayBankar He is an HR Professional.
  47. 47. Mansoor Hussain Follow @_mansoor1 He is the General Manager of Talent Acquisition at Philips.
  48. 48. Raj Karunakaran Follow @RajKarunakaran He is a Life, Leadership Coach & HR Professional.
  49. 49. Sahil Chopra Follow @SahilChopraDSE He is a business enabler at Wipro BPO & Human Resource Business Partner.
  50. 50. Rahul Vitekar Follow @rahulvitekar He is an Executive Coach, Organizational Consultant & Facilitator.
  51. 51. Harlina Sodhi Follow @HarlinaSodhi She is a Human Resources Professional. Harlina is an Expert in Diversity, OD, Employee Engagement, L&D & Communication.
  52. 52. Prashant Joglekar Follow @ideabound He is an HR Professional. For him HR is Human Rendezvous. Prashant is interested in L&D, HR Strategy & Employee Engagement.
  53. 53. Khalid Raza Follow @khalidraza9 He is Leading Social HR in IBM. Khalid is passionate about emerging technologies & Social Media.
  54. 54. Rakshita Dwivedi Follow @Raks_d She is an HR Professional. Currently serving as Product Manager at plugHR. Rakshita loves Hosting Career Cafes, Networking & Blogging.
  55. 55. Pandiarajan K Follow @mafoikprajan He is the Founder of MAFOI. An HR Professional, Entrepreneur & MLA Virudunagar Tamilnadu.
  56. 56. Kunjal Kamdar Follow @kunjal23 He is an HR Professional interested in Sourcing, Social Recruiting & Blogging. Kunjal loves conducting Social Media / Social Hiring Workshops.
  57. 57. Arunima Shandilya Follow @ArunimaShan She is Passionate about HR & breathes Social Media like Oxygen.
  58. 58. Priyanka Jain Follow @priyankasmiles She is the part of Talent Acquisition team at Wipro.
  59. 59. Ajay Venkatesh Follow @venkishenki He is an HR Consultant, working in organizational development domain loves psychometric and people development and believes in skill building.
  60. 60. Vatsal Singh Follow @vatsalsingh He Facilitates Learning at Workplace. His areas of interest are Leadership Development, Coaching, OD, Talent Development, Strategy and Research.
  61. 61. Manashi Kumar Follow @manashikumar1 She is an avid Human Resources Professional. Currently Head HR.
  62. 62. Micky Chopra Follow @mickychopra He is a passionate HR & Employee Advocate.
  63. 63. Namrata Follow @Namrata_Kum She is an HR Professional interested in OD & Change Management.
  64. 64. Arun Taneja Follow @arun_taneja He is working as HR with Maersk specializing in Compensation & Benefits.
  65. 65. Archna Follow @Archnahr She is an HR Professional, Personal Image Coach interested in Leadership Development.
  66. 66. Paras Khatri Follow @paraskhatri He is an HR professional & Accidental blogger.
  67. 67. Subhash Simar Follow @subhash_simar He is working with Sapient & interested in Talent Acquisition/Management & Social Technology.
  68. 68. Yusuf Pathan Follow @keyresourcing He is working with Sapient & interested in Talent Acquisition/Management & Social Technology.
  69. 69. Yashdeep Garg Follow @Yashdeep_Garg He is a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Sapient.
  70. 70. Karan Makhania Follow @kerryon He is an HR Professional. Loves Reading Books.
  71. 71. Aashish Singh Follow @aashishsingh He is a Head HR passionate about HR Transformation, speaker at various forums. Aashish is a Talent Management Designer.
  72. 72. Ravi Shankar Follow @ravishanks He is an HR professional with passion for people.
  73. 73. Saikat Saha Follow @saikatsaha He is Learning & Development professional at Cognizant.
  74. 74. Suman Follow @sumanchirps He is an HR leader at NCR Corp. Suman hosts #hrchirps .
  75. 75. Sharad Follow @iSharad He is the HR Professional & Senior Director at SunGard.
  76. 76. Kanisha Raina Follow @KanishaRaina She is a Devout Human, Global Citizen, IBMer, HR Practitioner, Feminist, Movie Buff, Foodie, Proud Daughter, Awesome Spouse and a SuperMom.
  77. 77. Sushma Sonty Follow @Simplysush She is a Free thinker, HR professional & Karma champion.
  78. 78. Amita Follow @AmitaBaheti She is the HR at TATA.
  79. 79. Kushagr Agarwal Follow @kushagragarwal He is the Principal Partner at knrglobal. Kushagr is a Social Media Marketer & Social Talent Hunter.
  80. 80. Sneha Khasgiwale Follow @snehadas She is a Human Resource Manager at InOpen Technologies.
  81. 81. R. Venkatesh Follow @GRVee He heads HR at Future Group’s Retail Businesses.
  82. 82. Prabhir Jha Follow @PrabirJha He is the President & Group CHRO at Reliance Industries (RIL), Career Coach, Organisational Transformation, HR thought explorer.
  83. 83. Arun Negi Follow @arunnegi He is involved in Talent Acquisition at Reliance Industries. Arun is interested in Leadership, Hiring & Recruitment.
  84. 84. Siddharth Nagpal Follow @siddharthnagpal He is an HR & Organization Development Professional.
  85. 85. Deepshikha Thakur Follow @DeepshikhaT She gets excited by “Achieving results through people”!
  86. 86. Anurag Shrivastava Follow @hrnext He is interested in executive search & coaching. Anurag is the CEO of HR Next.
  87. 87. Sanjay Jorapur Follow @sanjayjorapur He is the Global HR Head of Crompton Greaves. Sanjay is interested in Politics, Current Affairs, Technology, Employment, Talent Management & Social Media.
  88. 88. Nathan S.V Follow @Nathansv He is an HR Professional interested in Talent Spotting, Cooking, Story Telling & Blogging.
  89. 89. Ranjita Follow @RandomRhapsody She is an HR professional at PwC India. Ranjita is interested in Talent Acquisition, Technology & Social Media.
  90. 90. Namrata Gill Tyagi Follow @Namrata2010 She is currently serving as Vice President – HR.
  91. 91. Sheeba Zutshi Follow @sheeba_zutshi She is the Talent Acquisition Lead at Capgemini. Sheeba is interested in Connecting Talent with Opportunities.
  92. 92. Ritika Tiwari Follow @jovialritika She is serving as HR at Yash Technologies and currently untangling the mysteries of HR domain.
  93. 93. Poonam Naidu Follow @poonam_naidu07 She is an HR Manager interested in Life Coaching, Cooking & Travelling.
  94. 94. Kena Shree Follow @KenaShree She is an HR Professional, Speaker & Facilitator.
  95. 95. Sandeep Kaul Follow @sandy_kaul He is interested in HR Consulting & Leadership Development. Sandeep uses Arts at Workplace & He is also an Entrepreneur.
  96. 96. Ellora Panda Follow @e_panda She is a Learning and Development Professional & Social Media enthusiast.
  97. 97. Nayela Follow @nayela_m She is handling Human Resources at ClearTrip.
  98. 98. Gurpreet Singh Follow @Gurpreet_DSE He is the HR Business Partner at Trident Group & Founding Member @GoS_MHROD.
  99. 99. Ruchi Challu Follow @RuchiChallu She is an L&D specialist.
  100. 100. Tanushree Follow @Outspokkken She is an HR professional who loves reading books, movies and travelling.
  101. 101. Prasad Kurian Follow @prasadokurian He is an HR professional exploring the paradoxes & possibilities in life. Prasad is Interested in Human Resources & Organization Development.
  102. 102. Shashi Shetty Follow @IamShashiShetty He is the General Manager – Human Resources at Phillips.
  103. 103. Sundari Konar Follow @KonarSundari She is handling Human Resources at Cleartrip.
  104. 104. This list is not numbered because it is in No particular order We have assessed the HR influencers based on 1. Influencers must create more original content related to HR domain 2. They should have hundreds of real people following not just bots. 3. They should be active with the people real time, not just passive observers. Follow Hirers On Twitter @thehirers