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25 Things Entrepreneurs Must Know Before Hiring The First Sales Employee


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Hiring the first sales employee for a startup is a challenging task. Entrepreneurs must be aware of certain factors to get prepared to plunge into Recruiting the right sales employees.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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25 Things Entrepreneurs Must Know Before Hiring The First Sales Employee

  1. 1. HIRERS presents 25 Things Entrepreneurs Must Know Before Hiring The First Sales Employee
  2. 2. Every entrepreneur’s dream is to get “the super star sales performer” for his company.
  3. 3. As your startup matures to hiring mode, you must get certain factors right in the first place.
  4. 4. Rule # 1 Before you hire someone to sell for you, you must try selling your product atleast for couple of months.
  5. 5. Rule # 2 Great sales people are a rare breed.
  6. 6. Rule # 3 If you want to hire a sales person as your second line, do not expect him to be your “alter ego” or “mirror image”
  7. 7. Rule # 4 Get clear about whom you want & why you want. Getting your expectations clear can influence you to take better hiring decisions.
  8. 8. Rule # 5 Define how you are planning to remunerate your sale person. Always ensure to bond performance to income.
  9. 9. Rule # 6 Fix a sales target and make sure to stress the target achievement from the very beginning.
  10. 10. Rule # 7 Never be stingy to compensate an over performer
  11. 11. Rule # 8 Look out for passion, perseverance & willingness in people
  12. 12. Rule # 9 Use CRM, track sales closing rate continuously and review performance & progress regularly
  13. 13. Rule # 10 You must vigorously train people in selling your product/service
  14. 14. Rule # 11 Finding great sales people who are willing to hustle for your dreams is challenging but attainable
  15. 15. Rule # 12 Hire Slow. Set probation periods. Fire Fast
  16. 16. Rule # 13 Retain best performing sales staff by offering ESOP (employee stock action plan)
  17. 17. Rule # 14 Your first sales person is an account manager, a project manager and a brand advocate.
  18. 18. Rule # 15 Have a proper Recruiting, Hiring, On-boarding, Training & Sales process in place.
  19. 19. Rule # 16 Your better pay structure don’t guarantee you better sales person
  20. 20. Rule # 17 Over achieving sales targets in a corporate brand doesn’t mean he is going to be a Top achiever in your startup.
  21. 21. Rule # 18 As you value the importance of hiring a good sales person, you must also value his ability to fit your company’s culture.
  22. 22. Rule # 19 A sales person who is comfortable with cold-calling is always superior.
  23. 23. Rule # 20 Have knowledge about your product/service’s average sales cycle period
  24. 24. Rule # 21 A best sales person will have the “eagerness to learn & improve in new areas”
  25. 25. Rule # 22 You can find out a lot about a sales person from his “sales pitch”
  26. 26. Rule # 23 Set your core values & long term vision.
  27. 27. Rule # 24 Define what you can offer to the new-hire apart from salary benefits (training, great work culture, awesome work environment, challenging projects, continuous training programs)
  28. 28. Rule # 25 Sales people love to compete. Do not push them to comfort zone by handing out leads, often.
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