Peace of mind way to happiness


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Peace of mind way to happiness

  1. 1. Peace of Mind : Way to Happiness
  2. 2. Sharing with you result of my Life experiences so far.My purpose of writing this book will be achieved, if,• It makes you think about few simple aspects of life….• It inspires you ….• It is helpful, when things do not go your way……
  3. 3. Peace of Mind:If you are at peace with yourself, you are atpeace with the world. Happiness is within you,and not outside .Mind Matters:Everything in life boils down to your Mind, theultimate source of your Peace and Happiness.Its all in the mind. You and your mind willdecide whether you are happy or not.
  4. 4. Perception:Your happiness boils down to how you see the world and people aroundyou. The way you perceive things will decide your mood for the Day.Be Content:Be content with what God has offered you to live with. It is more thanenough compared to what you actually require.
  5. 5. Karma & responsibility:Be responsible for your action and do Karma. You only have choice toperform, results will be decided by almighty. Things may go in your favor ormay not go. But don’t give up. Keep trying and live your life the way youwant to live.Change is inevitable:Good or bad moments will come and go. It will not stay forever. Cherish thegood moments and be strong during tough times.
  6. 6. You have a choice:You always have a choice to responses of life.Choose Happiness, love & peace.Happiness always comes in small packages:Happiness is not about possessing cars, homes,wealth. It always comes in small packages,making some one smile, helping someone,playing with kids, talking to elders, loving themrespecting them. It can be a small bicycle ride ora 10 minute swim.
  7. 7. Limited Expectations:Have limited expectations, because there is noend to rat race. Take time to pause and enjoywhat you already possess. Do not leave anyregret for tomorrow. Fulfill your dreams today.Family:Give love and time to your Family.Quality life:Go for Quality, not Quantity. It doesn’tmatter how many holidays you went on. Whatreally matters is how well you have enjoyedthem. You can enjoy your vacation even in yourbeautiful home.
  8. 8. Give:If you want to receive somethingin life, start giving. Give Love, Peaceand Happiness to others.They will be returned to you, in someform or the other.Share:Share things that you can. Share knowledge. It will multiply. Give away thingsthat you do not need. Remove clutter from your home, mind and Life.Let Go:Let go of things which you can not hold on to, or things which are bothering youand eating your mind. You will feel very relieved. It is difficult, but try it.
  9. 9. Forgive:Forgive yourself and others. Don’t be so seriousabout your life, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Relax and have fun. Everything is momentary. Itwill end, eventually.Detachment:Do not get very attached to any thing or person.If that thing does not exist tomorrow, you shouldbe able to survive without it. Love them, likethem, but only to an extent.Withdrawal:Withdraw, if you think that your presence is notrequired or its not worth it, from any situation orfrom the life of any person.
  10. 10. Humility:Always be humble and stick to your roots.Count your Blessings:Always, always, always count your blessings.There are people who are less fortunate, thenyou in this world.Positive:Being positive throughout adversity is the onlyoption left with us. So please be positive. It willtake you away from your distress and move youto a better direction.
  11. 11. Live every Moment:Try to live each and every moment of your life.Be present physically and mentally, whereveryou are and whatever activity you are doing.Listen with all your attention, if you are listeningto someone. Focus 100%, if you are performinga task. There will be good moments, badmoments and also, at times, boring moments.Just live through the experience. Life is short.Make most of it.Flexibility:Always remain flexible under all circumstances.If things do not go your way, don’t getfrustrated. Be flexible and wise enough toaccept the sudden change and respond to itwith a calm mind.
  12. 12. Go With the Flow:Go with the flow when required. Not everythingin life happens as per your wish list. In the endeverything will stabilize, but until that time,have patience to go with the flow and wait foryour time to come.Keep things simple:Keep things simple in life, because there arealready so many complications. Don’t add anymore to the list.Smile :Keep smiling even under the worstcircumstances. It will help you fight throughtroubled times..
  13. 13. Knowledge:Continuous learning and adding knowledge in your day today life isessential for growth. This applies to both personal and professional life.Communication:Always keep your communications open. Be it in your office or home.Speak up. Ask questions, if you have problems. Praise people. Don’t fallshort of words and appreciation, when it comes to praising people.Praise:Praise the things and people aroundyou. There are many good thingsaround us, which we never appreciate.
  14. 14. Nature:Stay close to the nature and greenery. It calmsyour mind and gives you energy. Always stayclose to the nature.Listen:Listen to people, who want you to listen. Whowants your love, praise, motivation andattention.Focus:Pay attention to the work you do, Focus hard, beit play, work, relationship or anything.Proactive:Be proactive. Reach out to people. Face yourfears. Come out, be expressive. It’s one life andone chance.
  15. 15. Look within for all the answers:All your quest, queries are answered within you.You do not need to go outside places, or visittemples to resolve them. You know what is bestfor you and you have a right to select the best foryourself. Look within.Skills:Learning new skills in your life adds feathers toyour success, Happiness and well being.Silence :Silence Is very powerful. Spend some quietmoments with yourself, during the day. It purifiesyour thought process.Give surprises:Give surprises to people and yourself.
  16. 16. Play with kids:Play with kids whenever you find time.Creative:Be creative to break from routine.Music:Its a big healing factor in our life. If you learn toplay any instruments, its even better.Read:Occupying your mind is an important activity.Please do the same, instead of thinking negativethoughts and thinking about things you cannotchange. Read good books and surround yourselfwith a positive environment and positivepeople.
  17. 17. Writing:Writing down your thoughts on paper is a goodway of de-stressing.Sleep/ Rest:7 to 8 hrs a Day. Take enough breaks if you areworking long hours.Colors:Use many colors in your life, be it cloths, home,office. It brings energy and uplifts your mood.Play/ Exercise:45 minutes a day , spend time with yourself inexercising or sports.
  18. 18. Have a Great Life…