Questions to ask your web design company


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Questions to ask your web design company

  1. 1. Questions to Ask Your Web Design CompanyFinding the right web design company to build your website can be a tedious process but it is a processthat you should take very seriously. Your website can be the difference between your business taking offand growing to that next level or it struggling and possibly even going out of business. Many smallbusiness owners decide that their website is where they are going to save money and choose thecheapest web design company they can find. Most of the time ends up being a developer right out ofcollege or a company from another country. In both cases our Phoenix web design company haswitnessed these choices be devastating to businesses. Many times the business ends up spending morebecause they go to the professional web design company anyways. There are certain questions that youneed to ask potential web designers before you give them the job. We have listed some questions thatyou must make sure you ask before you hire anyone.1. Who are your clients and what impact did your website have on their business? This is a veryimportant question for two reasons. One, it shows you that type of websites that the webdesigner has developed in the past and if they have the experience to develop a website thatyou are wanting. Two, you will be able to see if they do anything to help their clients succeedand if they develop an ongoing relationship with their client or if they are one of thosecompanies that only do what they are asked and then wash their hands of the project.2. Do you have any clients I can contact? This is important because you will get a feel for not onlyhow they do work but also their customer service. You don’t want to hire a Phoenix web designteam that will take a week or two to fix issues you may have with your new website. This couldultimately end up costing business more than if you hired a bad web design company.3. Do you develop website’s that are SEO friendly? There are web designers out there thatdevelop websites that are not search engine optimization friendly. You handicap your websiteby not being able rank it on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.4. Will my website be mobile friendly? With the invention of smart phones and now tablets theway people surf the web is changing at a rapid pace. People are nolonger using desktops and laptops to surf the web but instead theyare using the much more convenient mobile devices to surf the web.If your website is not able to be viewed on a mobile device then youare losing out on a potentially large customer base.5. How much will my website costs? While you want to get a good deal you also don’t want tohire someone extremely cheap because like the old saying goes, “ You get what you pay for”and in the web design industry this could not be more true.
  2. 2. Your website is what pays the bills and you need to hire a company that understands that and has theskills to complete a website that will grow your business. That is why it is so important that you knowquestions to ask potential web design companies before you hire anyone. These 5 questions will helpyou weed out a lot of the bad web design companies so you can hire a great one. In the end howeveryou will have to use your gut to make the final decision as these 5 questions don’t guarantee anything.