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Phoenix web design services offering professional, affordable web design services that are results driven. Contact our web design experts today!

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Phoenix Web Design & Development Company

  1. 1. 7 Common Web Design MistakesThere are a few frequent website creation errors which actually even the finest Phoenix web designfirms are making. This is significant that you really recognize because the internet is very competitivethat even smallest error could cost you a lot of potential clients. When youre fighting for customers onthe internet you will want your internet site to be perfect because its difficult to get targeted traffic toyour internet site. Once you do get targeted traffic to your internet site that traffic really should convert.There are actually certain errors which are so frequent simply because many individuals don’t considerthem errors. As a Phoenix web design company were going to explain to you exactly what these kindsof errors are so that you can identify all of them on your own internet site. 1. PDF - Some individuals create web design pages so that they are in PDF format. This is simply not something which an expert Phoenix web Design Firm is going to do but none the less it is actually a problem which we tend to be witnessing. Simply by generating PDF web pages it takes away written content from your webpage and also winds up damaging your search engine optimization marketing campaign as well. 2. Same Color Links - Any time an individual clicks on a hyperlink on your internet site the hyperlink will need to change another color than it had been before. This may get confusing for an individual particularly when these people keep winding up on web pages which they previously visited. 3. Flash - This is usually a significant error. Flash is a thing of the past. Granted Flash does indeed continue to have a reason however; if you actually construct your whole internet site in Flash you will be making a huge mistake. Search engines like Google can’t read a flash internet site which means that your company is probably not actually part of the search engines. 4. Java Script Links - Java script is often user- friendly having said that much like with developing your internet site within flash its going to kill you on the search engines. 5. Dynamic URL - A dynamic URL is a URL which is typically system produced URL’s and they are generally not enhanced for Search engine optimization. They often times have symbols and numbers inside the URL where as a static URL is exactly what you should use. One example is exactly how HireAWiz an experienced Phoenix web design makes use of their hyperlinks such as 6. Pages That Look Like Ads - No one wants to visit an internet site which is similar to a salesperson on an internet site. Individuals visit internet site trying to find items to purchase also for information and facts. Don’t develop web pages that seem to be an ad in a magazine or something like that. Youd be amazed as a Phoenix web design firm the amount of internet sites we come across with these internet pages.
  2. 2. 7. Cross Browser Compatibility - Were currently in a period of time where Internet Explorer no longer possesses a strong hold on Web browser. Since Firefox as well as Google Chrome have emerged on the scene internet sites now have to support just about all web browsers.These are a few frequent errors which as a Phoenix web design company we recognize some websitesmaking. Regardless of whether it is because that they have hired an inexperienced web design companyor simply because they haven’t updated their internet site lately it doesn’t make a difference the simplefact of the matter is that they must have a new website. A business such as HireAWiz should be able tohelp correct these problems as well as assist your company to grow to the next level. Get in touch withthem now and discover the things they are able to do for you.