Benefits of html 5


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Benefits of html 5

  1. 1. Benefits of HTML 5The future of internet users is not laptops and desktops. It may be that way now but it is rapidlychanging to mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets. That is why you must hire a Phoenix webdesign company that will make your new website mobile compatible. If your website is not compatiblewith mobile devices then you will be missing out on a major target audience coming to your website. If amobile user goes to your website and your website is broken and not rendering properly on their mobiledevice they likely will not convert in sales. One way to make your website mobile compatible is todevelop it using HTML5. There are many advantages and disadvantages to using mobile HTML5. Let’stake a look at a couple reasons you should develop your website using HTML5:1. Mobile Users – Like I mentioned above one of the major benefits is that mobile users will nowbe able to view your website without having to scroll left to right. When a mobile user comes toyour website you want them to view a great website that leads them through the website andultimately converts them into a sale. The only way to do thisis if your website renders properly on the device that is beingused. If it is broken your website people will lose trust in yourwebsite and won’t end up converting into a sale.2. Cross Browser Compatibility – The same reason as mobileusers not being able to view your website properly is thesame reason your website being cross browser compatible isso so important. There are many different types of browserssuch as Fire Fox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorerto name a few. Just because a website renders properly onone of the browsers doesn’t mean it will render properly onall types of browsers. Again if things are broken when people view your website it will be hardto convert them in to a sale.3. Interaction – A website being user friendly helps both the admin and makes their job mucheasier when updating the website. It also gives your website users a better user experience.Some of the things that HTML5 offer is thing like drag and drop functionality, document editingand a lot more. A Phoenix web design company that understands HTML 5 is extremelyimportant.These are all things that are extremely important to the success of your website. Having a website that iscannot be viewed across browsers or on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. The purposeof having a website and using internet marketing to get visitors to your website is to convert them intosales or whatever else it is you want your website to convert them into.