6 ways to improve your conversion rate


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6 ways to improve your conversion rate

  1. 1. 6 Ways to Improve Your Conversion RateAre you one of the many online small eCommerce businesses that believe that they have a greatwebsite but is still seeing their conversion rate suffer? Believe it or not this is something that happensfar too often. There are a couple of possible explanations to why this is happening. The first is that yourwebsite isn’t as great as you think and you actually need to contact a Phoenix web design company tohelp you redo your website. Or second there could just be some things that you are doing wrong onyour website and when you change these things you will notice your conversion rate jump. Besides thisis your ultimate goal. So what are some of the small things websites do that have a negative impact ontheir business?Highlight Your Most Popular Items – Just like with a store front you want to highlight your best sellingproducts and the same goes for an eCommerce website. Why would you hide the items that are yourhot sellers on inside pages of your website? You want to put your best selling products on your homepage.1. Add Products to Your Check Out Page – When a customeris checking out it is a perfect time to offer items that theyalso may be interested in on the checkout page to see ifyou can possibly sell additional items. This is the samereason when you go to Target or Wal Mart you see all thelittle items by the cash register. They are hoping to catchyour eye and make an additional sale.2. Add a Chat Function – When a customer is on yourcheckout page and has been there for more than a coupleminutes it is wise to engage that customer and see if thereis something that you can assist them with. That is exactly what a chat function will allow you todo.3. Availability of Your Staff – There is nothing more frustrating for an online shopper than whenthey have a question and attempt to contact the company and there contact information isnowhere to be found or when they try to call them nobody ever answers. If you want to besuccessful you have to have an open line of communication between you and your customers.Remember it is your customers that are paying your bills so you need to treat them like theyare.4. Expand Your Boarders – One of the biggest benefits of having an eCommerce business is thatyou can reach a much larger target audience. This being said you should start marketing topeople outside of your town. To find out more about internet marketing such as SEO, PPC, andSocial Media Marketing contact your Phoenix Web Design company.5. Evolve – Like all technology the internet is always evolving and because of this you need tomake sure your company evolves with it. One example how the internet is currently evolving is
  2. 2. mobile devices. It used to be that everybody visiting your website was using a laptop or desktopcomputer. In the very near future the majority of the people visiting your website will be using asmart phone or tablet so in order to evolve with the internet it is critical that you make sure thatyour website is mobile compatible.The conversion rate of your eCommerce website is ultimately the one thing that truly matters. You canget a million people to your website but if none of them convert what good is it. Running an eCommercebusiness you depend upon sales and there is a lot that goes into getting a sale. It is different than hiringsalesman you have to turn your website into the salesman and in order to be successful you must equipthe website with the proper tools and layout.