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191008 harnessing ai


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Harnessing the potential of AI.
AI principal and strategy in Japan.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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191008 harnessing ai

  1. 1. 2019-10-08 2:20-35 pm 0 Harnessing the Potential of AI in Delivering Citizen-Centric Services Kenji Hiramoto Chief Strategist (IT), Cabinet Secretariat
  2. 2. Background Effective and Valuable services for citizens Efficiency of Public administrations Public Safety Infrastructures 1 Various service requests from citizens 24h365d services Personalized services Population 127,000thousands Decrease in government staffs Central government 341 thousands staffs(2018) Local governments 3,384 thousands staffs (2017) Compliance to complex legislations and rules Prevent the crimes and accidents Number of Crimes 817,338 Number of Traffic accident 43,0601 (2017) Monitor and Maintain the infrastructures Roads 1,279,511.9 km Rivers 144,031.4km Number of Bridges (over 2m) 691,901 Number of Tunnels 10,619 (2017-4-1)
  3. 3. Why do we focus on AI? 2 Accuracy Stability Fairness Accountability Adoption AI enhance government trust and service quality. Speed 24 X 365 service We can‘t prevent human errors and bias. X AI
  4. 4. Overview of Digital Strategy in Japan Other Acts Privacy act and Info. disclosure act Society 5.0 (2016) Economic Growth Strategy (2019-6) Innovation Strategy (2019-6) Digital Strategy (2019-6) Data Strategy (2019-6) Digital Government Policy (2017-5) • Connected Industries • Digital first • Once only • One stop Vision National Strategies Digital Strategies IT ACT (2000) DATA ACT (2016) Digital First ACT (2019) Society 5.0 Reference Architecture Data Exchange Platform Government Interoperability Framework (IMI) Data Strategy / Policy Rule Organization Business Data harness functions Data Data broker function Asset Sensor, Actuator, Hardware, Network Gathering, Integration, Cleansing, Device management Data definition, Data model, Code Catalogue, Search, AI, Analysis Business process Business Rule Coordination Team Legislation Regulation Vision Priority domain Security/Authentication Lifecycle Open Data Policy (2017-5) 3 AI Principal (2019-3) AI Strategy (2019-6) AI Strategy
  5. 5. AI Society Principal We launched the AI Society Principal in March 2019. AI will bring many great benefits to society, but its enormous impact on society. We need to redesign society in every way, including activities of the citizen, social systems, industrial structures, innovation systems, and governance. 4 Human-Centric Education/Literacy Privacy Protection Ensuring Security Fair Competition Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency Innovation R&D and Utilization Principles Dignity: A society that has respect for human dignity Diversity & Inclusion: A society where people with diverse backgrounds can pursue their well-being Sustainability: A sustainable society Section Philosophy AI Society Principals R&D and Utilization Principals 5 Essential element • Human Potential • Social Systems • Industrial Structures • Innovation Systems • Governance
  6. 6. Strategic Objectives AI Strategy We launched AI Strategy in June 2019. This strategy clarifies the actions and roles through 2030. 5 Objective1: Human resources Objective2: Competitiveness Objective3: Architecture & sustainable mechanism Objective4: Research, education and social infrastructure network Foundation for the Future Education R&D Foundation for Industry and Society Digital Government Data rerated Infrastructure • Data infrastructure • Trust / Security • Networks SMEs and Start up Support Priority area / PoC • Health, Medical Care and Long-term Care • Agriculture • National Resilience (Infrastructure, Disaster Risk Management) • Transportation Infrastructure and Logistics • Smart Cities
  7. 7. AI Strategy(Public Service) 6 Resilience(Infrastructure) • Robotics & Sensor network • Infrastructure data platform • Urban planning Smart cities • Smart cities • Including technologies Digital government • High value services • EBPM • Sustainable services • Work style Request for the high- quality services Increase the aging citizens Decrease the workers Finance of the government AI is an essential technology for public administrations. Data infrastructure • Interoperability framework • Data quality
  8. 8. Status of AI projects in Japan’s Government (Incl. Local Govs.) 7 Technologies Services for citizens Efficiency of Public administrations Public Safety Infrastructure s Inquiry and consultation • Speech Recognition • Natural Language Processing (NLP) ◎Service PoC (Chatbot) ◎Service PoC (Care planning) Monitor and inspection • Image Recognition • Sensor Data Processing • NLP 〇Service (Check of Documents ) ◎Service (Maintenance of Roads) ◎Service PoC (Maintenance of Bridges) Matching services • Pattern Matching ◎Service PoC (Promotion to potential residents) ◎Service PoC (Nurseries with Children) Predictive analysis • Image recognition • Sensor Data Processing 〇PoC (Weather map) 〇Service (Crime map) Information management • Image recognition • NLP ◎Service (OCR, RPA) AI with Robotics • Robotics ◎Service (Reception) ◎Service (Monitoring) ◎Service (O&M)
  9. 9. Approach AI PoCs, Use Cases Data (Fuel for AI) Rules Human resources 8 Open data Base registries Data quality Ethics Responsibility Intellectual properties Privacy Training PoC stage Product stage Service stage Barrier Lack of interoperability - Data standard - Quality of data
  10. 10. AI Concierge (Kawasaki city) 9 List of the day that the garbage gathered How to abundant bottles How to separate my garbage I inform you the rerated information. Please click the following button. How to recycle. How to abandon electronic appliance. AI show you services. You can use free word by using the bottom field. There are various services for personal needs. So municipality staff spent much time for responding citizen’s inquiries. Solution This dialogue service provide the following inquiries, - Nursing - Moving - Garbage - Residence Registration - Application The Place you deliver it. Link to web page of the service Free key word AI Concierge Cloud service Use case 1
  11. 11. AI Assignment of nurseries (Saitama city)  AI assign nurseries to each child in consideration of parental requests 10 A few seconds 300 nurseries Assign by 20-30 staffs. It spend 1 week. (Total 125days) I like both X nursery and Z nursery. I like Y nursery. I dislike Y nursery. Anywhere. My child has an allergy. There are various requests from parents. 8000 children Before AI AI AI recommended the combination between children and nurseries. The results were almost the same as if staffs were to do it. Use case 2 Data model
  12. 12. Care Plan Assistant(Fukuoka city) 11  CPA engine recommend care plans to care managers by using AI. Welfare facilities Database Accumulation of care plan data Knowledge of care specialist CPA engine Recommended care plan Matching between the care plan and welfare facilities Care manager Use case 3
  13. 13. Tokyo Metropolitan Police  Tokyo metropolitan police will analyze signs of crimes from 2019-4.  Sign (7000cases/year) --- 60 thousands case data from 2010. • A stranger speak to a person on road. • A stranger follow a passerby  In the test operation, Police arrested a suspicious person 12 Figure Height Clothes Conversation Data model of Strangers Use case 4 AI predict the location PatrolCitizens send reports History of crime
  14. 14. AI in Administrations  There is a big possibility for AI. So, we would like to try and improve many cases.  Most of ministries start AI projects in the central government. The promotion for municipalities are important. 13Research institute for Local government(2018-7) 10 34 117 16 770 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 Service PoC Planning No Plan after PoC No Plan AI in municipalities(n=935) *There are 1740 municipalities in Japan
  15. 15. Roadmap 14 Initial phase •There are many big data projects. •There are many AI PoCs. •Citizen recognize AI as a emerging Technology •Government is developing an interoperability framework. Implementation phase •There will be many stand-alone AI services. •Citizen will use AI in their life. •Government and municipalities will implement the interoperability framework. Mature phase •AI will become to our partners •Citizen will collaborate with AI We are here.
  16. 16. Challenge 15 Base registries Interoperability Framework & Platform StandardData quality AI Vision & Strategy Data is fuel for AI
  17. 17. AI for Aging Society 16 High Hospitality services Communication Conversation Handwriting Participation Administration services Healthcare Mobility service Drone From the digital divides to the digital supports. Therapy Robot ”Paro” Powered suit Robot car
  18. 18. 17 For more information Kenji Hiramoto Cabinet Secretariat Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Government of Japan