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Web content management analyst Janus Boye is hosting a group from Denmark to tour and learn about the latest trends and technologies in the online/digital world. His “Digital Priorities for 2012” tour stopped here in Amsterdam, where we were very proud to present Hippo CMS.
In this presentation the following issues are addressed:
- The Dutch Government’s approach to a new e-government initiative and how they utilized Hippo CMS to go from multiple CMS’s and web sites to one completely powered by Hippo.
- Our forward-looking technology trends into social and mobile content delivery, as well as Hippo’s focus on Context Aware Content Management.
- A sneak preview of some of the upcoming, new features of Hippo CMS

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  • US & EU
  • If you create content only for your website, you’re missing out. Content should be targeted towards all current and future publication platforms.
  • - strategy that focuses on multiple channels isn’t enough - just publishing the same content to different channels won’t be enough =>- start thinking about CONTEXT as part of our Web content platform - device, location, time, social information, behavioral data and every other environmental aspect we can get to deliver content to audiences in a contextual way I know we will be talking a lot about mobile, and other channels for managing content on this panel but for companies that are starting to think about a content strategy and their platforms for 2012 and beyond – just publishing the same content to different channels won’t be enough…. We have to start thinking about CONTEXT as part of our Web content platform – we have to start using the device, location, time and every other environmental aspect we can get to deliver content to audiences in a contextual way…
  • Horses = behavior http://www.istock photo.com/stock-photo-9992127-wristwatch-on-a-wrist-clipping-path.php http://blogs.can oe.ca/outdoorsguy/uncategorized/fox-versus-house-cat/ http://www.istockphoto.com/stock -photo-8947094-airport-panel.php http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-pho to-10006584-vintage-transportation.php http://www.istockphoto.com/stock -photo-3934710-man-holding-mobile-phone-laptop-in-background.php
  • Great example of Context Awareness: in a car, driven 80 mph, currently in Boston, destination: San Francisco, Local Weather, ...
  • Over time, the push-model has predominated. The new model is the Audience empowered, demand-driven model of content
  • Keeping context in Views
  • Top brands are thought leaders
  • Top brands are thought leaders
  • Group-based content delivery
  • Hippo Presentation Jboye Study tour 2012

    1. 1. Hippo CMSC on te xt Aw ar e
    2. 2. Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer CMO and co-founder of Hippo
    3. 3. Today’s presentation About Hippo The Hippo Vision Client Cases Demo Q&A
    4. 4. About Hippo Open Source Enterprise WCM Established in 1999, over 70 employees, offices in Amsterdam, Boston and San Francisco Privately held & double-digit-growth Technical leadership with an Apache background Powers some of the worlds largest, most heavily trafficked web properties Enterprise Hippo On-Demand Training Professional ServicesSupport Subscription
    5. 5. Focus on Standards
    6. 6. Hippo & Standards • OpenID, OAuth • JCR 170, CMIS, WEMI • CSS, HTML5, JSON • REST, Open API • Widgets / Gadgets • OpenSocial
    7. 7. Customers we welcomed in 2011
    8. 8. Some of the partners we welcomed in 2011 SI PartnersTechnology Partners Connectors
    9. 9. Vision
    11. 11. Hippo CMS 7.7: Channel Manager
    12. 12. But.. Multi Channel isn’t enough! REST
    13. 13. CONTEXT
    14. 14. Our vision All websites will become context-aware and personalized And personalization is..Delivering the most relevant content to the audience
    15. 15. Audience Empowered WCMS H IP P O Phase I Phase II Now FutureDevelopers Editors Marketers Audience Audience Empowerment Time
    16. 16. Empower your audience Context aware content management
    17. 17. Case studyFrom Many to one
    18. 18. Help! My site is dead. Text
    19. 19. From many to one!Cost saving & improve communication • 1 logo - 1 voice • Cost saving • Improve communication • Open source & open data
    20. 20. CMS & Open Source Freedom & Flexibility The web is changingContent Management needs to facilitate changeCustomization & Innovation
    21. 21. Open Source = Open Innovation Freedom & FlexibilityBusiness needs:• No vendor lock-in• Extensibility & customization• Interoperability = open standards• The possibility to upgrade• The freedom to innovate• Re-use -> cost saving
    22. 22. Hippo CMS Freedom & Flexibility• Reduce time-to-market• Enables you to create more innovative business• Lowers Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    23. 23. Hippo makes Open Source ready for the Enterprise • Support is core business • Roadmap alignment • Continuity • Freedom to innovate
    24. 24. Case rijksoverheid.nl
    25. 25. Organization & Process • Form an A-team • Stay in control • Scrum (agile) • Tendering process • No European tender software -> Open source • European tender Services & Hosting
    26. 26. Case - rijksoverheid.nl Open data
    27. 27. Case - rijksoverheid.nl Empower your audience
    28. 28. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Micro Sites
    29. 29. TranslationsNon-Western character sets 100+ domains 300 subsites Content sharing One look-and-feel One CMS
    30. 30. Dutch Libraries: Multi-Channel
    31. 31. Dutch Libraries • Context aware content delivery from a single source • IPad • MobileREST • Web • Widgets • REST API
    32. 32. Dutch: Police
    33. 33. Case hetccv.nl
    34. 34. Case - cvz.nl
    35. 35. Case - wijchen.nl Local goverment
    36. 36. Hippo Community Documentation,developer webinars, samples http://www.onehippo.org
    37. 37. Sharing ideas, Build componentstogether & share cost
    38. 38. Questions & Answers
    39. 39. More about Hippo: www.onehippo.com www.onehippo.org27