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The Opus Legacy, Chapter 1: The Epic of Gilgamesh


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This is the very first chapter of the Opus Legacy, a new joint legacy created by hippielayla86 & ilovereecee. The first chapter is written by hippielayla86/Lydia. Our legacy is a simple one, with only the handicap of "True Love" and an "Extreme Start."

Read on to meet Gilgamesh our founder, and see his early days in Riverblossom Hills. :)

-hippielayla86 -

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The Opus Legacy, Chapter 1: The Epic of Gilgamesh

  1. 1. Chapter 1 : The Epic of Gilgamesh
  2. 2. <ul><ul><li>Hello everyone, welcome to </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>the first joint legacy by </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>ilovereecee and hippielayla86! </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>So here's the deal, </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Katie (ilovereecee) and </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>I (hippielayla86) have been long time fans of each </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>other's legacies, so we decided, “Why not start one together?” Then we got to thinking, “What do we </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>both have in common?” Why reading of course! So an </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>idea for a joint legacy with the theme of books was </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>soon born: </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>The Opus Legacy </li></ul></ul>
  3. 3. So, just as with any other legacy, we begin by introducing our founder: The founder of this legacy is Gilgamesh Opus. Gilgamesh is named after the hero in the first known work of literature: The Epic of Gilgamesh. If you are unfamiliar with this tale, I'll give you a brief synopsis. Gilgamesh is a Sumerian king who is a womanizer, and learns through his travels with a friend the true meaning of life.
  4. 4. Our Gilgamesh is a Romance and Fortune sim (fitting seeing that his namesake is a king eh?) who is an Aries with 5 Neat, 7 Outgoing, 5 Active, 5 Playful, and 3 Nice personality points. He loves red heads who get all dolled up (wear make up). Being a Romance sim, I got lucky and his LTW is to become a Professional Party Guest. Katie and I decided to keep it simple and only do two handicaps – True Love Only – having each coupling have 3 bolt chemistry with each other. And an extreme start. But that doesn't mean we aren't going for the category bonuses. So on Gil's first day in Desiderata Valley he purchased a lemon tree to start off with the Season's category bonuses.
  5. 5. The combination of an extreme start and the purchase of a lemon tree on the first day proved to be challenging. But Gil was optimistic enough starting the day. So when the welcome wagon arrived and a very pretty red head was part of it, Gil's hopes for his new home were on the up and up. Now that you've been introduced to Gil, and the few guidelines for the legacy, I'm going to hand the narration over to Gilgamesh.
  6. 6. My first day here, and I've met so many pretty ladies! And the best part is they're quite taken with me, but I can't blame them, if I were a woman I would bow down at my feet too. All of this doesn't matter though when the woman is married, take Hannah Bell – this gorgeous lady who is obviously interested in me. Look closely and check out that ring on her finger. I may not have discretion... but she certainly should. And did. Hey, you can't blame a guy for trying?
  7. 7. Feeling dejected and hungry I phoned up the pizzeria and ordered up a large pepperoni pie for delivery. I must say its quite distressing to have had to spend half of the money to my name on a pizza! But, there was still hope, maybe the delivery girl would be attractive and single... Boy was I ever wrong! I could barely even tell my delivery person was a female...
  8. 8. As if things weren't bad enough, once I paid for my food, Hannah – my very attractive, and very unavailable neighbor – decided she would rather eat pizza with me than go home and eat dinner with her family. She told me I'm “such a great, spontaneous guy” but didn't mention a word of thanks for pigging out on my only meal of the day. That's when it started to rain.
  9. 9. The rain finally let up, and I decided to turn in for the night. I laid back in my recliner underneath the “protection” of my lemon tree and fell asleep. There was no sense in exploring the downtown when I was exhausted. --- As an aside, Gil's first day was very challenging to control, his mood was terrible, he was stinky and uncomfortable. Not to mention he couldn't find a woman to love him!
  10. 10. I was woken up from sleep by nature's call. Since I didn't have a bathroom of my own, I had to resort to traveling downtown to the local gym. Once I took care of business I decided to shoot some hoops and chat up a potential partner in crime. The normal niceties revealed that Travis and I were much a like in that we were both having trouble finding suitable dates in this town. Tonight is my first night of work though, so I told Travis thank you for the game, and that I'd call him when I got out of work so we could hang later.
  11. 11. I suppose I didn't tell you about my job? Well, its because its far from glamorous. The only perk is that I might meet a gorgeous rich woman on the job. In other words, I'm a Golf Caddy and my day starts at 4am. It's pretty much the worst.
  12. 12. My first day in I ended up making a really good impression with the course's clients. I've been promoted on my first day on the job, and received a 635 simoleon bonus! With the loot I was able to buy myself a tent. Its not much better than the recliner I currently sleep in, but at least it provides me with protection from the elements.
  13. 13. My good luck followed me home from work, I've finally met a single woman, who is pretty none the less! Her name is Gina, and she's my mail lady, so I'll have to be careful pursuing relations with her since she'll be here twice a week regardless of what I may eventually may want.
  14. 14. Just when I thought the day couldn't get any better, I met another attractive, single lady. Her name is Gretchen – and she loves to talk. “ Howdy! I'm Gretchen, I haven't seen you around before. You new in town?” - This she said in about two seconds, and Howdy used one of the two.
  15. 15. Though Gretchen was pretty she was sort of ditzy. Immediately after our short “chat” if you could even call it that, she took out a jump rope... seemingly out of thin air and starting jumping around. I just stood there staring at her, hoping that she might stop and want to talk to me? Nope, not today apparently.
  16. 16. As night arrived, another woman ventured onto my lot. Her name was Camryn and at least she had the courtesy to continue talking to me while she was at my place – I can't quite call it a home yet. Camryn isn't quite my type, she brought up wanting to have 6 kids within the first 5 minutes of conversation. A committed relationship with her isn't exactly in my stars.
  17. 17. I must regretfully say that nothing too fascinating happened after meeting Camryn. Both she and Gretchen left soon after since it started to rain. Fortunately for me, I had my tent – and then I had work.
  18. 18. While I was away, a neighborhood stray destroyed my recliner! So now I have no where to sit and read. I was lucky enough to have gotten promoted again today at work – only my second day – I now work at a convenience store as a clerk. And I got a 655 simoleon bonus! The promotion isn't my only good news, I also fold a 4 th prize ticket in a YumCo Tiny Cake and won an instant prize of 500 simoleons!
  19. 19. With my bonus I did get a new chair, plus a shower and a toilet. I no longer have to go to the community gym just to take care of nature's basic needs. I also tilled some land and planted some tomato seeds. As you know, I haven't been having any luck with the ladies that have been walking by. In my loneliness I've been calling one of the people I met the first day I moved into town.
  20. 20. The lovely lady who's been listening to my rambling every night is no other than the gorgeous, red headed Natasha. I decided that I was overdue for some attention, so I've invited Natasha over “to see my new tent.”
  21. 21. Go figure the first time I don't want a woman to walk by and interrupt me since Natasha is over. That woman in the green dress just stood around staring at me and Tasha while we chatted.
  22. 22. Once I was able to ignore the woman in green , I was finally able to get a bit closer to Tasha without feeling so pressured. Instinct took over, and I asked Tasha if she'd like to dance with me. Her response at first made me worry. “ But Gil, there isn't any music...” “ Well my dear, let's make our own then.” - I know its a bit corny, but it worked, Tasha and I were soon dancing, and laughing and having a good time.
  23. 23. Soon I was able to bring Tasha close to me... and that's when Tasha noticed the lady in green. “ Gil, do you know that woman?” “ What woman?” “ She's sitting over there in your chair staring at us... it's sort of creeping me out.” “ Let's give her something to stare at then!”
  24. 24. That was my excuse to finally put into action what I had been wanting to do for weeks. Tasha was such a wonderful, compassionate, sexy woman I just couldn't keep myself away from her!
  25. 25. Night came too soon, and before I knew it I was giving Tasha a good night kiss. Before she left she promised to come and see me again in a few days.
  26. 26. After Tasha left I took some time to tend to my little tomato plant. I figure if I ain't got that much money, I should be able to grow some of my own food and save the little money I have for spending on dates, not tomatoes.
  27. 27. That night as I used my new shower I couldn't help myself from thinking about Tasha. She and I are a good match. She is so caught up in cheese that she doesn't end up staying too long which gives me time to pursue other women. I can't see myself settling down with Tasha.
  28. 28. Plus, I've got other things to worry about right now. I absolutely hate my job, and the only way to get out of my job is to improve my people skills.* So at night I stand in front of my mirror trying out different topics of conversation depending on my company. --- * Gil needs a few charisma points for a promotion at work
  29. 29. The worst part about my job has got to be the measly amount of money that I make every day. So I've taken to supplementing my income with a money tree. At 40 simoleons a pop, it's not the quickest way to get money, but it ensures that I eat. Speaking of measly paychecks, my carpool is here.
  30. 30. No sooner than 5 sim minutes after Gil left for work did a pretty red head walk by Gil's lot. Why can't this ever happen when Gilgamesh is home?
  31. 31. My late nights with the mirror have paid off. I got a promotion today, I now work at the local record store. Plus I received a 787 simoleon bonus. --- Amazingly Gil has gotten a promotion every day he's gone to work. Today being day 4 at work, he's already at level 4 of the slacker career! Let's hope he gets to the top soon and achieves his LTW.
  32. 32. With my bonus, I was finally able to buy one counter and a refrigerator. So, I'm slowly but surely moving up in the world. I see lots of cereal, salad and other cold foods in my new future.
  33. 33. While it's nice to have a refrigerator a place to prepare food, I really wish that I could eat something warm. Besides I have to eat 3 bowls of cereal just to feel full!
  34. 34. Well, it seems to be becoming a trend that every time I go to work I bring home a big bonus, and today was no different. I was doing my job, recommending records to some stuffy looking guy who was trying to throw a party. Out of frustration he asked me if I would just DJ his party for him. I said yes and ended up getting paid 1202* simoleons for just one gig. --- *Gil got a bonus of 1202 and was promoted to a Party DJ
  35. 35. Word spread fast around town, so now I'm able to support myself just by being a Party DJ. To make things better when I got home I found a dog had dug a hole, and in the hole I saw something gleaming gold. So I continued to dig and found this gold frog statue of good tidings.
  36. 36. I ended up selling the frog since it was made out of gold. With the profit of that sale and my 1202 simoleons I finally had enough money to build a roof over my head. But for now, my house is too small for a bed, so I'll continue to sleep in my tent.
  37. 37. However it is very nice and peaceful to be able to read without worrying about the weather turning to rain and ruining your book!
  38. 38. It seems the more success I get, the more I want! Now that I am a Party DJ I am getting used to my pockets being full of money and I want more. Now to get this money, I have to network of course, I need to meet more people wanting to throw parties. And I can't do all of this at work, so this is why I'm socializing with these guys – Talin & Charlie. They're not really the type of guys I'd choose to hang out with, but they'll do.
  39. 39. That's why I was relieved to greet this fine woman as she walked by my house. Yeah, I can get comfortable calling it my house now. --- Gil needed two more friends for another promotion towards his LTW, so hence him talking to guys when he could be meeting some more ladies. ;)
  40. 40. While living alone has its perks, a man can get lonely. Now, ever since I came home from work to a destroyed chair, I hadn't taken too much notice of the stray dogs. But Diver (that's my name for him since he's a garbage diver)* does fill a certain loneliness that no one else can. --- Diver is the name of a fire lizard who first appears in Anne McCaffrey's Dragonsong. Anne's books will be where I will be getting names for generation 2. :)
  41. 41. A dog can only do so much for a man though. Man's best friend doesn't hold a candle to man's favorite friend. Tasha seems to drop by every other day just to get a quick smooch and be on her way to eat some more cheese. While I don't want to be tied down to Tasha, I really do enjoy our visits. I only wish I had a bed...
  42. 42. So that afternoon after Tasha left I decided to call around to some friends to see if they knew of any good deals on beds. I didn't end up getting a bed, but I think I have found something better. Something to relax me, as well as the many women I hope will join me – a hot tub. I quickly tested out how my luck might change by inviting up a very pretty red head to join me.
  43. 43. My guest went to leave and I walked her to my side walk, only to find the most beautiful woman I've ever seen! I immediately introduced myself. “ Hi, my name is Gil” I said opening my arms to her waiting for a response. “ Gil, I'm Yuki, my friend Charlie told me that a really cool guy just moved in around the corner, so I thought I'd come and check you – er, come to meet you.”
  44. 44. So it turns out talking to that Charlie the other day was a good choice! She decided to come and check me out. Hah! I guess I'm not the only one feeling the good vibes!* “ So Yuki, what do you do for a living?” --- *Gil and Yuki have a three bolt chemistry. Yuki is the first woman that Gil has been this attracted too, which might make her a perfect candidate for his wife, let's see how things develop, shall we?
  45. 45. “ Well Gil, let's just say I get paid to do what I do best.” Yuki said flirtatiously. “ And what would that be?” I asked, two can play that game. “ I get paid to attend the parties of the rich and famous. I'm a professional party guest.” “ Silly me, and here I was thinking you were flirting with me... you're probably just networking.”
  46. 46. “ I don't see why you think you're silly... because I am flirting with you.” I couldn't believe my luck as Yuki pulled me close to her, “I did say that I came here to check you out. See, Charlie knows my type, and once he met you he was sure to send me over to investigate.” “ Well why didn't you say so sooner? I did think that Charlie was quite insistent with knowing if I liked brunettes or not.”
  47. 47. “ So, do you like brunettes Gil? Because personally I think you do.” Now she was grabbing my hand! “Gil, do you know what I think we should do right now...” “ Hmm, I think I have a good idea what you're thinking, but you can tell me if you want...” I said coyly. “ Well, what I want to do requires a trip to the bedroom.” Hold on now woman, but who am I to say no?
  48. 48. Okay, I must admit that a pillow fight isn't what I thought Yuki was wanting to do. She's pretty, she's funny and she's a tease. Boy am I in trouble, and I told her so, “Yuki, you may be the best trouble I've gotten into in a while.” “ Now I think you're silly because you thought you were going to get to fourth base the first time you met me! But I won't hold that against you Gil.” Yuki said to me in between laughs.
  49. 49. I guess my encounter with Yuki left a good impression. I'm glad she wasn't scared off by me showing my typical male side and was able to accept that I took her teasing as truth. To add to the list of adjectives that describe Yuki, I must add nice, as I haven't gotten a letter in years! I didn't think anyone still used snail mail anymore. There's nothing better than to read in handwriting that a woman wants to see you again.
  50. 50. Life has been continuing on its normal path. Wake up in the morning, eat some cereal invite a cute girl in to join me for a dip in the hot tub or for a bowl of cereal. There are advantages to being poor, you can tell when a woman really likes you if she's willing to sit around and eat cereal with you. Even though it doesn't look like it from this picture, Amanda and I actually get on really well.
  51. 51. I'd like to think that I can have female friends too. And that not every woman I meet has to have a romantic relationship with me. So it's nice to just sit and talk to Amanda. I've actually been having a hard time not talking about Yuki.
  52. 52. In one of my many long chats with Amanda, she recommended that I take up painting. She said it might be relaxing for me, and help me keep my cool and not call Yuki before she called me. You know, keep her guessing. Life in general is getting a lot easier though, I was able to contract a basement to be added to my house. But with all of the raises I've been getting and influx of money, I've still be sleeping in my tent. Some things take a while to change.
  53. 53. Unlike Amanda, I think my friend Cameron is interested in me as more than just a friend. I really don't have any feelings for her that way.
  54. 54. Although maybe Cameron is just a mooch. I did see her stealing from my money tree!
  55. 55. I bought a stove today. I finally caved and surrendered to the call of hot food. So my first meal of spaghetti is a well deserved one.
  56. 56. Yuki still hasn't called me, I'm starting to get worried that she's lost interest in me. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to wait for her call... So on edge, I approached the pretty mail lady Gina. I was in need of an ego stroke.
  57. 57. I did what worked with Tasha, and asked Gina to dance with me. Soon I had her close in my arms succumbing to my charms.
  58. 58. And that's when I was able to go in for a kiss. That's when it started to rain, and Gina stammered that she had more mail to deliver. I think I may have made a mistake though because Gina said that she loved me as she left. I don't love her... I only have eyes for Yuki.
  59. 59. Just as all of my hope was starting to leave me, my phone rang. I picked it up faster than if it were a million dollars laying on the ground. “ Hello?” I asked hopefully. “ Hi Gil, it's me Yuki...” Like she needed to say who she was, “I'm sorry I haven't called you, but I want to come over, are you free?” “ For you, anytime” I'm being way too easy...
  60. 60. Yuki arrived shortly after and I gave her a big hug and then asked her to come inside. I feel like its been raining for days, which is irritating because I really wanted to take a nice long soak in my hot tub with Yuki. I know this won't happen now, because I've heard horror stories of sims getting electrocuted by going in their hot tubs while it was raining!
  61. 61. I had to tell Yuki that she shouldn't go in the hot tub though after she had already changed into her bathing suit. Apparently she had never heard the stories I've heard. “ Oh Gil, I guess I just wasn't thinking about there being lightening when I got in the hot tub. I was really looking forward to a soak... but now I just feel stupid.” - Yuki told me as she blushed.
  62. 62. “ My dear, I'll never think you're stupid. In fact, you're one of the most brilliant women I've ever had the pleasure to know. Even though we've only known each other for a week, I feel like I've been destined to meet you my whole life, and now that I've found you I don't think I can be without you.”
  63. 63. “ I've actually been thinking a lot about you lately, and I have a question for you.” “ Yes?” - Yuki said waiting for my question. I took a deep breath before asking... “ Would you like to move in with me? I mean, I know I don't really have much money, or much of a house, or even a bed...”
  64. 64. “ Gil! I would love to move in with you!” - she said without hesitation “ Really?” “ Yes, really!” “ You really are the best Yuki, did you know that?”
  65. 65. After Yuki accepted Gil's offer to move in, Gil feel in love with her, and I got a chance to take a look at Yuki's aspirations and personality. First off, Yuki came with a bonus of 12,000 simoleons, a job as a Professional Party Guest (top of the slacker career). Yuki is a Capricorn (7 Neat, 3 Outgoing, 3 Active, 7 Playful and 5 Nice points) Pleasure sim with a secondary aspiration of Knowlege. Her LTW is to become a Professional Party Guest, so that might pose a problem since she already is one.
  66. 66. Yuki also moved in with a very full inventory! It included everything in this picture. They sold everything immediately except for the piano and the stereo. And were able to turn Gil's box into a pretty acceptable home...
  67. 67. Before Yuki moved in, Gil's “house” was the porch on the bottom left, the dining room/kitchen in the bottom right which had a walls and a door which led to the small bathroom above it. That bathroom didn't even have any walls! So now you can see that a living room, a master bedroom and a place for a master bath have been added onto the house. Plus it's been furnished a bit, Gil finally has a bed.
  68. 68. Gil already had a basement, but there had been no way to get it, so a staircase was built. Otherwise the basement is exactly the same as it had been before Yuki moved in.
  69. 69. Of course now that Gil was in love with Yuki, and Yuki loved Gil – and the two had their own bed – they needed to celebrate the best way any two love birds can. ;)
  70. 70. Gil and Yuki fell asleep in each other's arms that night peacefully. And when they woke up later that night, Yuki headed out to the kitchen and decided to make them some spaghetti. This is when I found out Yuki's predestined hobby is cuisine. And it definitely makes sense for a pleasure sim to be a food lover, so I was excited about that.
  71. 71. “ So sweety, our date was awesome last night, but I never did get my hot tub soak... did you maybe want to remedy that after dinner?” Yuki asked as she winked at me. “ Oh yeah, count me in for that!”
  72. 72. Yuki and Gil ended up having a great dinner, and then did end up going in the hot tub for a soak.
  73. 73. And while you would think that a pleasure sim and a romance sim would only be doing one thing in a hot tub together, the couple actually sat and talked about work. Gil wanted tips on how to get where Yuki was career wise, and she was happy to listen and then give some advice.
  74. 74. But I can't be fooled at of thinking they have other interests than each other for long. Once they got out of the tub, they decided to get dressed up and have a nice little romantic dinner together. Yuki had been dyeing to make a new salad she saw a recipe for online.
  75. 75. So a romantic dinner they had. And even though they were eating the same thing that Yuki had made, Gil insisted on feeding a bite to Yuki from his fork. That's when Gil put down his fork and reached into his pocket...
  76. 76. “ Yuki, there's something I've been meaning to ask you...”
  77. 77. And that's all folks! Yes, I ended the chapter there. :) Don't worry there will be a new one soon. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Katie and my new legacy – if you do, be sure to join us over at SiMania to let us know what you think -- Thank you for reading and happy simming! -hippielayla86