Apocalypse Please! 7 - Most of Us Believe, Weeks 17-19


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The Lakshmis are back and are trying their hands at lifting even more restrictions of the Apocalypse challenge. We meet the rest of generation 4 in this chapter and a few more restrictions are lifted.

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Apocalypse Please! 7 - Most of Us Believe, Weeks 17-19

  1. 1. Apocalypse Please! HippieLayla86 Most of us believe Weeks 17 - 19
  2. 2. Hello and welcome back to Apocalypse Please! For chapter 7 – Most of Us Believe, Weeks 17 – 19. As things start to get better for the Lakshmis in Hiddenbrook, I will be slowly brightening the background image. When this all started out, the family couldn't even take baths or eat more than once a day, they also now have the luxury of art in their lives, so shouldn't the background reflect that bit? But, anyway, last time Frank had just become a child and Eileen went into labor for the second time in her life. Dylan was at level 8 in the journalism career, and Benny had one more promotion left before lifting the military restrictions. Buddy and Clint are still out of it with the Service pet restrictions in place, but Kobe the family cat is only one promotion away from lifting that. Speaking of the pets, Scout the family dog just topped the Showbiz pet career last chapter and now all of the sim children can learn things that don't also raise their fun. The Lakshmis have lifted a total of 8 restrictions so far, and we have 30 total to lift (including the Hopelessness and the Alien restrictions, but the Alien doesn't have to be lifted to complete the challenge, so there are 29 total really). But that's enough recap, let's get on with the story. Eileen will continue with the narration for this chapter. --->
  3. 3. I am happy to welcome into the world my new son Gideon, he looks a lot like Frank did when he was born with his brown eyes and red hair. The men in my family were of absolutely no help during my delivery, but that didn't phase me much. --- Gideon's name was taken from the song “Gideon” by My Morning Jacket. And yes, Dylan and Benny were seriously standing in the doorway while he was born “starving” and upset that the other was in their way... I found it hilarious and of course had to share the picture.
  4. 4. Whenever there is a new infant in the household, Dad is able to come out of his haze* for just a little bit to interact with them. I really miss how my Dad was growing up, it's so sad to see him like this when he was the most loving and attentive father to us all growing up, even taking his niece under his wing as one of his own. --- *I cannot wait to control the elders again, hurry up Kobe!
  5. 5. Now that Frank is older and going to school, and the pets are well trained Adia has gone back to her old teenage hobby of painting. She has been working on a portrait of Benny to hang alongside my Mother and Father's. She's gotten quite good and has been recognized by the local art community, and has been welcomed to join their group meetings.
  6. 6. My Uncle Buddy has been spending quite a bit of time with Frank lately, and the two have been bonding over chess. Frank tells me that he's happy to be talking to his Great Uncle since he's a lot like his Grandpa, in that neither one really says much. My son has also been noticed by a community group, and has been invited to join the local gaming club. --- Frank maxed out his logic skills the first day he was a kid!
  7. 7. “ The combined stress of living in fallout and the lingering radiation in the air has had a terrible effect on the minds of the elderly. Older minds decay faster and senility sets in early and badly. Surviving to elderhood in this new world is both a blessing and a curse. Once any Sim turns Elder, you may no longer issue any direct commands to them, nor cancel any of their actions. You may still cancel actions that would otherwise break another restriction (such as playing computer games). You may also direct Elders to quit their jobs if they happen to miss a day of work with the Slacker restriction still in effect. Once a Pet reaches the top of the Service career, it helps the household's elderly. Interacting with a trained Rescue Pet heals the mental and emotional damage done to the minds of the Elders. They are slowly helped out of their cloud of senility and brought back to reality by their furry friends. The Service Pet restriction is lifted.” Service Pet Restrictions Lifted
  8. 8. But that isn't our only good news, Dylan has received yet another promotion at work is working as an editor at SimZine. --- I am happy to finally be able to control elders again, and also very excited that Dylan is only one promotion away from lifting the 9 th restriction for this challenge! It turns out Adia was right, I don't know if it was merely coincidence, but Kobe's recent promotion in the health field and Dad's reemergence into day to day life happened about the same time. He's been spending lots of time with our newborn Gideon, and I actually saw him smiling today!
  9. 9. Journalism Restrictions Lifted : Dylan has done it! He has been promoted again, and he is now a Media Magnate. With this promotion he has convinced employers to list more jobs in the Hiddenbrook newspapers. This will make life so much easier for our children. As an added perk, he also added back in the crossword puzzles and comics. WEEK 18
  10. 10. Little Gideon isn't quite as little anymore. Gideon is now a toddler, and for some reason his hair just isn't coming in the way Frank's did, but that doesn't really bother me. --- The longer I go the more tempted I am to have my first college grad go for Show Business so I can fix all of the strange hair and clothing quirks.
  11. 11. Dad has been a huge help to us with Gideon. He's been working on teaching him to speak. Gideon was a little reluctant at first, but finally said “Teddy” as his first word. --- As an aside I thought it was hilarious that Benny popped up in his bed trying to get out and couldn't because Clint was blocking his way, but I feel like that caption should be, “Teddy bear?? Really? Whatever happened to Da-Da being a kid's first words?”
  12. 12. Frank is quite the active little guy. Recently he's been taking after his Great Grandma and painting up a storm. It turns out the same club that Adia was invited to now wants Frank to join them as well.
  13. 13. Frank continues to do exceedingly well in school, he's consistently at the top of his class with straight A's.
  14. 14. Military Restrictions Lifted “ Sims may now travel to any community lots, go on vacation, invite over any sim over. Sims may be sent off to college. Sims may now “Find Own Place” or otherwise move out of the house. Sims may now go Hiking/Jogging and Walk off the lot. Once a brave general from the family leads the local National Guard in a strike force against the zombie hordes, the streets will become safe to travel again and the Military restriction is lifted.” --- Benny has been promoted to General level in the Hiddenbrook military. One of his first acts was to resume the guard in Hiddenbrook by the National Guard. To prove that the neighborhood was much more safe, he took a hike alone this afternoon. He even said that it would now be safe for Uncle Buddy, Adia or Dylan to move out on their own now. I know Uncle Buddy will do so immediately! --- 10 Restrictions down, 19 to go!
  15. 15. My news wasn't as big as Benny's, but I've also received a promotion. I am now teaching at the high school the next town over. I've decided that if Benny can make the neighborhood safe enough for people to move around again, I'll be more successful with convincing the school board to send buses to Hiddenbrook for all of the teenagers that have been missing out on school.
  16. 16. Uncle Buddy and Adia talked it over, and for now Adia is going to continue to live with us, but she has said it was okay for Uncle Buddy to take Scout with him when he moved out.
  17. 17. As soon as Uncle Buddy could, he invited the love of his life Brandi over, and they finally married. The two settled into life together, happy as can be to finally be living their dreams.
  18. 18. Their happiness was quickly taken away when Uncle Buddy passed away only 3 days after their wedding. Brandi was crushed. To have finally married her love and then lose him 3 days later shattered her world.
  19. 19. Luckily Brandi, or I suppose I should call her Aunt Brandi, had Scout to comfort her. It seems Uncle Buddy also left a little parting gift, Aunt Brandi found out a little while after her husband's death that she was expecting their child.
  20. 20. After Uncle Buddy moved out, Dylan decided to follow his lead. I'll miss my twin brother, but I'm happy that he's taking steps towards living his own life.
  21. 21. Shortly after Dylan moved out on his own, he married his girlfriend Christy. It seems the two had kept in touch over the years, and had been hoping to marry for a while. The happy couple decided to adopt a dog that they named Felix to make their new lives complete.
  22. 22. Benny and I got to celebrate our promotions on our own while Dad looked after the children. He told us the next day that Gideon has taken his first steps.
  23. 23. All of my hard work is paying off, I've been asked to be a guest lecturer at Sim State University. This job has the perk of less work hours, and a larger paycheck. But really, I was happiest when I found out that Benny and I are expecting again. Work is great and all, but my children have my heart 100%.
  24. 24. Going to work while pregnant is really tiring. And my work load hasn't slowed down at all. After my touring at Sim State I've been asked to be the principal at Pleasantview High School. I happily took the job. My favorite part of the day though is when I get home and Frank rushes over to greet me. --- Eileen was promoted to high school principal, which is level 7 in the education career!
  25. 25. Even though we had just lost Uncle Buddy, and he and Dad were twins, we were all still shocked when old Grim came to take Dad away. Everyone had been close to Dad, Benny was best friends with Dad before he moved in, Adia had practically been raised by Dad when her mother neglected her, and of course, he was my father, and my children's grandfather. We will all miss you Dad!
  26. 26. With Dad's death so recent, we unfortunately didn't really celebrate Gideon's birthday. We were all too sullen and retrospective to think about it. But Gideon has grown up into a fine young man nonetheless.
  27. 27. Our household has gotten quite a bit smaller in the past weeks, between deaths and family members moving out. But I really think that this has helped our family become even closer. We do most everything together. I know Frank is going to be a teen soon too, so I make sure the two of us get a lot of time together since you never know how hormones will make a person act. He could end up being an angsty teen soon and want nothing to do with us!
  28. 28. Benny and my third child was born today, we named him Henry. He has red head and brown eyes just like his older brothers. --- Henry was named after “Henry VIII I Am” by Herman's Hermits
  29. 29. The whole family is very excited to welcome Henry into the world. From Benny to Frank, everyone wanted the little guy's attention.
  30. 30. My eldest son is now a dashing teen. I had always thought Frank looked more like Benny than myself, but now that he's a teen, I think he looks an awful lot like my father. At least he has our nose. --- Frank rolled popularity/knowledge, he loves buff sims with grey hair, and dislikes cologne.
  31. 31. Now that Frank is a teen, he's a huge help around the house. He runs to little Henry's room any time he hears his little brother crying, and doesn't complain when a dirty diaper is the culprit of the crying. It's taking me a little while to get used to Frank being so grown up! It seems like just yesterday when I was holding baby Frank in my arms. The big reason Frank is such a good helper is that Frank can't go to school anymore. Regardless of the fact that I'm principal at Pleasantview High School, the school won't allow school of choice, so Frank spends his teenage days at home.
  32. 32. Henry's baby years flew by, and now our little one is a toddler. Henry looks an awful lot like Frank did when he was a toddler. --- Henry is a Virgo with 10 Neat, 3 Shy, 6 Active, 4 Playful, and 8 Nice points.
  33. 33. Shortly after Henry's birthday Benny and I found out that we're expecting for our fourth and final time. It's the first time Gideon has been old enough when I've been pregnant to know what's going on, and he and his older brother Frank are very excited for their new sibling on the way. I know I'm secretly hoping for a baby girl this time around. --- Both Gideon and Frank autonomously spoke to Eileen's tummy, they're such a cute bunch.
  34. 34. Henry is never in need of attention. The little guy is showered with affection by all of his older siblings and of course by Benny and me. WEEK 19
  35. 35. Since Frank can't go to high school, we make sure he spends a lot of his time studying from our old books. Fortunately his Aunt Adia is very helpful too when Frank struggles with anything. For the most part though, Frank just dives into his studies head first. Though I know everyone in our family has done alright without school after middle school, I do still wish Frank had an opportunity to have a more traditional education experience. That just means I need to keep getting more pull at work so I can finally get Hiddenbrook's youth back into the school systems! --- Once Eileen tops Education, sims will be able to go to high school and college again.
  36. 36. Whenever I'm not at work I make sure I get to spend time with little Henry. He has just started walking and talking recently, and is right on schedule with his growth too.
  37. 37. Gideon has been enjoying playing the piano in his free time lately, but is still going to school everyday. He's at the top of his class just like Frank was at his age. Frank has been really digging into his books lately, and wants to make sure he has every advantage he can get. --- Frank has maxed his mechanical skills. At this point I was thinking about having him work in the gamer career, and the gamer career requires a lot of mechanical skills.
  38. 38. When our fourth child was ready to be welcomed into the world, I was very happy to be surrounded by my family.
  39. 39. I didn't get the little girl I was hoping for, but our fourth son, Isaac, is the only one of our boys with my blonde hair and Benny's eyes. Even though I didn't get a little girl, Benny and I have still decided that Isaac will be our last. We are very content with four strong and healthy boys. --- Isaac was named after “Isaac” by Madonna, I had really been hoping for a girl so I could have named her “Isobel” after the Bjork song.
  40. 40. Some time has passed since we have last talked, and Benny is now starting to show his age a bit more. Our youngest Isaac also celebrated a birthday, and is now a darling little toddler. --- Isaac is an Aries, with 6 Neat, 10 Outgoing, 6 Active, 4 Playful and 6 Nice points.
  41. 41. The following night it was Henry's birthday, and Benny helped the little guy to his birthday cake as we all stood around and sang for Henry.
  42. 42. Boy is Henry ever happy to be a kid! He spent the first hour after his birthday just running around and cheering, and then running along to the next new exciting thing. He was cracking me up! He finally settled down a little bit when Gideon asked him to play a game of chess. Gideon was really excited to tell Henry all about school and help his little brother learn how to play chess. I think that Henry isn't the only one who's excited that there's another child in the house.
  43. 43. Things are really starting to go my way at work. I've been promoted twice recently! First I started teaching at Sim State University, and now they've promoted me to the rank of College Dean. I know with every step closer I take to being the education minister, the closer I am to getting all of my children the opportunity to go back to school as teens and young adults. --- Frank is continuing his “home school” and has maxed his cooking skill and Eileen is now only one promotion away from lifting the Education restrictions!
  44. 44. Our second oldest Gideon is now a teen, and is in the same boat as Frank. Neither one of them can go to school anymore and are stuck living at home, learning on their own. One more child with a missed opportunity gives me even more motivation at work. I was never a career woman, but now that I know I can improve the life of my children through work, you bet I am a career woman now! --- Gideon is Fortune/Pleasure and loves buff sims who are also logical, but he really doesn't like hats.
  45. 45. With two children that are teens, it was inevitable that Father Time would catch up with me. I've joined Benny in our golden years. When I was younger I thought this birthday was really going to bother me, but now that I'm here, I just feel happy that my life has been a good one so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing where my children go with their lives.
  46. 46. Another candle on the cake does not mean that I can slow down though. With Isaac still a toddler, I need to make sure he learns everything his older siblings did. Lately, Henry has really taken to chess and Frank has developed a new interest in his physique. --- Frank and his siblings will need 10 points in athletic to be able to go to college, and since Eileen is so close to topping Education, I have all of the teens starting to work on that. That rule is part of the Law Enforcement restrictions. All teens and elders must have 10 body points to leave their home lot for any reason.
  47. 47. Our youngest is out of diapers and into his adolescent years. Isaac is now old enough to start attending school.
  48. 48. Adia has taken this as her cue to finally move on, and get a place of her own. She has been such a great help to all of us, and even though she's my cousin, she's felt like the sister I never had and definitely an Aunt to my children. We will all miss her a lot, but we're happy that she'll be moving on with her life. She is also taking her beloved Kobe with her.
  49. 49. We don't talk about it much, but most nights we're all confined to our 3 rd floor of our house. Our deceased family members, Mom, Dad, Aunt Al, Grandma and Grandpa are really active at night. And even though I think they're just trying to watch over us, they really scare our sons. So most nights Benny and I stay awake while our sons get some much needed sleep. --- Paranormal is definitely at the top of my careers to lift next, with that restriction, I can't move tombstones or urns from where they first appear. Most nights it's okay because usually only one ghost is active, but a lot of nights recently ghosts on both stories have been active so Benny and Eileen haven't been getting any sleep.
  50. 50. And this is where Chapter 7 – Most of Us Believe, Weeks 17-19 comes to a close. A few things to ponder for next time: Will Eileen be able to get that final promotion in time for her sons to go to college? Will her sons have enough body points to able to go even after that? Who will be the heir of the 4 th generation? And what restrictions will I go after next? Plus, will we ever find out the true story behind Aunt Adia's father? Thanks for reading, and visit me over at: SiMania ( www.z12.invisionfree.com/sim_mania ) In between chapters for updates! Happy Simming! HippieLayla86