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Force Development                                                                          HighlightsVOLUME 2, ISSUE 6   J...
VOLUME 2, ISSUE 6 JUNE 2012                                                                            Page 2      SNCOA C...
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June 2012 force development newsletter


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June 2012 force development newsletter

  1. 1. Force Development HighlightsVOLUME 2, ISSUE 6 JUNE 2012 THE FORCE DEVELOPMENT NEWSLETTER FOR ALL AIR FORCE EMPLOYEES Register Today for APDP DAU Courses! AFMC Force Development 4375 Chidlaw RoadA Room N208 re you APDP certified for RESIDENT prerequisites BEFORE WPAFB, OH 45433 the position you are as- approval for a follow-on course is signed to now? The FY granted. 2013 DAU schedule was Priority 2, 3 and 4 students mustreleased for student registration on complete all required prerequisites be-May 17, 2012. fore enrollment will be approved for SITES OF There are 30-36 seats in any DAU any DAU course. INTEREST:resident course with the entire federal Applications are NOT processed ongovernment applying for these courses, a first-come, first-served, basis. Appli- Supervisor Resource Centerso time is of essence. Certification cations will be processed by studentrates are reported to AFMC/CV on a priority, class start date, and supervisor ACQ Nowsemi-annual basis. approval date. Priority 1 applications The following “Rules of Engage- take precedence. DAU Online Catalogment" will be used as a guideline for Student priority is determined by the ADLSthe processing of student applications. acquisition position coding and level asRemember this is not policy but infor- documented in the official personnel ETMS Webmation to help the acquisition work- systems of record (DCPDS/MILPDS) My Development Planforce member navigate the registration only. YoCEprocess. Students should apply for multiple Priority 1 students will be permitted offerings of the course they wish to at-to schedule out mandatory RESIDENT without having met the re- If you have any questions, pleasequired prerequisites. The student will contact Linda Moore, AFMC Acquisi-need to have a firm reservation for any tion Training Manager, DSN 986-0207. NEO MigrationAFPERS Website Changes Name to myPers S ignificant strides in the migration of theI New Employee n order to continue emphasis on The new logo and name launched in Orientation (NEO) centralizing personnel services, the May with the same intent of enhancing Course in ADLS have been Air Force Personnel Services the Airmen experience while saving made. Due to the delay of (AFPERS) website will change its time visiting the local Force Support the AFKN shutdown, thename to “myPers”. While functionality Squadron or Total Force Service migration of the NEO courseremains unchanged, the “myPers” name Center. to ADLS is postponed toestablishes a foundation for moving The new naming convention also June 15. If employees dotowards more customer centric provides an easier to remember URL: not finish the program beforetransactions and personalized services. this dateThis “myPers” website remains the one Once in the site, the functionality they will be required toplace for all Airmen to take care of their and search capability will be the same. retake the entire course on ADLS.individual personnel needs. Subscribe to
  2. 2. VOLUME 2, ISSUE 6 JUNE 2012 Page 2 SNCOA Course 14 Prerequisites Books 24/7 for mobile devicesW M ith the Year of the NCOA and have two years any people now use mo- Continuing time in grade. bile devices to stay con- Education As for the Air Force Reserve, nected to the world (YoCE), peer-to- the member must have comp- around them. Did youpeer mentoring has reenergized leted the NCOA at least 12 know you can also now use those de-Airmen across AFMC to months prior, must have 24 vices (smartphones, Blackberry, Kindlecontinue to set and achieve new months time in grade as a TSgt, Fire and other tables) to access the thou-educational goals. In addition to must have a 7-skill level, and sands of books available in the SkillSoftseeking a degree, license or must complete the AU Form 23, Books 24/7 BusinessPro collection?certification, many individuals signed by their wing training Download books on leadership man-are also looking to fulfill their office and forward to AFRC/ agement topics such as change manage-Professional Military Education. A1TS for validation. ment, coaching and mentoring, motivat- With new Technical Ser– For those TSgts who do not ing and developing others, just to namegeants excited to enroll into the yet meet the time in grade a few.SNCOA Distance Learning requirement, you are encouraged To get started with using the mobile(Course 14), this is a good time to keep the momentum in pur– site, go to the Supervisor Resource Cen-to reemphasize the eligibility suing continued education by ter, click on the SkillSoft tab under Fea-requirements for this course. To seeking other opportunities until tured Items, and follow the instructionsenroll in the SNCOA Course 14, you can engage in your SNCO for creating a mobile account.the active duty members must be the grade of E-6, or above; For more info contact SMSgt YoCE Update ITSgt’s must have completed the John Parris at DSN 986-0164. f the first quarter of the Year of Continuing Education (YoCE) isETMS Updates to MILPDS/DCPDS an indication of what is to come,T then this campaign is going to be he Education and  New Employee Orientation very successful! Training Management  Total Force Awareness There are 33 Secretaries of Educa- System (ETMS) is Training (TFAT) and other tion overseeing 463 mentors for 8,351 constantly working to Advanced Distributive Learning Airmen.make the management of train- System ADLS courses Overall college enrollments are uping easier for customers.  All courses taken require an 5% from this time last year, and One of those efforts is the up- SF182 to be completed in ETMS participation rates are up by of training completions  Any other courses that have The target population (E-4 throughinto the Military Personnel Data been identified to update the E-7) college course enrollment ratesSystem (MILPDS) and the De- personnel systems by the Em- are up 14%, and participation rates arefense Civilian Personnel Data ployee Development Specialist up 17%.System (DCPDS). in the Force Development Flight In addition, AFMC bases earned 51 ETMS updates these two sys- These updates are done more Community College of the Airtems on a bi-weekly basis. The automatically when a completion Force (CCAF) degrees for April 2012updates include the following is done in ETMS. over the April 2011 Contact Ms. Glenda Stuart, To find out more about the Year of Mandatory Supervisory for Continuing Education go the belowTraining (MST) courses of Civil- further information or call DSN link for details and additional stories.ian Personnel Management 787-3777. (CPMS), Military Per- You can access ETMS via: featuredtopicarchive/yoce.aspsonnel Management Course ETMS Web(MPMC) and USAF Course