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MobNotate - O'Reilly Books in Browsers Conference


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How MobNotate iPad creation tool is creating enhanced ebooks cheaply and at scale by using machine learning and social reading.

Published in: Technology, Business
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MobNotate - O'Reilly Books in Browsers Conference

  1. 1. MobNotate The Story So Far  (Smart)  Social  Reading  
  2. 2. Background  •  MS/BS  in  Computer  Science   –  Ar>ficial  Intelligence,  Large-­‐Scale  Distributed  Systems  •  Ex-­‐Google  SoIware  Engineer   –  5  years  in  Ads  Analy>cs  and  Data  Warehousing  •  MBA  from  INSEAD  (Europe/Asia)   –  Case  Discussions  
  3. 3. MobNotate  Books  to  social  app   converter  
  4. 4.  
  5. 5. Alice  in  Wonderland  •  14m  images  •  22k  videos  •  14m  websites  
  6. 6. Steve  Jobs   SoIware  extracted  ~80  topics  1.  disney  pixar  katzenberg  2.  angeles  sacramento  retained  3.  raskin  project  good  4.  lasseter  pixar  smith  5.  dylan  box  pranks  6.  …   h]p://  
  7. 7. (Smart)  Social  Reading  soIware  assistant  +  human  cura>on   Create  enhanced  ebooks  at  scale   Ricky  Wong:  @kinwong   Design  Adivsor:  Ina  See:  @inasee   Technical  Advisor:  @seannyg