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New microsoft power point presentation (3)


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New microsoft power point presentation (3)

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • The Flygsystem 2020 ("Flight System 2020", internationally abbrevaiated as FS 2020), is an ongoing project by the Swedish Air Force to develop a stealth fighter by 2020. • Little public information exists about the project, which might not be possible due to recent defense budget cuts and there are no official statements telling what stage of development that the project has currently reached. • In 2012, Lieutenant Colonel Lars Helmrich of the Swedish Air Force asked members of the Riksdag to consider the development of a new jet fighter or to upgrade all present JAS 39 multirole fighters to the NG model, claiming that the early versions of the aircraft will be useless by 2020.
  3. 3. RESEARCH • Research study from the Swedish Material Board (FMV) initiated in 2006. • Aeronautical design and integration of a Generic Future Fighter (GFF) with stealth capabilities, super-cruise and long range. ➢ Parties involved: Saab AB Swedish Defense Research Agency (F01) Volvo Aero LinkOping University (LiU) Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).
  4. 4. CONCEPT Three internal payload bays in the fuselage Canard configuration (i.e. a stealthy development of the Gripen system) Canted fixed fins by stealth reasons All moveable canards
  5. 5. SPECIFICATIONS Multirole Stealth  Internal payload bays  Super-cruise  Integration of future sensors and system architecture  Studies of a new engine  Scaled demonstrator
  6. 6. PROTOTYPE 13% down-scaled demonstrator Main influencing factors: • Handling • Transportability • Weight estimation • Availability of jet engines Careful landing gear installation
  7. 7. IN THE END….. • The latest subscale demonstrator that has been designed and manufactured at Linkoping University for a very low cost 50 k€. • Incorporates the results from a research initiated by the Swedish Material Board (FMV) in 2006. • After a successful maiden flight, the flight testing will continue during summer 2011 Water tunnel and CFD analyses are/have been carried out and indicate that vortex brake-down at higher angles of attack seem to interact with the fins. • The demonstrator will be flown to specifically explore the effects of the vortices on the fins and the risk for potential problems.
  8. 8. REFERENCES • • • 111454_copy1.jpg • • 443
  9. 9. THANK YOU