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TCEA presentation: BYOT and Differentiated Classroom

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  • Jason Dewey3:30 PM+Hindie Dershowitz Exactly right Hindie, while I am a special educator, I feel that Instructional Technology should subsume the term Assistive Technology. While certain pieces of AT are strictly disability-related (e.g. adaptive pencil grips) so much of the Web 2.0 revolution is applicable to both the "average" learner as well as students with disabilities.  AT gets shunned so often because administrators dont' see it as applicable to a broad student base, but IT they eat up with a spoon because they feel that it will raise their standardized test scores a few points.  AT advocates need to leverage this propensity and target the right tech so we are accommodating our special needs students while providing excellent UDL tools. 
  • Show example of Snap and read
  • Learning Ally, is committed to making reading accessible for all. For more than 60 years our human-read audiobooks have helped students improve their reading comprehension and achieve academic success. Stop by our booth to learn more about our new products:  1) NEW VOICEtext - audiobooks with text highlighting2) NEW Teacher Ally, a web-based tool included with school memberships that make it easy to individualize instruction and track progress3) Free Audio App for iOS devices - iphone, ipad, ipod touch4) Free Readhear software for Mac or PC
  • Byot in a differentiated classroom

    1. 1. BYOT in a Differentiated Classroom Session Number: 133539 Date: 2/6/2013 Hindie Becker Dershowitz Hindie Dershowitz Consulting
    2. 2. BYOT Policies Pros Cons Myths Reasons Responsible use/acceptable use• brand/downloads/2012-wp-planning-for-byod-10- checklists-to-help-make-the-move.pdf
    3. 3. BYOD & Special EducationIDEA 2004 • AT must be provided at no cost to family • If required it is needed to ensure FAPE • EvaluationHistory of BYOD with AAC • Samples in DropBox Folder
    4. 4. Questions to ask ARD CommitteeIEP considerations • Goals • Accommodations • STARR (State Testing) • Backup options from school • Peripherals • Repair • Alternative options District Forms • Is there a need for one specific to AT?
    5. 5. STARR Considerations
    6. 6. BYOT in a Differentiated Classroom UDL: Universal Design for Learning
    7. 7. Cognitive Rescaling Strategies“cognitive rescaling. I define cognitiverescaling as a process of altering the cognitivedifficulty of information.”Interventions that alter the cognitive accessibilityof text By Dave L. Edyburn
    8. 8. When is it UDL and when is it ATUDL Technology DifferentiationAT Student Needs tool to be able to complete assignment Tool could be same tool as classmates Tool could be a specialized tool
    9. 9. Internet Options
    10. 10. Read & Write for Google Docs• Free in Chrome WebstoreGoogle Docs
    11. 11. Chrome iSpeech provides auditory feedback to highlighted textGinger: grammar and spell checkClearly: make pages easier to readVoice Search
    12. 12. FireFox Extenstions Talking Clipboard – Accessibar – us/firefox/addon/accessibar/?src=search Firefox text to speech US/firefox/addon/text-to-voice/
    13. 13. Safari• Handout from• Set the computer up to read text – System Preferences: Speech:Text to Speech- Select your System Voice & Rate.• You can re-set the HOT key that triggers the speech• De-clutter text on Safari web pages• Use Cover Flow and Top Sites to allow struggling readers to locate folders, documents and Internet sites
    14. 14. AIM Navigator
    15. 15. Data Base
    16. 16. PAR Protocol for Accommodations in Reading Oral Reading Adult Reading Text Reader Computer/Mobile Device Likert Scale
    17. 17. Text To Speech Supports for a Fee Kurzweil (booth 419) WYNNRead Write and Gold (1826)Snap and Read Don Johnston
    18. 18. Free OptionsEdu Apps •Natural Reader •Word Talk: Plug in for Word • Speak Computer downloads •
    19. 19. Adobe PDFOnly the teacher needs Adobe Pro – Enable editing – Save and share fileSelect View Menu > Tools > FormsCreate
    20. 20. Adobe PDFEnable editing in Adobe Pro – resourcebank/V- 2CreateinteractiveFormsAdobeProfessional.pdf – at/pdf/acrobat-xi-accessible-forms.pdfStudents can use form on any computer
    21. 21. Reading Resources
    22. 22. Accessible Instructional Materials•
    23. 23.Accessible booksFree to students with a print disabilityBooth 1641
    24. 24. Alternate Print ResourcesLearning Ally • pages/texas/BookBuilder •Tar Heel Reader •
    25. 25. Start to Finish TitlesStart to Finish onlineSite License Starting at $429 per year
    26. 26. Make Beliefs
    27. 27. Mobile Devices
    28. 28. Feature Match Guidelines
    29. 29. iPad AccessibilitySpeech with highlightingGuided AccessVoice OverShared Drop Box folder
    30. 30. Text Reading apps:Read2go: reads Bookshare booksClaroSpeak: reads any accessible text• vBookz PDF Voice Reader is an app that reads your PDF files aloud. dds orientation and navigation tools that enhances the reading experience. An interactive cursor allows users to follow along, pause reading or even repeat lines to ensure reading• Pinned via web
    31. 31. Accessible AppsiWordQ • products/iwordq/Voice Dream Reader •ClaroSpeak US 
    32. 32. Word Prediction AppsiWordQ • us/id557929840?mt=8Predictable • 07?mt=8Brevity • editor/id424431516?mt=8Type-O • everybody!/id372971659?mt=8
    33. 33. PDF annotation AppsPaperPort NotesNotabilityGoodReaderPDF ExpertNeuAnnotate: can set to delete PDF
    34. 34. Clicker AppsCrick Software (Booth 2139) Clicker Sentences Clicker Docs
    35. 35. Math Apps
    36. 36. My script calculatorHandwrite math problemsFree
    37. 37. Math appsPanther Math Paper
    38. 38. AndroidGoogle Play Books have text to speech optionsMoon and Reader: provides Text To speechIovana Text To speech ProClassic Text to Speech
    39. 39. • jip
    40. 40. BYOT ResourcesLivebinder on BYOD •Symbaloo resources on BYOD • byodresourcesPinterest oSlideShare • differentiated-classroom
    41. 41. Hindie Becker Dershowitz Hindie Dershowitz 281-467-6965