Academy Oscar awards 2013


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Have a look at celebrities' fashion, dresses, hairstyles, and sense of style at Academy Oscar awards 2013

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Academy Oscar awards 2013

  1. 1. Fashion, Hairstyles and Dresses at Oscar 2013 AwardsAt 85th Academy Oscar Awards 2013, celebrities were supposed to bringtheir best charm and beauty on the state; they indeed did it but beyond ourexpectations this time now. Hot and saucy female celebrities gleamed upthe entire podium with their sparkly make-up, unique hairstyles, and awe-inspiring dresses. On Oscar 2013 night, some celebrities showed their secretgrace and sumptuousness with comfort, while others were seen to be a littleincomplete in their looks.Now let’s talk about the most prominent hairstyles that celebrities worn atthe Oscar 2013; some just amazed the viewers with cutting-edge curls andnice hairstyling tweaks where some disappointed everyone to a greatmeasure and most of these celebrities were those who had been on thefashion news the entire time for being distinctive in their style and matchlessin presenting the unique trends of their own.
  2. 2. Jennifer Lawrence dress and hair at Oscar 2013 Awards:Jennifer’s dress as well hair was well-received by the audience and it wasseemingly difficult for her fan to get their eyes off from her exquisite“Christian Dior dress”. She dressed in like a fantasy game girl and had aperfect pinned up hairstyle without any fussy impression in it. She couldhave gone with the curly hairdo and bright dark red lips, but she chose toimpart a soft and subtle impression at the show. Everyone said that it wasJennifer Lawrence’s night as she won two awards on the same night: Oscar2013 award and Red carpet award. With a perfect swept-back sexy hair,long silhouette, net silver culture, light jewelry and beautiful makeup,Jennifer conquered the hearts of audience.
  3. 3. Anne Hathaway hairstyle and dress at Oscar 2013 Awards: We allexpected that Anne would wear a long train dress with her short pixie haircut
  4. 4. for which she is always on the news. Contrary to our expectations, she worea vulgar Pink Prada gown on the Oscar night. Her dress upstaged her nipplesin an awkward manner making her figure more flamboyant to the naked eyesrather than making her more beautiful and enticing. I’d say that AnneHathaway’s pink dress did not work as it should and it’s only because hernipples were being exposed at the front and other accessories and even thecolor of dress were concealed in the background. I heard it grapevine thather dress was a last minute choice and she had no other option than to wearit. She planned on dress in a Valentino outfit but she switched it with thispink Parada gown. I guess she will be remembered by her “high-flyingnipples” this time. She was looking enormously gorgeous but it’s when youconfined your eyes to her hairstyle and face only.Check more details at: Lusty Fashion
  5. 5. Check more details at: Lusty Fashion
  6. 6. Amy Adams dress and hairstyle at Oscar 2013 Awards:Amy was dressed in Oscar de la Renta and it balanced off her make-up,accessories, and hairdo very well. Nobody seemed to be admiring Amy’soutfit as it was too grey and too dull for the night. Gliding in a grey longdress doesn’t make sense when you know that you have to compete withuniversal beauties in an open ground where your style will be compare withstyles of so many others, and where there is no room for you to take fashionrisk unwisely. Her dress wasn’t even close to the term which we called“Fashion” and I don’t know what made her to take that risk. Though, thedress was explicitly showing her curves and her hairstyle was kind of goingwell with the attire yet she failed to impress us and for a solid reason; shedidn’t wear anything exceptional.Check more details at: Lusty Fashion
  7. 7. Reece Witherspoon hairstyle and dress at Oscar2013 Awards:She was looking hot, gorgeous and sexy and all what comes under “beautyand sophistication.” Her yummy sweet and salty persona uplifted thesplendor of the show. Her 13-year-old daughter helped her with her LouisVuitton dress which was bold enough to accurate her body as well as to
  8. 8. those seducing curves that we hadn’t discovered ever before or we couldn’tdo it simply because Reece didn’t wear a perfect dress like this on any event.She picked the right color, right style, and right size. The attire compliedwith the standards of red carpet and had a mixture of elegance to harmonizeher hair and makeup.Check more details at: Lusty Fashion
  9. 9. Jennifer Aniston hairstyle and dress at Oscar 2013 Awards:Jennifer Aniston isn’t an extraordinary Hollywood actresses but she hasgained popularity for her hairstyles, fashion, and dresses. With the help of
  10. 10. her brand “Living Proof,” she managed to glide in a red-chilly off-shoulderdress that invoked the fire of dwelled in the eyes of beauty. She was praisedfor her nicely done hairstyle; it was neither too short nor too long for theValentino gown that she was wearing. She created the look that tended tolast for the entire night. Her hair was first side parted and some fussy bangswere developed and they were given a nice hand throughout the hairstylingand in the final state the hair was redone for a perfect look.
  11. 11. Kristen Stewart hairstyle and dress at Oscar 2013 Awards:
  12. 12. Kristen didn’t amaze her much when she appeared in a sweetheart whitedress with slightly undone hair. We were already expecting her to wearsmoky eyes at the event and she did it as if she didn’t want to let us down.She was looking simple yet confident!
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