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Infographic HiPay carrier billing april-2015


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This infographic provides an overview of the digital content market monetised through carrier billing in Western Europe.

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Infographic HiPay carrier billing april-2015

  1. 1. WESTERN EUROPEAN DIGITAL CONTENT MARKET CARRIER BILLING SET TO EXPLODE Digital content revenues monetised through carrier billing in Western Europe (in € billion) of all Western European digital content will be monetized through carrier billing. (2019) (2014) 8% x3 CARRIER BILLING IS EXPECTED TO INCREASE FIVE-FOLD BETWEEN 2014 & 2019 THE VENDORS' BENEFITS Multi-screen payment option Carrier billing allows the billing content purchased on devices other than the smartphone, such as tablets, desktops and smart TVs. Wider and diverse user base Carrier billing enable payment to unbanked consumers, to consumers who are reluctant to divulge credit card details on line. Higher conversion rates & transaction values than credit cards for small value transactions (less than 10 euros). FIRST TRANSACTION CREDIT CARD (N=100) 10-12% Convert 20-25% Convert 2-3% 70% Convert 80-88% Convert 56-62% SECOND TRANSACTION CONVERSION RATE (2+TRANSACTIONS) CARRIER BILLING (N=100) 40% CAGR 2014-2019 (2014) (2019) €1.639 x5.4 €8.865 HiPay Mobile offers mobile payment in more than 85 countries. Source : Juniper Research & DIMOCO White Paper: ”The Future of Carrier Billing In Europe” (2015) Note : carrier billing is definied as the “payment for goods or services by means of the customer’s mobile payment plan, either with the monthly phone bill (for contract customers) or as debit from prepaid credit.” THE CONSUMER POINT OF VIEW : CARRIER BILLING IS THE USER-PREFERRED PAYMENT OPTION FOR BILLING DIGITAL CONTENT of European users prefer carrier billing if the payment option is available in digital content storefronts. 75% CARRIER BILLING IS AN ESSENTIAL ADDITIONAL PAYMENT METHOD