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  • Aarambh 2010
  • Aarambh Iitkgp

    1. 1. Initiate change
    2. 7. <ul><li>COLLABORATION </li></ul><ul><li>YUVA UNSTOPPABLE </li></ul><ul><li>2. MICROSOFT STUDENT PARTNERS </li></ul>
    3. 9. IIT Kgp NSIT, Delhi NIT Dgp Jadavpur university Silicon university IIT Kanur An Idea By Mr. Anshu Gupta, Founder GOONJ
    4. 13. And Many more…
    5. 15. VASTRA-SAMMAN yuva unites for a cause… Integrating the youth to realize the much needed change… Let your resourceful WASTE be someone’s ASSET.. 15 th March to 15 th April &
    6. 16. When biology makes someone helplessly shameful : “ poor women are forced to use rags during menstrual cycle. – The Hindu ” ( Feb 21,2010) “ Many Indian women make do with little more than scraps of old cloth when menstruating, often risking their health. - South Asian Women’s Forum ” When nature starts the kill: “ Death toll in cold wave goes up to 262 – The Hindu ” ( Jan 12, 2010) People mostly give their old clothes at the time of disasters but the fact is that more than half of this country doesn’t need a disaster to be helped .  And the story never ends..
    7. 17. Mr. Anshu Gupta
    8. 18. Visit The stall outside to see the Products
    9. 19. VASTRA-SAMMAN , a national campaign to motivate individuals to contribute their bit to make the change happen. The idea is to tap the unexplored treasure of resourceful waste lying within the boundaries of the hostel rooms. Restoring the self respect and dignity of village communities by empowering them to work on their own issues and receive the material as Impact of Resource Mobilization by GOONJ : 15 th March to 15 th April
    10. 20. Just look in your room, how many t-shirts, jeans, shirts, footwear and more stuff are lying unused ? If you get even one, pity that situation ! Just imagine : The number of lives you could have saved from cold. Realize the fact that a t-shirt when turned into 6 sanitary pads, could help 6 women during their menses. “ Your discard could be someone’s asset.” We don’t need a disaster to happen, half of this country doesn’t need a disaster to be helped .  Why Should You Join ?
    11. 24. Cities Allahabad Gandhinagar Nagpur Amravati Guwahati Patna Banaras Hyderabad Pune Bangalore Jaipur Raipur Bhopal Jalandhar Ranchi Bhubaneshwar Jamshedpur Roorkee Chennai Jodhpur Rourkela Chandigarh Kolkata Silchar Delhi Lucknow Surat Dhanbad Mumbai Trichy Durgapur Muzaffarpur
    12. 25. The YUVA of the nation is joining hands for a massive collection drive targeting resourceful wastes. AARAMBH invites you to be a patron of change and join the campaign. For more info on Vastra-Samman and GOONJ , visit : www.goonj.info Aarambh: www.aarambhiitkgp.com For regular Updates, follow us on facebook : GOONJ  : http://tinyurl.com/ya6rbxm   Aarambh : http://tinyurl.com/ygjweo3                  If someone of you feel motivated and can relate yourself to the cause, we have Anshu Gupta sir from GOONJ, we from Aarambh and you the potential visionary, we can have a talk afterwards. A YUVA Movement The entire nation is coming together for this change, will you ???