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What Is Presentation


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Basically the meaning of presentation.

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What Is Presentation

  1. 1. What Ispresentation?
  2. 2. Oral Presentation Skills Speaking Skills Speech Structure of the Subject Matter Personality and Body Language
  3. 3. Speaking skills Understandable speech Simplicity Audibility Pleasant voice According to situation According to audience Expressions
  4. 4. Speech On the basis of speech a person can turn a hostile mob into a friendly gathering
  5. 5. Necessary elements ofspeech Purpose of speech Audience research Language and style
  6. 6. Audience research Children:-Like story and dramatic presentation. Teenagers:-Responsive to new ideas, honest, straight forward approached and likely to be critical. Young Adults:-Having a wide range of interest, progressive attitude, like new projects and ideas and very critical. Middle Aged:-Conservative, not like new ideas, listen carefully but don’t accept easily. Old Aged:- Don’t have interest in changing but want to know what is going on in the world.
  7. 7. Language and Style Avoid the French and Latin words and Phrases Express the technical terms Don’t use unpleasant words Escape from repeating phrases as, you know, you see it can be irritating
  8. 8. Structure of the SubjectMatter Relationship among ideas Developing the complete argument Providing the audience a grip on the subject Should be Motivational
  9. 9. Personality and BodyLanguage Personality and body language help a lot to communicate because words alone are not enough to communicate what we wish to say.
  10. 10. Elements of Good BodyLanguage Body weight should be on both feet Avoid too much walking around Gestures and facial expressions Physical appearance should be according to the occasion Confidence
  11. 11. Thank You.Presented By:- Shyam Babu Yadav Himanshu Singh Joy Peter James