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Corporate sales planning


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Corporate sales planning

  1. 1. Why... Corporate Sales Planning is a scientific method for approaching clients to ensure maximum outcome from the sales efforts  Help management to approach clients with pre budged Plans and Strategies
  2. 2. Planning……. • Sales Plan: Prepare a Plan after Portfolio Analysis of your available offerings based on Demand (Created or Available) and Market Trends • Marketing Plan: Prepare a plan in Sync to support Sales Plan Closers/ Order Suspecting Prospecting Analyzing Negotiation Booking Sales Methodology : SPANCO
  3. 3. Tools... Prepare Sales Growth Plan and Convert into estimated leads to Close Permutation for achieving Total no of S. Business FY11- FY12- Required Mode of Revenue Avg. annual target 30% clients need to No Line 12 13 Growth Addition revenue per client addition add during the year 1 2 3 4 5 Total Leads to Close
  4. 4. Tools... Prepare Action Points, delegate to team with timelines S.No Action Points Understanding Action Holder Actions Timelines
  5. 5. Tools... Prepare Sales Growth Plan and Convert into estimated leads to Close Lead Management High Priority = Business Lines Expected Lead Mode Present Status Required Status Conversion Ratio in % Status Cold Call 54 180 414 Reference 100 334 184 High Low 22 Website/ Telephone 30 100 50 Priority Priority Total 184 614 614 Required No. of Cold Callers 9 High LowTotal Leads by one cold caller in a Year 45 Value Value Total Leads in a Year by No of Cold Closers 414 135 Callers RequiredNo of meetings required to close leads 540 in a Year High Value > or = revenue as per No of meetings possible by one 90 resource in a Year Resources required for Meetings 6 No of Follow-ups and coordination byone Resource to prospective client in a 50 Name of BD Key Responsibility Week HPHVTotal resources required for followup •HPLV: 11 HPHV/HPLV (directly proportional to time) •LPHV: Total No of proposal required to •LPLV: 414 prepareTotal No of Presentation need to share 414 • Coordination and support to Partners/ other locations BD in Total Manpower Required 11 similar way, they must have a Back end support for communication of process to fo Present Strength RFP/Proposal/ PPT/ once we freeze the process Responses/ Coordination
  6. 6. Tools... Prepare Business Track Sheet, Delegate Clear Roles if Multiple Peoples are Involved in one lead Source, R= Refere Mana nce, Estima geme Closer C= ted Demo, nt/ Proposed Priority Status/S.N Project Start Relations Follow Busine Action Cold Annual Company ppt, Team SOW Activity Status Action/Upda / Value Month O Code Date hip Up ss Line Taken Call, Reven Proposal : te Status of W= ue Visite Closer Websit (lacs) d e/ Telecal l 1 2 3 4 Ensure Weekly Reviews for In Progress Prospects and Prepare Closer Strategies with Team
  7. 7. Tools... Prepare Closer Reports , Motivate Teams with Rewards and Recognitions S. No. (Project BD Client Cost Project Start Date/ Estimated Annual Validated By Code) Name Name Centre Manager Month Billing (Business Head)
  8. 8. Thank You... For Free Details/ help Please Contact Or visit me on