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  1. 1. January 1-15, 2012 Volume 3, Issue 1 ` 100 28 RADIO Radio jockeys are being promoted as the ‘face’ of the station. How dependent are the brands on these unseen voices? 12 8 45 25 PLUS HTC Magic of Touch 16 FACEBOOK Sponsoring Stories 22 TATA DOCOMO MUMBAI MIRROR PROFILE MOVIES Rewarding Loyalists 24 Speaking Up Swati Bhattacharya Playing Games IRS Helping the readers connect Advertising was her calling, Gaming is the new tool for with each other. says JWT Delhi’s NCD. film makers. Q3 2011 36
  2. 2. EDITORIAL This fortnight... Volume 3, Issue 1 F or many decades, the Indian sub-continent had only one celebrity radio announcer – Amin EDITOR Sreekant Khandekar Sayani. The rest were simply radio announcers. Sayani was the popular host of Binaca Geet PUBLISHER Mala, the weekly radio countdown programme of songs from Hindi movies, on Radio Ceylon. The Prasanna Singh programme was overwhelmingly the most popular radio show between the ’50s and the ’70s. EXECUTIVE EDITOR However, as TV penetration began to grow in earnest in the ’80s, radio’s popularity Prajjal Saha began to decline. Before long it had been reduced to becoming the medium of the poor SENIOR LAYOUT ARTIST – or those too impoverished to afford a television set or even a cassette player. In the Vinay Dominic January 1-15, 2012 Volume 3, Issue 1 ` 100 stultifying embrace of All India Radio, the medium was left gasping for breath. LOGISTICS 28 Radio got a second lease of life after the turn of the century when a few private Rajesh Kanwal ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES players were given the license to operate their radio stations on the FM band. This was Neha Arora, (0120) 4077866, 4077837 when the radio announcer transformed to become the radio jockey of today – a person Noida RADIO who would be the face of this faceless medium and provide a cool quotient to the radio, Khushboo Varadkar, (022) 40429702-5 something that had been sorely missing for many years. Mumbai Radio jockeys are being promoted as the The cool quotient was required to make the medium more contemporary and bring Marketing Office ‘face’ of the station. How dependent are the brands on these unseen voices? in the youth, followed by the advertisers. The radio jockey didn’t just need to possess B-3, First Floor, Sector-4, Noida-201301. a mellifluous voice, but also needed to have a sense of humour, an ability to think on Tel: (0120) 4077800. 12 8 45 25 PLUS HTC Magic of Touch 16 his – or her – feet and a knack of striking a conversation with the audience in these Mumbai interactive times. FACEBOOK Sponsoring Stories TATA DOCOMO 22 501-502, Makani Center, 5th Floor, MUMBAI MIRROR Speaking Up PROFILE Swati Bhattacharya MOVIES Playing Games Rewarding Loyalists IRS 24 Off Linking Road, Bandra (W), Helping the readers connect with each other. Advertising was her calling, says JWT Delhi’s NCD. Gaming is the new tool for film makers. Q3 2011 If there was one Amin Sayani earlier, today, there would be several radio jockeys 36 Mumbai - 400050 who are recognised by name – they are celebrities. The biggest advantage for the early Tel: +91-22-40429 709 - 712 movers has been their longevity. They have been able to build their own loyal set of Bengaluru S-1, New Bridge Corporate Centre, listeners over the years. A few of these radio jockeys are promoted as celebrities in marketing campaigns 777 D, 100 ft Road, Indira Nagar, and demand a package which might rival that of the CEO of a radio broadcasting company. Bengaluru - 560038, India Not everyone enjoys the same celebrity status. The fact is that the jockey community has also been Subscription Enquiries Garima Agnihotri, (0120) 4077837 heavily commoditised and the bulk of them are clustered at the bottom, a bunch of names who are unrecognisable from one another. Printed, published, and owned by The current issue delves into how the role of the radio jockey has evolved over the years, as well as Prasanna Singh, Publisher, at 7-A/13, Ch. Ratan Singh Complex, the factors that have contributed to this evolutionary process. Jawala Heri Market, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110 063. Printed at Cirrus Graphics Private Limited B-62/14, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase II, New Delhi – 110028. Prajjal Saha Cover Illustration Tiffin BoxCONTENTS 49 40 PLUS SAMSUNG HERO MUSIC EFFIES 2011 Class Disconnect? 12 Winners All Taproot India, SONY ERICSSON Cadbury, O&M Challenging Nokia 30 and BBDO clicked at the event. MOVIES NOW Expansion Spree 35MOMSDressing Up 20 18 ADBAGBillboards that proclaim the Eco Warriors 42onset of the wedding season. 34 MEDIAPOV Foreign Shores 45Sports and Commerce STAYFREE TELEVISIONWill an overdose of Chasing Change In the Limelight BY INVITATIONcommercialisation kill the Adopt new ideologies, exhorts Onscreen couples are Brand Tintin 46game? this TVC. favourites with brands. afaqs! Reporter, January 1-15, 2 0 1 2 5
  3. 3. 0DNH <RXU 2ZQ $SS SMARTPHONES 1(:6%8//(7,1 Sponsored by WMARKETING ith the growing number of to discontinue. Annual packages can smartphones in the mar- be signed later if the customer is ket, applications offer a satisfied. The annual package ranges unique opportunity to keep clients between `1.2 lakh and `1.5 lakh and Pizza Hut> Pizza Hut plans to open 25 more outlets that and customers involved, informed monthly charges are apportioned will also serve wine and beer along with food items across and connected. So far, getting an app accordingly. The amount includes India by next year. The company currently operates 10 such built was not only time consuming consultation design, listing on app stores in Delhi, Bangalore, Agra and Puducherry. The restau- but was also an extremely expensive markets and also maintenance and rant brand has seen a growth of nearly 20-25 per cent in this affair for any business. upgrade of apps. format. Pizza Hut, which is celebrating 16 years in India, also However, now a company called The company claims that it can plans to take its casual dining restaurant presence from 131 App Me In has come up with solu- make apps for all popular mobile to 250 stores by 2015. The major thrust areas for expansion tions that enable businesses of any platforms like Android, iOS and would be big cities. size to get their own app made in less than a week and for as low as `10,000 a month. The company gets Godrej Security> Godrej Security Solutions, a division of Apps today serve better marketing 8 per cent of its Godrej & Boyce, is planning to invest `20-25 crore on R&D. The security solutions provider, which posted a turnover of purpose than websites because they revenues from `600 crore last fiscal, gets 8 per cent of its revenue from sit on the potential customer’s phone, which is a very personal device. This international international businesses. It has three verticals - banking means that every time one wants to businesses. solutions, home security and institutional security segments. The company send a special offer to customers, it launches 20 new can be done on a real products a year. time basis. BlackBerry. The company The company The app created (App Me In) has claims that could be a very sim- OCM India> The textile company will invest `12-15 already built apps for ple one or complex a beverage chain with it can make depending on the cus- crore annually over the next three years. This invest- ment will take its fabric manufacturing capacity to 8 just three stores in apps for all the tomer’s profile. The million metres by March 2014. The textile company’s ad Bangalore, for a retail- popular mobile app can also synchro- spend in the next three months will be around `15 crore er, a hotel, hospitals, nise information from as part of a national image makeover programme cur- banks and other out- platforms like a website. rently underway. As part of that, OCM is targeting 25-35 fits. Since the company Android, iOS and To make additional year old males, mainly in Tier II and III towns across has a non-disclosure money, a section of the the country. agreement, the names BlackBerry. app can also be sublet of the compa- to other related busi- nies could not be ascertained. nesses. For instance, hospitals can PepsiCo> The food and beverages firm has consolidated While these are bigger than most sublet a section to a pharma company traditional packaged snacks such as namkeens for the mass small businesses in India, even a and so on. market under a new entity - Lehar Foods - to take on regional local grocery store today benefit with Google ads can also be integrated brands such as Balaji, Bikanerwala and A-Top Foods. Lehar an app by sending special discounts into the apps on customer request. Foods will operate on a low, fixed cost model but will not get through it or by allowing people to However, due to the limited num- into manufacturing. It will operate through eight third-party select the list of items they wish to bers in which such ads would be partners. Delhi-NCR, Haryana, UP, Maharashtra and Gujarat buy and then delivering them. While downloaded, the revenue through have been identified as the priority markets for now. Lehar this facility is currently available Google ads will is not expected to be covers one-fourth of Frito-Lay’s distribution strength. through a phone call, an app on their significant. phones helps customers to actually At the same time, an individual see the product and the price list. who thinks he has an idea for an Dr Reddy’s Labs> The App Me In ( application that - he thinks - will be Hyderabad-based drugmaker, which makes prototypes of the app for free. downloaded by a sizeable number of has been struggling to grow in the People can try the app for a month people can get it developed by App domestic market, has split its marketing division Acura into for as low as `10,000 and may not Me In and look to earn some adver- Acura High Growth and Acura Sustained Growth Products to engage long term if they wish tising revenue. push to some of its popular brands such as Omez and Nise. DRL has been growing at 7 per cent in the last three months, nearly half of the industry average. DRL’s revenues took a QUOTE OF THE FORTNIGHT beating after the health ministry this year banned its popular painkiller Nimusilide, sold under the name Nise. ‘‘There are two aspects to our vision for the e-choupal. It is a platform The portal pro- JewelsNext> The gems and jewellery online sales portal that connects rural India to vides a one-stop is aiming to sell items worth `100 crore in the next 12-15 the rest of the world. The shop for buying months riding on the e-commerce wave in India. The portal second dimension is focussed on delivering a jewellery. offers all the major jewellery brands online and provides customers with the option of making their purchases from a triple bottomline outcome.’’ single place. JewelsNext has partnered with companies like LUIS DI COMO, SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT GLOBAL MEDIA, UNILEVER, ON THE COMPANY CALLING FOR A Mehrasons, OnlyGems, Jetha Bhai Zaveri among others to GLOBAL REVIEW OF ITS MEDIA PLANNING AND BUYING SERVICES THAT BEGINS FROM JANUARY. sell their jewellery. 6 afaqs! Reporter, January 1-15, 2 0 1 2
  4. 4. KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI - TAMIL .%& RQ 67$5 1(:6%8//(7,1 Sponsored by VMEDIA ijay TV, the Tamil GEC from In the phone-a-friend lifeline, the the STAR stable, is gearing up participant gets to phone a friend to to launch the Tamil version help answer a question, and for the of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) in 50-50 lifeline, two incorrect answers Channel [V]> Channel [V] moves out of TV to connect February 2012. The show, Neengalum from the four options are removed. with the youth, its target audience, with the second edition of Vellalam Oru Kodi, will run for 80 epi-There will also be two safe havens at its consumer connect initiative Indiafest. The event is sched- sodes, and will be produced by Big question No. 5 and question No. 10, uled to be held in Goa on January 27-28, 2012. The channel Synergy. For the record, so far, Vijay assuring the contestants a minimum had launched the first Indiafest towards the end of 2010. prize money of `10,000 The initiative involves inter-college competitions to select and `3,20,000 respec- winners, who get a chance to participate in Indiafest and tively. showcase their talents at a national level. The Tamil ver- sion of KBC will be aired from Monday Star India>Star India’s Hindi GEC, Star Plus, is set to through Thursday, as a launch a new adventure reality show, Survivor India on 6 90-minute slot. It will January. The tagline of the show, Jo Tikega, Itihaas Likhega occupy the 8-9.30 pm is a testimony that only the fittest, the grittiest and the time band. ruthless will survive to be the eventual winner of the show. Vijay TV’s general The show, an Indian adaptation of the International series manager K Sriram - Survivor - is being produced by Miditech and will be aired tells afaqs! Reporter, every Saturday-Sunday at 9 pm. TV has only shown the The Tamil version “This is truly the first dubbed versions of the international format first, second, and third of KBC will that will hit the Tamil So far, ESPN Star Sports> ESPN Star Sports (ESS) has launched seasons of KBC, which be aired from television screen. The ESPN HD and its HD channels on cable networks including IndusInd Media Communications (Incable), Seven Star network in Mumbai appeared on Star Plus. Monday through programme will be a Star Cricket HD and UCN in Central India. ESS has signed the distribution con- Unlike the latest game changer not only were available seasons of KBC on Thursday, as a for Vijay TV, but also tracts with the MSOs. So far, only on ESPN HD and Star Cricket Sony Entertainment, 90-minute slot. for Tamil television.” DTH networks. HD were available only on Seasons 4 and 5, which To strengthen the underwent a touch of It will occupy the channel’s DTH networks. viewer- innovative transition 8-9.30 pm ship, Vijay TV plans in their formats, the Tamil adaptation of the time band. to launch two fiction shows around the tel- Aidem Ventures> Aidem Ventures, the independent show will continue to adhere to the ecast of KBC’s Tamil version. ITC media consulting, marketing and advertising sales company, has been appointed the media representative for the inter- original version. Sunfeast has come on board as the national TV channel, KBS World (from South Korea). The The show will give away a cash title sponsor. The channel is on the channel is being distributed and broadcast via pay TV opera- prize of `1 crore. As the contestants lookout for a total of 10 associate tors worldwide. In India, it will be distributed by Reliance Big move up the money tree, the ques- sponsors. TV. This is being seen as a logical extension of Indo-South tions will get more difficult. A total Neengalum Vellalam Oru Kodi will Korean relationships. of 15 questions will lead to the `1 be hosted by Tamil cinema actor crore jackpot. The 10 ‘fastest finger Suriya. This will mark Suriya’s debut first’, will play for the whole week. on TV. Sriram says, “Suriya is one There will be three ‘lifelines’. of the biggest stars in Tamil cinema, IBN7 will be the Amagi Media> Amagi Media, which specialises in local Following the original format, the and the biggest USP of this show. second news enti- TV advertising, will now handle the local ad sales for UTV Action and IBN7. With this partnership, Amagi aims to tap show will have the audience poll There is a great brand resonance ty to join hands into the key Hindi-speaking markets such as Delhi, Uttar lifeline, in which the studio audi- between brand Suriya and Vijay TV. with Amagi. Pradesh (UP), and Mumbai for both clients. IBN7 will be the ence helps the participant to answer Both believe in differentiation, and second news entity to join hands with Amagi, which handles a question through voting pads. in being innovative.” local ad sales for the TV Today Network. QUOTE OF THE FORTNIGHT Fox Traveller> Fox Traveller, the cable and satellite chan- ‘‘The media is a powerful nel under the Fox International Channels (FIC) banner, has just launched its 24-hour Bengali feed. Currently, the Bengali tool in a democracy and feed is available from 8 pm to 12 pm. Fox Traveller will make more so in India, which is the an attempt to infuse the Bengali feel with various audio experimentations, including music. world’s largest democracy. It can be a catalyst for positive change, by highlighting DQ Entertainment> DQ Entertainment (International), a Hyderabad-based animation, game art and entertainment issues of public interest that company has sold the TV broadcasting rights of its 3D ani- involve public accountability.’’ mated series based on the legendary silent film comedian Charlie Chaplin - Chaplin and Co - to Cartoon Network for cer- PRESIDENT PRATIBHA PATIL, ON THE NEED TO BE RESPONSIBLE AND AVOID OVER-COMMERCIALISATION tain Asian territories, including India. The broadcasting rights OF MEDIA. relate to 104 episodes of six minutes each. 8 afaqs! Reporter, January 1-15, 2 0 1 2
  5. 5. *HWWLQJ 5HDO KOMLI MEDIA 1(:6%8//(7,1 Sponsored by DADVERTISING igital media firm Komli merce client witnessed 79 per cent Media has launched ATOM, increase in its conversion rate using India’s first real time bid- RTB through ATOM; while a soft- ding (RTB)-enabled performance ad ware client enjoyed 71 per cent click platform. RTB is a technology that through rate improvement.” IM Thapar Group> The business conglomerate Inder allows media buyers to evaluate, bid, “This has also benefited our pub- Mohan (IM) Thapar Group has called for a creative pitch for and purchase online ad inventory on lishers. We have been able to increase its real-estate business Indian City Properties Limited(ICPL). an impression-by-impression basis. some of the publisher’s yield (rev- The multi-agency creative pitch, currently underway in According to Komli, ATOM pro- enue per thousand impressions) in New Delhi, is in its initial stages. This is the first time that vides access to over 10 billion ad excess of 70 per cent,” adds Verma. the company has called for a creative pitch. The pitch has impressions per month, and more With statistics predicting a quan- been called to give the real-estate business a facelift and than 90 per cent reach into India’s tum growth in the size of online project the division as a company that will build only high- online audience (estimated 80 mil- advertising, both in India and glob- end properties. The real-estate division is headed by Ayesha lion+ users). It also covers hundreds ally, Komli plans to use ATOM to Thapar, executive director, Indian City Properties. of thousands of publishers, including increase the effectiveness of display more than 50 per cent of the top 200 campaigns. >> ACCOUNT MOVEMENT publishers in India. Satish Kadu, vice- Prashant Mehta, president, products, > McCann Erickson has won the chief executive officer, Komli Media, says, creative mandate for a new motorcycle Komli Media, says, “We “With RTB-enabled to be launched by TVS. The win found through several auction-based media follows a pitch process which saw rounds of analysis that buying, the science participation from all the agencies on the TVS the websites are not The new platform of search advertising roster. The business will be handled out of of utmost importance ATOM, will allow is coming to display McCann Erickson’s Bengaluru office. The agency in online advertising. advertising. Advertisers already handles the account of the Star City range of bikes from TVS. The agencies What is significant is to media buyers will be able to selec- currently on the TVS roster are Bates, McCann Erickson, and BBH. Bates handles TVS, reach the right kind of to bid for and tively buy audiences McCann Erickson TVS Star City and BBH handles the scooter brand Wego. audience. Our technol- ogy will help find the purchase online and impressions that matter, and pay exactly right impression that ad inventory on what the impression is > Katha Mediatix has won the creative and will meet the require- an impression- worth.”a d q u a r t e r e d strategic brand consulting mandate for the Prabhat ment of the client.” He Telecom-promoted brand Mobile Plus. The Mehta adds, “With by-impression in Mumbai, Komli company intends to spend 60 per cent of its media ATOM, advertisers basis. Media is Asia Pacific’s spends on electronic media, which will include a mix of TV and radio, of which, 20-25 and publishers can leading digital media per cent will be dedicated to print. The rest of the media budget will be utilised for anticipate increased return on invest- technology platform. Its digital digital media, outdoor, and on-ground activation. Katha Mediatix will create the entire ments as this technology platform advertising technologies enable mar- brand personality of the retail store, as well as visual merchandise for the brand. will enable the advertiser to connect keters to reach out to and acquire with the right target audience in real audiences and enable publishers to time. ATOM will facilitate extended maximise revenues. Komli Media access to various inventories glob- provides marketers with solutions > Grey India has won the creative duties for the new, yet to be named ‘green’ cement ally.” across brand marketing, performance offering of JSW Cement. The business will be With the promise of one-to- marketing, mobile, search, social handled out of the agency’s Mumbai office. one marketing becoming a reality, media, and video. The win is the result of a pitch process that took place in Mumbai, in which several Gulshan Verma, vice-president and In India, Komli Media has city-based agencies contested. The company plans to launch the ‘green’ cement by country head, India and US, ad offices in Bengaluru, Chennai and January, 2012. The new offering is expected to be unique as the cement variant will network, Komli Media, elaborates, New Delhi. It also has offices in be ecological and environment-friendly. “Some of our customers are already Hong Kong, Manila and Singapore, seeing the benefit of only paying London, Melbourne, Sydney, New for the impression they want. For York, Redwood City, Toronto and example: An online e-com- Des Moines. > US-based global player in water solutions and purification, Pentair Water solutions has appointed Scarecrow Communications as its advertising partner. The agency’s QUOTE OF THE FORTNIGHT Delhi office will handle this business. The mandate includes creative, design, activation and media. Pentair Water offers water and waste management systems, water flow (pumping) ‘‘Communication has moved and swimming pool solutions at airports and five-star hotels from ‘one-to-one’ to ‘one-to- across India. This is third win in a month’s time for Scarecrow, after bagging a part of DLF project and the whole of Anchor Panasonic business. community’. Bikers, hikers, new mothers and lovers are examples of the interest > Energy drink brand Mad Croc has handed over its creative duties to Katha Mediatix. As part of the mandate, the agency will work in phases to introduce and groups marketers are talking establish the brand in the market. In the first phase, print media and BTL (below the to these days.’’ SUSHIL KUMAR line) activities will be used to build the brand and engage consumers. Television and ROHIT OHRI, EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN, DENTSU INDIA GROUP, ON THE other above the line communication will follow in the next phase. The brand will be CUSTOMISATION OF ADVERTISEMENTS, IN BRAND EQUITY. targeted at the youth. 10 afaqs! Reporter, January 1-15, 2 0 1 2
  6. 6. 1(:6$9(57,6,1*MUMBAI MIRRORSpeak LouderThe new television commercial created by Taproot India for Mumbai Mirror, isbased on four real stories broken by the daily. By Shibani GharatF our stories, four protagonists with a mega- phone in their hands, aggression in their stride and anger in their expressions echo ‘Iam Mumbai’! This is what greets you when youview the new TVC of Mumbai Mirror. Divided by dates, and united by the slogan, theTVC created by Taproot India explores four note-worthy stories. TALE OF A CITYP age 11, October 2, 2010: Recall the angst of author Rohinton Mistry, as copies of his novel‘Such A Long Journey’ is burnt by the Shiv Sena oes the collective anger of those who oppose uglyon the roads of Mumbai. “They burned my book, political posters ruining the cityscape. He thun-they burned my words, but they never will be able ders, “This city is my home, and I will not haveto silence my voice,” cries out Mistry from the your political posters dirty the walls of my home.”pages of MM. For some time, Mumbai Mirror has been Page 12, September 29, 2011: The story of a bringing out a series of expose. The objective offrustrated mother, who holds an audience captive the campaign is to underline the fact that everywith her account of milk adulteration. citizen, rich or poor, oppressed or cheated, has a Mumbai Mirror stumbles upon a network voice that reaches out to the populace every morn- SUSHIL KUMAR PAVITR SAITHof crooks who adulterate milk in tankers, which ing.belong to the National Dairy Development Board Elucidates Rahul Kansal, chief marketing offic-(NDDB). er, Bennett Coleman and Co, “The thought Page 7, August 23, 2010: “Our bed is smaller Kansal and Dias: voicing concern behind the campaign is that in a city where thethan a table, and we get to eat only twice a week, common man can feel rather helpless and is at theand excrete at the same place we eat,” says a feeble receiving end of an insensitive system, the paperyoung boy to spectators in a government office. The objective is to under- empowers the reader and gives him a voice.” This sequence is in the light of the newspaper’scoverage of the horrific abuse of malnourished line that every citizen has On the black-and-white texture of the TVC, Kansal says that it is to give the entire ad achildren at an orphanage in the city. a voice that reaches out to documentary-like feel. “The TVC depicts the Page 2, February 12, 2011: An agitated citizenblocks the journey of a politician, as his voice ech- the others every morning. FRQWLQXHG RQ SDJH SAMSUNG HERO MUSIC ing of the ad is sufficient to spot the class discrepancy between the luxurious train setting, and a basic, Class Disconnect? entry-level phone. A senior creative authority at Leo Burnett, the agency that has An analysis of the latest Samsung Hero Music ad featuring brand worked on the ad, claims that aspiration has nothing to do with ambassador Aamir Khan. By Ashwini Gangal reality, and aesthetics is nobody’s property. afaqs! Reporter finds out T aking the Aamir Khan series whether other creative opinions are of ads forward, Samsung in sync with this view. has released yet another film for the Samsung Hero offer- ADMEN CALL IT ‘CREATIVE ing. Centred on ‘Bluetooth Wala LICENCE’ Samsung Hero Music’ the ad fea- tures Khan playing himself. Set in a classy-looking train T he creative folk are forgiving enough in the name of creative licence. According to Brijesh Jacob, compartment, the ad shows Khan managing partner, White Canvas, cheering up a sad but pretty stranger to show a premium-looking train, by sending her songs via Samsung despite the kind of product being Hero Music, using the Bluetooth advertised is something one must feature. The ad ends with the VO not read too much into, as it is all saying ‘Share karo, khushi baanto’. There is a class discrepancy between the part of basic film production to While we are all for sharing music and spreading joy, one view- luxurious setting and a basic phone. FRQWLQXHG RQ SDJH 12 afaqs! Reporter, January 1-15, 2 0 1 2
  8. 8. 1(:6$9(57,6,1*SNAPDEAL.COMStriking Deals EverywhereThe campaign of highlights ‘irresistibility’ as a key factor, with deals from the siteattracting even immortals like Yamraj, the God of Death. By Anushree BhattacharyyaI t is not every day that one gets a chance to strike the deal of a lifetime. The new campaign of daily deals site shows howirresistible its deals are - even for Yamraj, the Godof Death, who ends up granting the gift of life to aperson who passes him the deal. Conceptualised by Draftfcb Ulka, the televisioncommercial, shows a man whose parachute fails toopen while sky diving. On his way down, he meetsYamraj. The man pleads for his life and is deniedthe same. Resigned to the idea of imminent death,he takes out a deals voucher from Snapdeal.comand hands it over to Yamraj. Elatedand excited, Yamraj pulls the chord,opens the chute, and saves the man’s ple - to predominantly talk about property with its commercials. It is hardwork-life. The TVC then shows how the the offers from the site that nobody ing, it is relevant, and it is a fair attempt at beingGod of Death gets a chance to live a can resist. So, we tried to make it funny. It also treads the thin line between macabrenew, jazzy life that transforms him a memorable experience by exag- and humour amazingly well. But, it is yet anotherinto a ‘dude’. gerating to the point that the deals attempt to use a much-exploited character in Speaking about the campaign, offered by the site are not just adland. The character and the plot are not reallySandeep Komaravelly, head, market- irresistible to humans, but also to cutting edge in execution.”ing,, says, “Essentially, the gods.” According to Arindam Sarkar, vice-president,we wanted to showcase the excite- The television campaign will be strategic planning, Grey, the TVC is enjoyable andment and the experience that we supported by outdoor and radio entertaining, but lacks freshness. He adds, “Theprovide to consumers through our promotions. approach, though direct and to the point, seemsdeals. While we had three or four Singh: exaggeration a bit of the 80’s cliché. Yamraj going through aways of showing the great experi- factor TOO HARD TO RESIST makeover with deals, a little bit of humour to holdence factor, we really liked this particular scriptas it highlighted the irresistibility factor to a huge C lassified as an ‘old idea in a new bottle’ by experts, the campaign succeeds in bringingextent by stating that the deals are irresistible, even humour home, but lacks freshness. it together, turns out to be a classical approach for a cyber brand. The behaviour shifts amongst netizens has been exponential and deal huntingfor immortals.” Chraneeta Mann, executive creative director, has got much more interesting. So why go back Shiveshwar Raj Singh, group creative director, Rediffusion-YR, says, “Yamraj grants life yet in time?” „Draftfcb Ulka, explains, “The idea was fairly sim- again! Snapdeal has consistently the most of this anushree.bhattacharyya@afaqs.comHTCThe Magic of TouchHTC has launched a series of televisioncommercials to highlight the product benefits andpromote its newly-launched handset HTC Explorer.By Anushree BhattacharyyaF or a world that always wants the consumer insight that the Indian commercials are supported by the and peers through social media web- to stay connected, HTC has youth today is better off staying con- background song ‘Tere maafi ko mai sites, chats, and mails. Our main launched the smartphone nected with friends and loved ones waiting waiting’. . The commercials objective is to communicate that theHTC Explorer, to make the vir- through Facebook, chats, and mes- end with his fingers creating magic, HTC Explorer helps achieve all this tual world a reality sages. The virtual world has replaced and help getting the girl back. Thus through the magic of fingers. It is for today’s youth. get-togethers, meetings and phone establishing that with the new HTC a device that is an extension of its A series of televi- chats. Explorer, the world is just a touch user, a friend and buddy that lets you sion commercials Conceptualised by Meridian, way. access the world from your hands. It promote the new the five commercials, titled SMS, Speaking about the campaign, is the emotional aspect that we have handset and high- Nailpolish, Laptop, Ballet and Manu Seth, country head, market- tried to bring out in this campaign.” light its product Bathtub, show a man trying to woo ing, HTC India, says, “The insight Explaining the idea, Krishna Mani benefits. his angry girlfriend. He does eve- for the TVC came from the fact that and Pulak Bisht, creative directors at The cam- rything possible to win back her the youth of today is tech-savvy and paign is based on smile, using only his fingers. The five prefers to keep in touch with friends FRQWLQXHG RQ SDJH 16 afaqs! Reporter, January 1-15, 2 0 1 2
  9. 9. 1(:6$9(57,6,1* ON-SCREEN TELEVISION COUPLES Being in the Limelight On-screen TV couples seem to be the latest favourite for brands when it comes to endorsements. What’s interesting is that these creative strategies are backed by effective media plans. By Ashwini Gangal F or more than 80 years, the lead female actor “Film stars bring their personal equity and brand It’s about integrating the values of the brand with of each era - from Leela Chitnis to Katrina values to the table, which have little to do with a these positions, as well as integrate the values of Kaif - has been the face of Lux except for dis- particular film of theirs. On the other hand, TV the brand with certain ‘GEC sensibilities’, or ‘TV ruptions like Shah Rukh Khan, something which stars are all about the characters they play. Hence, serial values,’” says Dasgupta. happens once in a few decades. the strategy will work only if their character fits in While these characters try to fit with the brand Lux bent the rules on yet another occa- with the brands’ values.” positioning, ad film makers also try to find a fit sion. Sharing screen space with Aishwarya Rai For instance, a certain character may be tra- with the storyline of the commercial. For instance, Bachchan in a Lux commercial were on-screen ditional, while another may be fun-loving. Yet each hit pair has its own history, its own story. couple Archana and Manav, from the popular daily another may be strong and empowered. Such Brands exploit this very story that the characters soap Pavitra Rishta. characteristics may be considered while trying to bring along to the 30-second spot. This isn’t the only example. Dulux Paints, too, fit the stars with the brand they will endorse. Explains Dasgupta, “Usually, in ads, one needs has used two other popular on-screen television Saurabh Dasgupta, executive creative director, to write a script, build characters, define their couples - Tej and Toasty from Sony’s Saas Bina Innocean Worldwide, agrees. “Television charac- characteristics, and get someone to play those Sasural, and Arnav and Khusi from Star Plus’ Iss ters come with certain pre-established positions. defined roles -- all this in a few seconds. But, by Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. casting an already established couple, Lately, Hyundai Eon, the newly- known and accepted as husband and wife launched brand, has featured Toasty and by the target audiences, half the job is Tej from Saas Bina Sasural, and Vikram already done.” and his on-screen wife Neha from Bade We have all seen television stars Achche Lagte Hai in its latest commercials. endorse brands in their personal capac- So, what is drawing these brands to ity, or as characters. But, in most cases, television couples? Interestingly, these the value of television actors remains couples do not sell the brands as celebri- intact only if cast as a pair. ties or actors, but portray their on-screen The star equity draws on the power SUSHIL KUMAR characters in the endorsements. they wield as an adored on-screen pair. Shailesh Kapoor, chief executive This power is a function of the popular- officer, Ormax Media, which special- ises in television content research, says, Kapoor, Dasgupta and Nayyar: character-based stories FRQWLQXHG RQ SDJH WebHosting / Cluster Email Servers / Bulk Mailing Servers Serving 10,000+ Websites We are Accredited Registrar for .IN DomainsVirtual Servers, Dedicated Servers, Virtual Dedicated Cloud Servers, Bulk MailingR-134, Greater Kailash-I, N.D. Call 9810010059, 9313634321
  10. 10. 1(:6$9(57,6,1*STAYFREE FRQWLQXHG IURP SDJH Chasing the ChangeJohnson Johnson’s new campaign for the launch of its new The Magic... Meridian, say, “The brief was to highlight the availa- bility of a touch phone at an affordable price. So, the concept was to bring alive the whole idea of com- municating with fingers in the most vibrant, playful,variant Stayfree Advanced promotes the brand philosophy ‘It’s yet simple way. In print, the fingers were depicted astime to change.’ By Anushree Bhattacharyya legs, and personified a typical Bollywood song and dance to depict entertainment, or as friends to depict Facebook and chatting, or as a cricketer to depict gaming. In the television commercial, we didn’t do feature-based advertising, but brought alive the idea of using fingers to communicate..” The company has also launched a HTC Facebook fan page, which currently has nearly 1,70,000 fol- lowers. FINGERS REDEFINED A lthough the idea is not strikingly original, advertising professionals nevertheless, appreci- ate the execution, and agree that the commercial is a delight to watch. Rohit Malkani, executive creative director, Grey, says, “Fingers as protagonist? Haven’t we seen thisC It urges women to shed onsumer healthcare company Johnson before? I have seen thumbs for an SMS campaign, Johnson, in its campaign announcing and thumbs and fingers for a handset. Not terribly the launch of a new variant of its sanitary their old beliefs and adopt original, - but the film has been well-shot and leavespad brand Stayfree Advanced, urges everybody, you with a fuzzy feeling. Sweet, though eminentlyespecially women, to shed their old beliefs new ideologies. forgettable.”and adopt new ideologies, in order to bring a According to Sujith Sudhakaran, general man-change in the world, and in their lives. Stayfree paign, Anshumani Khanna, creative director, ager, strategic planning, Draftfcb Ulka the TVC isAdvanced is targeted at the premium category McCann Erickson, remarks, “The company has interesting. “The track and the tone are nice andconsumers. launched Stayfree Advanced in the premium Two television commercials, conceptualised category. The idea is to capture the modernby McCann Erickson, have been released as a mindset of women, which go beyond issuespart of the campaign. In the first TVC, titled such as mismatched shoes or the right kind‘Accident’, an elderly couple meets with an of dress. So, going with the brand’s belief, weaccident. While a young woman in a car points decided to show women who live a life that isout to the callousness of the passersby, her co- beyond cosmetic changes.”passenger promptly rushes outto help the couple, and later, A TOUGH CHANGEcalls for action to bring abouta change. The second TVC titled T he campaign, howev- er, fails to impress the advertising fraternity, as ad‘Morcha’, shows two office- professionals feel it fails togoing girls, having tea. They create an impact in the con-come across a huge rally, sumers’ minds.which leaves the road littered According to Raghu Bhat, HTC has launched awith papers and other trash.While one girl criticises this founder-director, Scarecrow Communications, the ad Facebook fan page, whichact, the other girl clears the exhorts the audience to switch currently has nearlylitter. over to Stayfree. “However, Neeraj Goyal, general it is a fairly conventional ad, 1,70,000 manager, women loaded with ‘category codes’.health, Johnson Johnson Not sure if the jingle is contemporary. It will definitely hold the audience’sIndia, says, “The femininity Khanna: mindset issue required. A few moments of attention. Is it for the first time one is seeing anof Indian women is changing silence would have allowed execution like this? I would say no. But, can’t takeand menstruation is a part of femininity, which the commercial to breathe,” he adds. anything away from the simple use of fingers in thealso has an impact on life. The idea is to keep Giving the planner’s perspective, Anirban context of a touch phone. Definitely entertaining.”women comfortable and confident during those Chaudhuri, senior vice-president, Mudra, says, Sudharakan opines that the idea of a touch phone days of the month. Therefore, “Stayfree, in the past, has often highlighted the that brings everything at a touch is generic. The going with the philosophy of fact that the product delivers in challenging situ- advantage is that it is the fastest touch phone, and the brand ‘It’s time to change’, ations in a straight-forward manner. This TVC hence, a better option in comparison. According to in the new campaign, we have is an attempt to move beyond that and take the him, this feature could have been used as a strong asked women to change and brand to a level of activism, be the change that differentiator, but seems to have been compromised. adopt something new (in this you want to see (rather than huffing and puffing “If you made me believe that this is the fast- case, Stayfree Advanced), if in irritation). But, the attempt fails to connect est touch phone (because of the HTC sense user they are irritated by some- the cause naturally to the product delivery of ‘no interface, and not the processor), it would be more thing old.” irritation’! „ compelling than anything else for me,” he remarks.„ Speaking about the cam- anushree.bhattacharyya@afaqs.com20 afaqs! Reporter, January 1-15, 2 0 1 2
  11. 11. 1(:6$9(57,6,1*EDUCOMP SMARTCLASSSchool is Now CoolThanks to innovative teaching techniques, school need no longer be an unpleasant experience forchildren, communicates Educomp Solutions in its new campaign. By Anushree BhattacharyyaG etting children ready for school in the morning is a daily challenge for most parents, and is replete with drama andhistrionics. But, thanks to Educomp Solutions, thescenario could now look different. In its new campaign, Educomp Solutions talksabout the delight and the enthusiasm childrenshow while getting ready for school. Conceptualised by Dentsu Marcom, the TVC,shows a situation, in which school-going kids, ina role reversal, are up in the morning, and pestertheir parents to take them to school.The reason for the children’s enthu- Dentsu Marcom, explains, “The the concept could have been a bit more interesting.siasm is that they are no longer taught idea was developed from an iconic Rajiv Agrawal, executive creative director,using the blackboard in class, but are British Airways advertisement that Percept/H, says, “If the main objective is to con-instead, taught digitally. said ‘Children walk to school and vey the fact that kids find Educomp smartclasses Speaking about the concept, run back home’. Consumer insight, interesting, then the TVC is a success. But, the adAbhinav Dhar, senior vice- presi- too, proved that children enjoy the should also explain how/why schools are now dif-dent, Educomp Solutions, says, “The engaging format of Educomp smart- ferent. The jingle is catchy, though.”main objective behind the campaign class, and are more than willing to Vivek Dutta, business director and nation- SUSHIL KUMARwas to build awareness amongst par- attend classes which were earlier al planning head, Hakuhodo Percept, says,ents about the Educomp smartclass boring.” “Considering that the communication targetsprogramme, with schools having Educomp has tied up with more parents, the commercial seems to be too high-adopted new technologies to teach Upputuru: happy life than 8,000 schools across India, paced and vague in delivering informationchildren. Classrooms no longer consist of old where the programme is run. about the Smartclass communication process.blackboards. There are many schools which use Somehow, it fails to convince how and whyvideos, and other digital technology in order to REVOLUTIONARY STEP children find these classrooms more endear-make studying interesting.” Titus Upputuru, national creative director, A dvertising professionals feel that while the TVC has been able to pass on the message, ing.” „ FRQWLQXHG IURP SDJH MEDIA STRATEGY AND The ad films for the brand are SHORT-LIVED GLORY? CHANNEL PROMOTIONBeing in... T o increase the effectiveness of these ads, their placement is played when these serials are on air, on customised spots on the channel, and the treatment is not W hether they’re used as out- and-out brand ambassadors or channel promoters, a generality of their respective characters in strategically chalked out in such a by the route of traditional brand word of caution prevails: The equi-the serials. way that they are most viewed by endorsements. ty and brand value the couples One explanation is that brands those very audiences who watch the It is more about a strong media come with have an expiry date.attempt to leverage the relatability of serials. strategy that aids the promotion of Firstly, the relevance of the couplesthese couples as audiences can iden- The ads are placed right before, both Sony TV and these serials as as viable brand endorsers, whethertify with them more than they can soon after, or during that particular that is the primary goal. The associa- it is for regular brands or the TVwith traditional celebrity endorsers. serial, and appear only on that par- tion with a product, Hyundai Eon in channel, is a direct function of “There is a certain warmth these ticular channel. Therefore, the use of this case, is a secondary aspect. their on-screen popularity, whichcharacters possess,” says Anita in turn, is a function of the TVRsNayyar, CEO, MPG, India and that the respective serial garners.South Asia. They are people whom Thus, casting them in an ad is afamily audiences ‘meet’, almost every very topical and tactical formula.evening for an hour, and gradually Says Navin Khemka, seniorbecome a part of the household. vice-president, ZenithOptimedia, The couples are more relatable, “It is about a local connect at any SUSHIL KUMARmore accessible. Viewers are less in one given point in time. This can-awe of them as they come across as not be a long-term strategy for anymore accessible when they appear Avasthi and Khemka: on strategy brand.”on TV to endorse a product althoug Casting Rai Bachchan in a Luxthey lack the aura of film stars or these popular TV couples has to do Nayyar of MPG, (the agency that TVC is probably part of the brand’ssportspersons. with the promotion of that specific has worked on the media strategy for long-term strategy, but featuring Abhijit Avasthi, national creative channel. Hyundai Eon), explains that it basi- Manav and Archana in the commer-director, Ogilvy India, says, “It all Some call this placement advertis- cally has a dual benefit as it helps the cial is a mere short-term solution, theboils down to the bond between the ing or integration. Consider the latest brand by way of ‘subtle endorsement’ effect of which will last for a fixedaudience and the couple.” TVCs - a mix of 10, and 60-second and helps the channel to promote the period of time. „ edits, for Hyundai Eon. serial. afaqs! Reporter, January 1-15, 2 0 1 2 21