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business communication


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business communication

  1. 1. Business Communication Group Discussion (GD) 1himaani shukla
  2. 2. Introduction to Group Discussion Group discussion is a method to evaluate the unseen inner capabilities of a person while interacting with others. It shows off inner talent, individual’s potential capacity and comprehensibility. Group discussion is used as a tool for assessing the suitability of a candidate. But also it certifies his personalities, behaviour, attitude, perception & social engineering capacities. to be continued... 2himaani shukla
  3. 3. Group discussion is also used to discuss any problem by the professionals in an organisation. It is evident by many examples that decisions taken by a group are more justified than decisions taken by an individual. This way, now-a-days decision whether it is taken in a board meeting, parliament, in society or in a house is the outcome of the group discussion. 3himaani shukla
  4. 4. Importance of Group Discussion Present day complex environment of the organisations & society need well thought of strategic decisions to fight away the complex situations Group discussions involve responsibilities and leadership We require broad spectrum work systems. So we need well discussed decisions Group discussions help to generate vies about the practical capabilities &inner power, which is nearly impossible during interview process In group discussion, personality of a candidate is more accurately judged 4himaani shukla
  5. 5. Group discussion helps to judge the actual behaviour of an individual Group discussion explores more candidates at a time than an interview process It gives the opportunity to compare the candidates at a given point of time & at the same port folio It gives the advantage of listening to a wide variety of views & develop one’s own view It is a democratic method of decision making 5himaani shukla
  6. 6. Process of Group Discussion There must be a oval or round shaped table for better viewing, eye contact & interaction The light and sound system may be perfect so that body language & reflexes can be seen easily The ideal strength of participants in a group discussion should not exceed 15 Observers must be hidden at some place from where they can minutely observe each & every candidate. But, the candidates can not see them. 6himaani shukla
  7. 7. Types of group discussion FORMAL GROUP- the persons alike in the authority and responsibility capacities are put in a group. Therefore, it is called a formal group. This group generally follows the formal structure of the organisation INFORMAL GROUP- when the persons have same interests or same aim, they are formed in a single group. SPECIALISED GROUP- when a work is to be completed. This target is given to that group which includes the person having the traits to do that work. For instance, production can not be handled by the marketing personnel while marketing can not be handled by production personnel. Therefore, a group including the specialised persons is called the specialised group 7himaani shukla
  8. 8. Types of Group Discussion • Structured and Unstructured group discussion-structured group discussion is a style where topic is given to the candidates by the selection committee, whereas, in an unstructured type of group discussion, candidates themselves decide the topic with their mutual consent. • Board type of group discussion- in this type, one of the participant is elected as a chairperson in the start. Chairpersons can be elected freely by the members of the group or by the selection committee • Role Playing group discussion- in this type of group discussion, candidates are given a problematic situation. Each candidate is then assigned a specific role or character to play. They are required to solve the problem 8himaani shukla
  9. 9. Characteristics of an effective group discussion • VOCABULARY- strong hold on language is a crucial factor of effective group discussion. • COOPERATION- cooperation & co-existance are two such phenomenon which shows a person’s attitude of team building & respect one’s colleagues • BALANCE- a candidate must be balanced in nature, over assertiveness & unnecessary gasping of atmosphere is not liked by fellow partners & experts • ACCURACY- the speaker in a group discussion must talk to the point. He/she must not rely upon false & managed facts to be continued... 9himaani shukla
  10. 10. • PATIENCE- patience is one of the best qualities in a participant in group discussion. It is best way to generate penetration & precision • INTEREST- if we know well & have knowledge about a subject matter, we must have to show our interest also, not showing off the interest in a subject may give an indication that we know less 10himaani shukla
  12. 12. IMPORTANT INGREDIENTS OF GROUP DISCUSSION • PROJECTION OF POSITIVE SELF- group discussion is applied to judge the overall personality of the candidate, and, the personality is the sum total of the traits, way of dressing, way of dressing, way of speaking, style of self- projection, expression and the level of motivation. And, the candidate has to “show off” these qualities in a short span of time effectively and positively to be continued... 12himaani shukla
  13. 13. • COMMUNICATION SKILLS- communication is the fundamental part of general living but effective communication requires extended skills. Effective communication skills whereas give you margin in understanding things & delivering your expressions, explain your personality, too. This way, communication skills are very necessary during the group discussion. One can have brilliant ideas but without proper expressions, they have no use. Every company wants his employees to be good in communication skills so that they can be effective in dealing with customers to be continued... 13himaani shukla
  14. 14. • TEMPERAMENT & COORDINATION- temperament of the candidate is as important as the other above mentioned qualities. Moreover, temperament along with coordination skills gives positiveness during the judgements. Positive and cool temperament & coordinative attitude are major characteristics for all managerial posts. 14himaani shukla
  15. 15. 15himaani shukla