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Character building 38


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Introducing the 38 success attitude in life
This is the master module for character building

The learning methodology are : Biogenic model approach, autogenesis approach, video , drama, tag action, role play story, real life case study

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Character building 38

  1. 1. Character Building Mastering 38 Core Characters For A Successful Life Biogenic Aura Crest Academy
  2. 2. 18 Achievers’ Character Courage, Determination, Passion Giving heart, Courteousness, Confident Thoroughness, Thoughtfulness, Persistent Adaptability, Steadfast, Proactive, Responsibility, Toughness, Influential Resourcefulness, Alertness , Focus
  3. 3. 12 Moral’s Character • Loving kindness, Helpfulness, Respect • Politeness, Trusty, Empathy • Punctuality, Discipline, Team Spirit • Understanding, Caring, Loyalty
  4. 4. 8 Quality Life’s Character • Balancing, Inner Peace • Moderation, Wisdom • Happiness , Virtue • Thriftiness, Reflection
  5. 5. 18 Sikap Juara Berani, Cekal, Kesungguhan Sedekah, Berhati-hati, Yakin diri Sempurna, Penelitian, Kesabaran Penyesuaian, Pegangan, Proaktif Tanggungjawab, Ketahanan, Pengaruh Kreatif , Peka , Fokus
  6. 6. 12 Sikap Akhlak • Kasih, Membantu, Hormat • Budi Bahasa, Dipercayai, Empati • Tepat masa, Disiplin, Jiwa berpasukan • Persefahaman, Mesra, Setia
  7. 7. 8 Sikap Hidup Berkualiti • Keseimbangan, Ketenangan • Kesederhanaan, Kebijaksanaan • Keriangan , Teladan • Jimat cermat, Refleksi
  8. 8. 十八个成就的品格 勇气, 毅力, 热诚 付出, 细心, 信心 全面, 明理, 耐力 适应, 决定, 创意 尽责, 坚强,说服 随机应变,自觉,专注
  9. 9. 十二个道德条件的品格 爱心, 合作, 尊敬 礼貌, 信用, 同理 守时,纪律, 团队精神 体谅, 关心, 效忠
  10. 10. 八个生活条件的品格 平衡, 安详 中庸, 智慧 喜悦, 模范 节省, 自觉
  11. 11. Attitude Building Course Learning Methodology • One Video sharing for each character • Personal reflection for each character • Real life case study Sharing for each character • Parental and teachers guide for each character (Character Building for students) • Motto and action tag for each character • Role play for each character • Personal character goal setting for each character
  12. 12. Good student Also Need Character Building • Some good students have conflict with parents, not respect teachers and look down at others • Some good students commit suicide • Some good students do not want to teach and guide others (selfish ) • ETC
  13. 13. Character Building Is Different From Discipline Action • We can control student’s action through firm discipline and guideline, but their character won’t change • We can give advice and guidance, but knowledge does not change mental habit • Character is a mental habit, it can only change by building a new habit to replace an old habit
  14. 14. BACA Character Building Appraoch • The true transformation of life is character building through the process of (ABCD) – Awareness, Belief, Personal Conduct, Daily Enhancement • BACA introducing the SMART process of personal character development base on Biogenic Model