Assessment brief 2


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  • Assessment brief 2

    1. 1. How to market your agency.Assessment BriefBy: Hilmi Ramlan
    2. 2. How should thetwo artistsmarket theiragency?The main objective of an agency marketing itself isto strengthen or build a reputation. This way, prospectclients are able to have a little bit of trust in the agency.In the case of these two ‘Stick Men’, they have got a pointof difference that can be explored; two artist from twodifferent worlds with different approaches to art.
    3. 3. So we need a name..An agency should be represented by a name that would personify the agency. Or partly.
    4. 4. StickMen
    5. 5. Why marketyour agency?The agency needs to market itself in order to gainreputation in the industry. Unless they appear in themedia space, they wouldn’t be seen by prospectiveclients and talents alike.In the case of clients, an agency’s basic ‘salary’ or cashflow would be from its customers; the clients whoprovide them the accounts. Trust plays a major issue as itallows the clients to let the agency to work with theirbrand.With a strong reputation, clients are more willing to givethem the freedom in terms of creative. In terms of talents,exciting people would be interested in joining the agency.
    6. 6. ‘Stick Men’ can promote its uniqueness in creativeapproaches literally through visuals.LAUNCH PARTYAn exhibition hall would be filled with artworksthat has been crowd sourced from illustrators,artists and even writers for these companies.UNILEVER, NESTLE and other interestingcompanies would have a piece of art made in theirname in a gallery.This would act as an ‘ice breaking’ session of apossible long term agency-client relationship.How shouldyou marketthe agency?
    7. 7. To get the word out there, focusing on a certainniche of publishers would be the way for thisagency.For the launch party, illustrators, writers andartists would be invited and recruited with a printad in newspapers and magazines like CreativeReview, Digital Camera Magazine, Wallpaper*,Grafik and many others. Awards are the best ways to get the agency outAs a follow-up, ‘Stick Men’ would have a there. With the likes of Cannes and D&AD,boutique/shop that would showcase some of the agencies require talented creatives and execs to getbest works that’s been spotted online and offline. their stuff out there. With the gallery and point of difference mentioned earlier, talents would beThe public would be invited to view this gallery more enticed to join the agency to create brilliantand actually have a say. This helps the agency not things.only in revenue terms, but also networking andsocial interaction. It will also be a place where the The agency itself could start working with youngpublic could socialise and network themselves. people who are looking to get into the industry by creating their own set of modules and short courses. These would excite students moving into the advertising world by giving them the opportunity to learn and work with the best brands in the world, potentially investing in these young talents.
    8. 8. How will thisaffect therevenue?Doing all this would require not only manpower,but will also cost the agency a lot of money andtime to run the agenda.In terms of running the gallery, the agency can’tafford to get its eyes off the main focus; clients andnew businesses. As such, a PR Manager would behired to run the gallery. This creates a point ofdifference from any other agency.This gallery would allow the general public topurchase and trade items that interest them.