Our Air Conditioning Work - Miami | Ft. Lauderdale | Hill York


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Our Air Conditioning Work - Our work includes a broad spectrum of building projects that vary greatly in both cost and complexity. It doesn’t matter if your project’s budget is $100,000 or $10 million.

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Our Air Conditioning Work - Miami | Ft. Lauderdale | Hill York

  1. 1. Our Air Conditioning Work in MiamiOur work includes a broad spectrum of building projects that vary greatly in bothcost and complexity. It doesn’t matter if your project’s budget is $100,000 or $10million. We can provide a solution for energy efficiency, maintenance, retrofit,facilities management, design/build, new construction, repairs, emergencyresponse or any other turnkey project, we will create a unique solution to meetyour budget, satisfy your needs and complete the project on time.These are some of the example of projects that have been completed by Hill York,which include educational, healthcare, science & technology, hospitality,governmental and office building facilities, etc. You can also download a list of ourwork in each market for your reference. Shared Energy Savings FinancingHill York can, in some cases, offer financing of hygreen projects that is entirelypaid for by the energy costs avoided thru increased efficiencies. Several financingvehicles are available and Hill York’s share of the savings is dependent on theamount of risk that the company assumes. LEED Certification Services Hill York employs a significant number of LEED (Leadership in Energy andEnvironmental Design) Accredited Professionals on staff, including a qualifiedLEED Charrette Facilitator. The company also has strategic partnerships with LEEDconsultants. By bringing these resources to a project early enough in the process,
  2. 2. Hill York can save owners both time and money in achieving LEED certification (orshadowing) of their projects. Energy Assessments & BenchmarkingHill York offers Energy Services Agreements and individual building energyassessments using the BuildingAdvice energy benchmarking and Energy Starrating systems. Measurements Verification (M&V) and SubmeteringHill York offers wired and wireless, conventional and enhanced, M&V and sub-metering solutions that fully adhere to the IPVMP (the referenced LEEDstandard). Ventilation Management & ControlHill York offers advanced Demand Controlled Ventilation strategies, including theOptiNet multi-parameter Facility Monitoring System. This system can reducedsensor counts by >90% and, in addition to CO2-driven control, can sense andcontrol based on non-human pollutants such as volatile organic compounds,respiratory-size particle, carbon monoxide. It also offer precise dew point sensingand control for critical applications such as chilled beams.
  3. 3. Energy Savings With < 2-Year PaybackHill York’s hygreen solutions are generally designed to avoid energy costssufficient to provide a simple payback period of not more than two years.Air Conditioning Services & Solutions provided by HillYork Since 1936. If you arelooking for commercial air-conditioning and energy solutions & services FloridaCall us today at 954-525-2971. It is the only MSCA Green Star Certified mechanicalcontractor in Florida. visit us at http://www.hillyork.comContact Us:Contact Person: Sophie KayeAddress: 2125 South Andrews AvenueFort Lauderdale, FL.Ph No: 954-525-2971Email ID: Skaye@hillyork.com