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Writing Chart

  1. 1. Expository Persuasive Response to Narrative Process Compare/ Cause & Effect Literature Contrast PURPOSE To Explain…How To Explain … To Explain…Why To Convince To React To Reveal Which (choose) AUDIENCE Academic Academic Academic Peer/Academic Academic Peer/Academic SIGNAL WORDS “Explain how…,” “Put in order…,” “Compare….,” “List the causes…,” “Convince…,” “”Argue…,” “Respond to…,” “React…,” “Tell about a time when…,” IN THE PROMPT “Show how…,” “Describe the “Decide which…,” “Tell why…,” “Show “Persuade…,” “Promote…,” “Give your reaction/feelings “Remember a situation steps…” “Choose…,” why…,” “Give the “Defend…,” “Prove…” about…,” “What would you when…,” “Have you ever “Relate…,” reasons…,” “What do if…” wanted/felt/wished...,” will happen when…” “How do you feel about…” TRANISITIONS/ First, after, later, soon, Also, both, As a result, so, It follows, Another example, just Later, when, before, LANGUAGE until, and then, next, likewise, because, so that, furthermore, moreover, as, in the same way as, then, in a while, another eventually, finally similarly, as well for this reason, again, consequently, reinforced by, thing, after, as if; as, although, therefore, if… therefore, of course, underscoring, in addition I learned, now I know, even though, then, thus, since, necessarily, clearly, to next time instead of, on whenever without a doubt the other hand, however, despite Specific, clear, descriptive Analogous, Parallel, logical Active verbs, Specific, descriptive, Emotional, revealing, parallel progressions, emotional, impassioned, illustrative, tied to text sensitive, touching, structures clear connections imperatives, cohesive heart-rending, honest, and thematic sincere adjectives TRY THIS Simile or three questions Simile or three Strange statistic Three questions Quote from the piece “In the moment” or GRABBER FOR questions or three questions with an analysis that “sound effect” personal OPENING connects to the thesis anecdote with a connection to the thesis WAYS TO 1.Describe/Explain 1. Describe or 1. Describe or 1. Describe/explain 1. Quote 1. Describe/explain SUPPORT THE 2. Make a comparison explain explain 2. Compare - Analysis 2. Compare/connect MAIN IDEA 3. Show a cause/effect 2. Show causes 2. Compare 3. Cause/effect 1. Describe/explain 3. Cause/effect 4. Make a prediction and effects 3. Predict 4. Predict 2. Compare/connect 4. Predict 3. Make a 4. Deduce 5. Use 1 or 2 3. Cause/effect 5. Personal examples prediction 5. Personal propaganda techniques OR say/mean/matter 6. Evaluation/judgment 4. Show the example or quote REPEAT relationship a source MOST Be simple and specific: Find the Clearly relate one Be assertive and sure Use evidence from the Be vulnerable and IMPORTANT use clear, logical order relationship; event to the next text and always explain reflective THING TO distinguish fact why you chose it and REMEMBER from opinion what it means