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Protecting Reputation in a Digital World


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Breakfast presentation at Hill & Knolwton during Social Media Week.
Tim Luckett, Lead Counsel, Issues & Crisis and Candace Kuss, Lead Counsel, Planning & Interactive Strategy discussed:

* the new reputational communications challenge
* the dark side of user generated content
* how can you help protect your reputation

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Protecting Reputation in a Digital World

  1. @HK_London<br />#SMWLDN<br />PROTEcting reputation in a digital worLd<br />8 February 2011<br />Tim Luckett, Lead Counsel Candace Kuss, Lead Counsel<br />Issues and Crisis, London Planning & Interactive Strategy<br />
  2. Reputation:communication hazards facing organisations in the digital world<br />Tim Luckett, Lead Counsel <br />Issues and Crisis, London<br />
  3. Speed by which issues escalate into crises<br />The impact of new media on traditional media<br />Unprecedented transparency<br />Increased “noise” & misinformation <br />Ability to mobilize & activate<br />Role of employees:“Brand Guardians”<br />Rise of specialist groups<br />“Google Effect”:The impact of digital permanence & search / reputation<br />How crisis is changing...<br />© Hill & Knowlton 2011<br />
  4. Us airways<br />© Hill & Knowlton 2011<br />
  5. Shooting on oxford st?<br />© Hill & Knowlton 2011<br />
  6. Shooting on oxford st?<br />© Hill & Knowlton 2011<br />
  7. Shooting on oxford st?<br />© Hill & Knowlton 2011<br />
  8. Kit Kat<br />© Hill & Knowlton 2011<br />
  9. Employees as Brand Guardians: Loss of Control<br />© Hill & Knowlton 2011<br />
  10. the dark side of user generated content<br />@CandaceKuss// #SMWLDN // 2011<br />
  11. the pro-am<br />
  12. the happy side: doritos<br />
  13. subvertise<br />
  14. unofficial attack ads<br /><br />
  15. lots of coverage<br />
  16. © By rachelbinx<br />
  17. joncainecu<br />
  18. 10x more followers<br />
  19. “So what is the point of all this? The point is, FORGET YOUR BRAND. You don’t own it because it is literally nothing. You can spend all sorts of time and money trying to manufacture public opinion, but ultimately, that’s up to the public, now isn’t it?”<br /> - ‘Leroy Stick’, the man behind @BPGlobalPR<br />
  20. what can we do to mitigate?<br />
  21. Digital Vulnerability Audit<br />
  22. Move quickly<br />Dark site to act as central reference point<br />24/7 monitoring<br />Accept negative comments – but don’t delete them<br />Response protocols must be defined<br />Be prepared to say sorry on-line<br />Employee SM Policies & Guidelines must defined & Communicated<br />Lessons learned?<br />Transparency and honesty are key for building trust<br />© Hill & Knowlton 2011<br />
  23. What’s next?<br />© Hill & Knowlton 2011<br />
  24. Thank you<br /><br />