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Empowering Your Technical Career with Social Media, PT1


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Keynote presentation from East Coast Oracle Conference, Sept 2015. Jeff and Kellyn profile 2 members of the community and their before and after online personal transformations.

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Empowering Your Technical Career with Social Media, PT1

  1. 1. ThatJeffSmith & DBAKevlar, (Jeff Smith &Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman)
  2. 2.  product manager on the DB team  I like to help people be better at ORCL  I’ve been told I have a ‘dry sense of humor’
  3. 3. In a former life…  @hillbillyToad  ‘that’ Toad guy  Great job, great career, not great for me from WV but ‘hillbilly’ doesn’t help Wanted to be ‘Jeff’ not someone else’s product or brand
  4. 4.  DBAKevlar  I like to block people….   Consulting Member of Technical Staff for SCP Team, Enterprise Manager at Oracle
  5. 5. Late Into the Game…  Always DBAKevlar  Been online since 2008-2009.  Big on mentoring others and teaching the next generation of technologists.
  6. 6. Suggested Best Practices  Decide type of social media presence/online persona you want to present.  But be authentic, find your ‘voice’  Separate personal and professional  Know what’s appropriate for each network  Privacy settings for personal as appropriate  Social media policies are YOUR FRIEND!
  7. 7. Social Media Only Works for a Few, Jeff and Kellyn…
  8. 8. No, We’re Not Special  We worked at it.  There is [something] of a formula, (but don’t ask Jeff for the algorithm, math is not his strong suit…)
  9. 9. Yes, It is Important to Your Career  77% of Prospective Employers Google candidates.  43% pass on candidates either because of what they ARE or AREN’T posting online.
  10. 10. It Doesn’t Have to be Hard
  11. 11. Case Study: Monty Latiolais  An Oracle ACE  4 years President of Major OUG  Blogging Since 2007
  12. 12. @monty_odtug  ODTUG?
  13. 13. Butcher, baker, candlestick maker  True Story!
  14. 14. Magi?
  15. 15. Nice hat Mr. President?
  16. 16. All Over the Place  Confusing  Not memorable, or for the wrong reasons  Let me sum up, no there is too much
  17. 17. What is it you’d say ya do here?
  18. 18. Themes…
  19. 19. Corralling…
  20. 20. Benefits?
  21. 21. Please go read Pt2, Kellyn’s Story
  22. 22. And, we’re back! Some tips…
  23. 23. Connecting Tips  Don’t use the default, lame-O connection message  Remind the person how you know them, where you may have seen them, or why you’d like to join their network.  Don’t connect with just anybody- ensure they offer value to your network.
  24. 24. Profile: Handle & Pic  Don’t tie yourself to a brand or tech  Be your OWN brand, e.g. DBAKevlar
  25. 25. Bio  Give people a REASON to follow you  Include a LINK 1. About.Me 2. LinkedIn 3. Blog/Website
  26. 26. Summary  Find your online persona  Build your own brand, not just a company’s  Figure out what social media makes sense for the presence you wish to make.  Use different formats to broadcast to as large an audience as possible.
  27. 27. Want help?  Tweet me or Kellyn! @thatjeffsmith @dbakevlar  We won’t put you on the Internet unless you say it’s OK 