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B100 – w12 ppt


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Published in: Business, Automotive
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B100 – w12 ppt

  1. 1. B100 – W12 By: David Hill
  2. 2. Essays My Personal Mission  I believe that everything in life happens for a reason… Return  The book return taught me about patience and how to endure trials Why Business? Why BYU-Idaho?  I believe that a business degree here at BYU-Idaho will help me achieve my life goals by…
  3. 3. Skills, Values, Interests andMotivators is an incredible resource. When I reviewed the career analysis I found potential careers that interest me a great deal. These careers included… I also found that there are certain careers that perhaps are less desirable for a person with my interests. These careers might include… Though gave a lot of intuitive information that has helped me, I can’t help disagreeing…
  4. 4. Career Preparation 5 industries  Retail  Wholesale  Automotive  Petrol  Firearms/ Sporting goods Automotive industry  The automotive industry interests me because…. I have seen ____ trends and…
  5. 5. Career Preparation Continued 5 companies in automotive industry  Chevrolet  Ford  Mercedes Benz  Renault  Ferrari 3 companies narrowed down  Ford  Trends  History  Leadership
  6. 6. Career Preparation ContinuedRole of Marketing Marketing is ….Key Marketing terms Advertising is….
  7. 7. Networking Mentors  Craig Bell …  Mike Whitesides…  Tony Stark…
  8. 8. Academic Plan The following academic plan has been approved by Tommy in the ADC and Bro Muranaka with an anticipated graduation in December 2013. Winter 2012 … Spring 2012 … Fall 2012 …