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Galveston Slideshow

  1. 1. Galveston Island November 9, 2008 (almost 2 months after Hurricane Ike) (press space bar to advance to the next slide)
  2. 2. The Hilton Hotel, Landry’s Restaurant (where we ate before the wedding), Rainforest Café, San Luis Hotel (where we stayed), and Holiday Inn have no damage & are operating normally.
  3. 3. Parts of the building were blown out, and you can see straight through. The façade of the building has damage. The Flagship Hotel on Seawall Boulevard.
  4. 4. The driveway onto the Flagship Hotel fell into the water. Cars still have no way on or off the premises.
  5. 5. The Strand District where many of the festivals take place. They’re currently working to get it ready for Dickens on the Strand (first part of December). Most of the businesses in this area are still closed.
  6. 6. More of the Strand District
  7. 7. More of the Strand District
  8. 8. One of our favorite restaurants – Joe’s Crab Shack. Still not open. This is down by the cruise ship dock.
  9. 9. The gift shop for the oil rig museum was completely blown out. The rig itself looks good back behind it.
  10. 10. The Harbor House Hotel looked good except for damage like the lights falling above and…..
  11. 11. …. the need for a new deck.
  12. 12. The Carnival Conquest (pictured here) and the Carnival Ecstasy returned to Galveston last week.
  13. 13. Some of the pier buildings didn’t do so well. Part of this one is leaning with the deck falling.
  14. 15. Starbucks doesn’t look so bad but is still closed due to flood damage.
  15. 16. Luigi’s Italian Restaurant (along with the other businesses in the Strand District) had over 8 feet of flood water and is closed for repairs.
  16. 17. The salt from the flood waters killed much of the grass and vegetation. The flowers above are oleanders.
  17. 18. Along Harborside Drive there is trash (plastic bags, paper, etc.) trapped in the trees and fences.
  18. 19. Debris is piled all over the city. Notice the sand deposited here – blocks from the water.
  19. 21. Boats are found washed ashore in places far from water.
  20. 22. This boat is about a block from the water.
  21. 23. This boat is actually inside an apartment complex blocks from the water.
  22. 25. This boat is over half a mile from the water. Residents who evacuated weren’t allowed back on the island for weeks.
  23. 27. Gas prices before the storm
  24. 28. This gas station was washed out from surging water.