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Waltron Water Quality Analyzer Product Line


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Waltron has been an active participant in the water chemistry and analysis field for over 100 years. The company's focus started with boiler feedwater and has expanded over many years to include online analyzers for process water in a broad range of industries.

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Waltron Water Quality Analyzer Product Line

  1. 1. Copper Dissolved Hydrogen Dissolved Oxygen Ethylene Glycol Hardness Hydrazine Iron Oil in Water Phosphate Silica Sodium Colorimetric Potentiostatic Luminescent Colorimetric Colorimetric Colorimetric Amperometric Colorimetric Nephelometric Colorimetric Colorimetric Ion Selective 0–100ppb, 0–3000ppb 0–1000 µg/L, 0–10 mg/L, 0-100cc/kg 0–2000ppb, 0–45ppm 0–15ppm 0–1000ppb 0–100ppb, 0–500ppb 0–1000ppb 0–100ppb 0–99 ppm 0–5ppm, 0–15ppm, 0–150ppm,*0–300ppm* 0–500ppb, 0–5ppm, 0-150ppm,0-300ppm 0.1ppb–10ppm 3045 9091 9091C portable 9065 9065C portable 3049 3051 3044 9071 9071C compact 3048 2410 3042 3041 9031CX compact 9032X auto cal 9033X auto cal Waltron produces the most advanced online analyzers for continuous measurement of specific contaminants in ultra-pure, industrial, and drinking water systems worldwide. We supply a full range of precisely manufactured reagents and standards that are ready to use, with no end user preparation or mixing required. Benefits of Waltron Analyzers Ⅵ Low reagent/standard consumption Ⅵ Minimal maintenance Ⅵ Long service life, low total cost of ownership PARAMETER TECHNOLOGYRANGE(S)MODEL Other parameters and additional ranges are available upon request. * External dilution module ON-LINE WATER QUALITY ANALYZERS
  2. 2. READY-TO-USE REAGENTS AND STANDARDS PROGRAM Ⅵ No additional preparation or mixing required Ⅵ Specially formulated for Waltron and other brand analyzers Ⅵ Produced from the highest grade raw materials Ⅵ Pre-purchase discounts and hassle-free scheduled release programs HAZARDOUS LOCATION (Z-PURGE) ENCLOSURES Ⅵ Encompasses variety of different classifications worldwide Ⅵ No routine maintenance required Ⅵ Sold separately or part of complete engineered design WALTRON GROUP HEADQUARTERS 25 Minneakoning Road, Suite 101 Flemington, NJ 08822 USA Phone: +1 908 534 5100 Fax: +1 908 534 5546 PRODUCTS SAMPLE CONDITIONING MODULES Ⅵ Single- and multi-point models available Ⅵ Custom built to order Ⅵ No routine maintenance required Ⅵ Sold separately or part of complete engineered design