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Fundamentals Bookstore at Heartland Fall Forum


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Fundamentals presentation at the Heartland Fall Forum, October 2012, Minneapolis, MN

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Fundamentals Bookstore at Heartland Fall Forum

  1. 1. Meeting the Literacy NeedsIn Your CommunityFundamentals Parent - Teacher Book Store Delaware, Ohio Tami Furlong, Owner
  2. 2. The Delaware Literacy Coalition
  3. 3. Kid’s Fair –Literacy Coalition
  4. 4. Fundamentals sponsored program at the Public LibrarySummerBook Club
  5. 5. Local Authors at the County Fair: Sponsored and organized by Fundamentals
  6. 6. Help Me Grow – Delaware County Health Department
  7. 7. Author Events Jon Scieszka and Loren Long Dinner with local teachers
  8. 8. Waiting for David Carter
  9. 9. BrandonMull
  10. 10. Ashland students waiting for Brandon Mull
  11. 11. First Friday Fun & Activities
  12. 12. Jolly, the ElfFundamentalsemployeeReadsholiday storiesat thestoreandDowntown location
  13. 13. The End …Or the beginning!