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Pinterest For Businesses

  1. 1. Pinterest As A PR Tool Hilary Wehmeyer
  2. 2. Where Do You Size up WithCompetitors? When developing a presence on Pinterest for your business, it can be helpful to size up your competition and see how they are effectively or not effectively using the site. Evaluating competition along with following the assessing where you stand according to the 10 commandments listed next can help your business flourish on
  3. 3. Why Should Businesses Use PinterestSince launching 2 years ago, Pinterest hassurpassed 10 million users, faster than anyother stand-alone site in history. Itoutstripped the traffic of Google+, LinkedInand YouTube combined, and it is nowcapable of driving more referral traffic thanTwitter.(Ten Commandments of using Pinterest for Business, Amy Porterfield)
  4. 4. Helpful Tool from MDG Advertising How Does it Work? ( pinterest-video/)
  5. 5. A Local Company Active on Pinterest
  6. 6. Think Back to the TenCommandments We Saw Earlier What do they do well  Create lots of “Pins” from their merchandise and keep them updated (original content).  Generate lots of repins.  Re pin things pertinent to their buisness (outfit ideas, décor ideas)  Link Pinterest to other online sources and drive traffic.  Uses Pinterest to Promote.  Uses keywords with most pins (Branson Cowgirl Clad Company, Cowgirl Clad Company)
  7. 7. According to the 10 Commandments,How Could they Improve? Develop Boards to categorize content. Create price banners to drive sales of content. Use calls to action in their pins Reply to comments on their pins and reply to re pins and likes. Develop more tag phrases to drive more traffic. Watermark photos
  8. 8. Lets Look at a Great Follower of the 10Commandments (of using Pinterest that is)
  9. 9. Evaluation Great Variety of Boards. Original Content, Celebs in their clothing,and even decoration and recipe boards. Following over 1,000 pinners. Deals of the day. Awesome “Pin It 2 Win It” contest. Link their website to every post with their content. Uses price banners. Watermark many pictures, not all.
  10. 10. Speaking of “Pin It 2 Win IT”Contests have proven very effective for some businesses on PinterestAMC Theatres The second-largest movie theater chain in North America generating a lot of engagement through Pinterest contests. AMC has created an entire pinboard, AMC Giveaways, dedicated to contests and giveaways. Now users can just follow the specific pinboard to stay updated with the latest giveaways from AMC. The visually attractive pins direct users to appropriate contest landing pages. (
  11. 11. Cont. HuHot created their own Pin It to Win It contest in June, 2012. The participants had to create a HuHot recipe and pin it on one of their own pinboards in order to enter the contest. HuHot created a landing page on their website describing the contest details. A pinboard grill meal contest was also created where all the entries were repinned. (
  12. 12. Coupons in Moderation Hard to resist coupons can be a good way to generate likes but adhere caution: “Social media marketings mission should always be to add real value to the social communities where customers and potential customers are engaged. Spamming pinterest with unwanted and uninteresting images of coupons is a great way to get folks upset” ( Pinterest-Marketing-Mistakes).
  13. 13. Other Mistakes 2. Never Showing Off Products Some companies lack in showing off products which in turn leads to way less traffic to their website from Assessing followers pin boards can help your business find a balance between your products and other pins your followers will be interested in that could drive them to your boards, and in turn your website.
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