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Target Audience Research Powerpoint


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Target Audience Research Powerpoint

  1. 1. TARGET AUDIENCE RESEARCH Key questions
  2. 2. Gender and type of music From these questions I found that our audience was more female than male, and they were mainly looking for rock or hip hop music in a magazine. To incorporate this we made the genre of our magazine indie/pop rock, with a colour scheme that might appeal slightly more to girls, but was not extremely feminine. Also, because a large amount of people voted other for type of music, we included the top ten gigs of the summer, which included those associated with other genres of music
  3. 3. Featured artists and articles These questions provided us with the basic information to create the main articles of the magazine. The results told us that readers where looking for artist or album reviews on current popular artists. From this I decided to write my double page article about a popular new artist Lucy Ellis, who recently had a number 1 hit. This would portray my magazine as up to date with the latest music trends and therefore appealing to my target audience
  4. 4. Style and price These questions helped with making the magazine professional and appealing to my target audience. The questionnaire showed that the majority of readers would prefer the article written in an informal colloquial style, and all would be prepared to pay between £1-£3. With this in mind I wrote my article in a friendly style with some slang, and priced the magazine at £2.99, as it is a monthly issue.