Support When It Counts - library roles in public access to federally-funded research


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Charleston Conference 2013
November 8, 2013

Kristine M. Alpi, Director, William Rand Kenan, Jr. Library of Veterinary Medicine,
William M. Cross, Director, Copyright and Digital Scholarship, NCSU Libraries,
Hilary M. Davis, Interim Head, Collection Management & Director of Research Data Services, NCSU Libraries,

In November 2012, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) said it would begin enforcing its earlier April 2008 public access mandate to NIH-funded research by delaying processing of investigators’ grants. In response, the NCSU Libraries offered to assist the university’s sponsored research office in supporting NC State researchers who had publications stemming from NIH funding and had not achieved compliance. Since the 2008 NIH mandate, over 1000 articles based on NIH-funding have been published by NC State across research areas including veterinary medicine, life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, engineering, textiles, design, math and statistics. Many were published in journals which did not automatically deposit papers to meet NIH requirements. Although familiar with biomedical literature, author agreements and open access, we did not fully grasp the complex web of investigator, author, publisher, institution and funder relations involved in this mandate until we were deeply engaged in the process and gained access to the compliance monitoring data.

In this paper, we will discuss the costs and benefits of library support for authors needing to attain compliance with an eye toward how this support may be scaled up if other federal funding agencies follow suit. We will share practical strategies for supporting compliance efforts for individual researchers and at the campus-wide level, as well as training newly-funded researchers to facilitate future compliance. We discuss the advantages of leveraging existing relationships with publishers to help their researchers, strategies for getting involved in compliance support, and insights on how to skill-up and scale-up when engaging in this part of the research process.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • Support When It Counts - library roles in public access to federally-funded research

    1. 1. NCSU Libraries Support When It Counts – library roles in public access to federally-funded research Charleston Conference November 8, 2013 Kris Alpi, Will Cross, Hilary Davis North Carolina State University Libraries
    2. 2. Public Access and Federally Funded Research • Access matters • Researchers • Industry • Citizen-scientists • NIH leading the way NCSU Libraries
    3. 3. Key Terminology + NIH Public Access Compliance Monitor NCSU Libraries
    4. 4. Public Access Memo of February 2013 NCSU Libraries
    5. 5. NIH Public Access Mandate - Timeline 2008 2010 NCSU Libraries 2012 2013
    6. 6. NCSU - Setting the Scene • College of Design • College of Education • College of Engineering • College of Humanities & Social Sciences • College of Management • College of Natural Resources • College of Sciences • College of Textiles • College of Veterinary Medicine NCSU Libraries
    7. 7. Diversity of NIH Funding at NCSU NCSU Libraries Source: NCSU Research Administration Data and Reporting Database
    8. 8. Future Research and Funding •NIH Training Grants •Reach out to early career scholars •Multi-modal outreach NCSU Libraries
    9. 9. Early Communication Efforts • Who are the stakeholders? • Engaging staff • Updating online information • Outreach to top level– limited uptake NCSU Libraries
    10. 10. Direct Engagement with Stakeholders • Looming deadlines • Partners affected by non-compliance • Assess state of noncompliance and work with Research Officers NCSU Libraries
    11. 11. December 2012 Message to Funded Scholars Subject: Libraries' support NIH-funded scholars in meeting NIH Public Access mandate The NCSU subject librarians and the CDSC ( can help you achieve compliance with the mandate to make research related to your NIH funding available through PubMed Central. We can: Figure out whether you are already in compliance with the mandate for public access to your NIH-funded research Guide you in reviewing the publication agreements for your future and past articles to see whether or not your publishers will be making your work available, or whether you will need to directly submit your manuscripts Work with you to create or maintain a My Bibliography account in MyNCBI that contains both your articles indexed by PubMed, and any funded research articles published in journals not indexed by PubMed Help you or your delegate submit published manuscripts to PubMed Central when needed Help you or your delegate use your ERA Commons account for linking your PubMed Central article IDs to your grant progress reports Help train your students or collaborators or delegates to assist with maintaining your funded research projects' compliance • • • • • • NCSU Libraries All available at:
    12. 12. The Libraries’ Role • Simple or Complex Path • Identifying NIH-funded articles Courtesy of Flickr user Bo47 NCSU Libraries
    13. 13. Road Toward Compliance - Data, Tools NCSU’s NIH-funded articles since 2008 = 1,066 Not in PMC = 340 Journal policies reviewed = 230 Publisher-Mediated Deposit = 220 NCSU Libraries Author-Mediated Deposit = 120
    14. 14. Working with Publishers NIHMS / PMC Journal NIH-funded articles Journal Publisher Journal NIH-funded articles Varying journal policies Varying publisher policies Varying journal policies NCSU Libraries Journal Journal DOES or DOESN’T follow-through on submission NIHMS / PMC Author Approves Submission
    15. 15. Working with Authors & Research Officers • Burden falls to authors • • • MyNCBI • • Research officers opportunity • Public Compliance Report (PACR) Grants MyBibliography NIHMS PMC IDs eRA Commons • Institutional view • Compliance report (PACR) PubMed Central • PubMed ID • PubMed Central ID • NIHMS ID • 60 articles not tracked by NIH NCSU Libraries
    16. 16. Reactive and Proactive Work • Resolving compliance problems Courtesy of Flickr user iluvgadgets • NIH bottlenecks Courtesy of Flickr user omar parada • Training researchers NCSU Libraries Courtesy of Flickr user lollyman
    17. 17. Time and Staffing Resources • Staff needed • Time invested Compliance PublisherDeposit Research Admin Authors Gather Analyze Communicate Follow-up Resolving Issues Training NCSU Libraries Journal stack courtesy of Cal State Univ, Fullerton Library
    18. 18. Skilling up and scaling out • Expanding access to research • Training librarians • Sharing work with research admin • Looming questions Courtesy of Flickr user RyanTaylor1986 NCSU Libraries
    19. 19. Lessons Learned •Researchers – Incentives – Follow-through – Collaboration/workflow •Publishers – Understanding – Follow-through •NIH – Policy – Workflow – Understaffed NCSU Libraries
    20. 20. Benefits •Build relationships with researchers • Support OA • Work with publishers – and identify the good and bad actors “Speak NCSU Libraries their language”
    21. 21. Partnerships Going Forward NCSU Libraries
    22. 22. Try This at Home Research Admins Expertise Research Office Subject Liaisons Stakeholders Library Admin Scholars Biomed Research Publisher Liaison Copyright and Contracts NIH Staff Environmental Scan Citation Harvest NCSU Libraries Rights Analysis Publisher Outreach Researchers & Research Admin Process
    23. 23. Resources • Broad A&I database – • • • • • • • • e.g., NIH RePorter, Web of Science/Scopus NLM announces list NIH Guide & Videos Institutional funding data PubMed & PubMed Central PM/PMC/NIHMS Converter tool SHERPA RoMEO + Publishers’ copyright info MyNCBI account eRA Commons account + PACR role NCSU Libraries
    24. 24. Thank You! Kris Alpi, Will Cross, Hilary Davis, NCSU Libraries