Accidental Collection Assessment: the NCSU Libraries Collection Move


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Presentation at the 2012 Charleston Conference by Annette Day, John Vickery, and Hilary Davis

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Accidental Collection Assessment: the NCSU Libraries Collection Move

  1. 1. Accidental Collection Assessment:the NCSU Libraries Collection Move Charleston Conference November 8, 2012 Annette Day, Hilary Davis, John Vickery North Carolina State University Libraries
  2. 2. “The best learning and collaborative space in the country”• Supporting Engineering, Computer Science and Textiles disciplines – Embody the spirit of NC States competitive advantage in science and technology• Technology Incubator – Computing, learning, and collaboration tools• Learning Spaces – Tailored to the demands of the user community – 100 bookable group study rooms• Address Study Seat Gap – Currently seat less than 5% of NC State students – UNC system standard is 20%• bookBot – Automated Retrieval System - 2 million volumes – Maximize learning & technology spaces in building NCSU Libraries
  3. 3. Collections at Hunt - bookBotCollections Storage for library system – Working collections for Hunt disciplines – Older materials across all disciplines • Monographs • Journal backfiles – Government documents – Microfiche – Special Collections – “Ingest” 1.4 million volumes by opening • Every volume needs a barcode • Scanned and placed in barcoded bin – Collections requested through catalog • Virtual browse • Estimate 10 min retrieval time • Delivery services NCSU Libraries
  4. 4. Collections at Hunt – open shelvingApprox 28,000 volumes • Monograph collection 2007 – present • Current journals • Newspapers • Classics in Engineering & Textiles • Faculty publications • Reference • Games/Videos • Fiction NCSU Libraries
  5. 5. Goals of move• Minimize “Downtime” of Collections• Minimize Patron Disruption• Transparent Communication NCSU Libraries
  6. 6. Staggered move strategy NCSU Libraries
  7. 7. Scope of collections move NCSU Libraries
  8. 8. Composition of CollectionsRendering October 2012 NCSU Libraries
  9. 9. Bumps in the road Courtesy of Flickr member Cogdogblog NCSU Libraries
  10. 10. Data strategies Courtesy of Flickr member Gonzalo AR NCSU Libraries
  11. 11. Scaling up our analytics NCSU Libraries
  12. 12. 5 reasons SAS® is awesome1. You are in control of how you work with your data2. You can read data from any source3. Big data is no problem4. Robust and customizable reporting functionality5. Visualization functionality NCSU Libraries
  13. 13. Keeping the move in sync NCSU Libraries
  14. 14. Planning: from 3.5 million to 1 NCSU Libraries
  15. 15. Example: estimating use and impact• How frequently will items be requested out of the bookBot?• What types of users are most affected?• How many people do we need staffing the bookBot stations? NCSU Libraries
  16. 16. Ugly dataE201207111058160073R^S81JZFFCIRC^FESATELLITE^FcNONE^FWMDWALLAC^UkZLWHITE^NQS01285303M^IQM1500 .W13W35 1991v.2^IS1^DHNO^HB1/7/2013^HELIBRARY^HFN^HIN^HKCOPY^HODHHILL^dC3^Fv3000000^^O|UNDERGRAD|NDS|NCSUSTAFF||||1207021249290010R^S82CVFFSTANDALONE^FEDESIGN^NQS02421189R^OM^Fv200000^DB20120702124929^^O00084|GRAD|ID||||| NCSU Libraries
  17. 17. From ugly data to analytics NCSU Libraries
  18. 18. From ugly data to analytics NCSU Libraries
  19. 19. From ugly data to analytics NCSU Libraries
  20. 20. Example: forecasting future growth• We have extra space!• How fast are we going to fill it up?• How should we arrange the stacks?• “Can you tell me exactly how full DH Hill will be in 15 years?” NCSU Libraries
  21. 21. Example: forecasting future growth NCSU Libraries
  22. 22. Example: forecasting future growth NCSU Libraries
  23. 23. What did we learn!• Large scale move is challenging• Planning is essential• Cross-departmental collaboration• Skills to match data analysis needs NCSU Libraries
  24. 24. Thank You!Annette DayHead, Collection Managementannette_day@ncsu.eduJohn VickeryCollection Manager, Management & Social Sciencesjohn_vickery@ncsu.eduHilary DavisAssociate Head, Collection Management &Director of Research Data NCSU Libraries