What is content strategy?


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If your organization is online, you need to have and use a content strategy. This presentation outlines what content strategy is and what content strategists do.

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What is content strategy?

  1. Introduction to Content Strategy How did we get here, and what is content strategy, anyway?
  2. In the beginning…..
  3. S"ll  live  at  h+p://www.dpgraph.com/    
  4. S"ll  live  (for  posterity’s  sake)  at  h+p://www2.warnerbros.com/spacejam/movie/jam.htm    
  5. MTV’s  home  page  in  1996  
  6. R.R.  Donnelley  corporate  intranet,  1998  –  the  globe  was  really  spinning!    
  7. Then came IA •  User-centered design (what a concept!) •  Organized content into buckets •  Considered how people would travel through an online experience to accomplish their goals •  Created and tested experiences
  8. •  How does content get to the site? •  How long should content stay live? •  How can we make sure that people create content so it can be found and used? •  How much content is there in each section and how often it gets added to? •  How can we bring together similar content from different parts of an organization? What about the content?
  9. •  How good is the content that currently exists – how relevant is it to the audience, does it help the organization meet its goals? •  What’s missing? •  Who is posting the content, vs who’s creating it? •  Is the system working to help make publishing and finding content easier, or is it making things more difficult? What about the content?
  10. •  How can we make sure people can get what they’re looking for on any device? •  How can we proactively share information with our audience most effectively through ever-increasing digital channels? What about the content?
  11. Enter Content Strategy
  12. Definition •  Who, what, when, where, why, and how of publishing content online •  A strategic statement tying content to business goals •  The people, processes, and power to execute that statement
  13. What is “content”?
  14. There are many types of content •  Policies •  Session descriptions •  Product details •  Course catalog listings •  Executive biographies •  Press releases •  Newsletters •  Online magazines •  Individual articles •  Etc., etc., etc.
  15. Content can take different forms •  Web pages •  Blog posts •  Infographics •  Images •  PDFs •  Video •  Audio
  16. What do content strategists do?
  17. Editorial •  Content inventory •  Content assessment •  Editorial style •  Voice and tone
  18. Strategy •  Content strategy vision statement •  Selling content strategy to management •  Showing ROI of content
  19. Marketing •  Editorial calendar •  Audience understanding •  Analytics
  20. Governance •  Who is in charge of your content? •  Who reviews and approves it? •  Who makes sure it is tagged correctly? •  Who can say “no”? •  What processes do (or should) exist to ensure that the right content is published? •  How will content be archived, and what does “archived” mean?
  21. Technology •  Content design and modeling •  Taxonomy and metadata •  Content management systems •  Mobile
  22. Content Strategy Partners •  UX •  Design •  Communications •  Marketing •  Technology •  Internal SMEs