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consumer behavior in service encounter


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consumer behavior in service encounter

  1. 1. Customer Behavior in Service Encounter By- Akshpreet Narula Harkamal Singh Pallavi Jaiswal Varun Mahajan
  2. 2. People Processing Possession processing Mental stimulus processing Information processing 4 Categories of Service
  3. 3. Customer must be physically enter the service system. Health care Beauty saloon Barber Restaurant/bars People Processing
  4. 4. Customer ask to provide tangible treatment Repair/ maintenance Refueling Laundry Gardening Possession Processing
  5. 5. Directed at people’s mind or anything that touches people mind and influence behavior Education News/information Music concert religion Mental Stimulus Processing
  6. 6. Accounting Banking Legal services Securities investment Information processing
  7. 7. Pre purchase Service Encounter Post Purchase The 3 Stage Model
  8. 8. Awareness of needs Information search •Clarify needs •Explore solutions •Identify alternative service products and suppliers Evaluation of alternatives •Review supplier information •Review information from IIIrd party •Discuss option with service personnel •Get advice from other customers Pre Purchase Stage
  9. 9. Seek solution to aroused needs Retirement plan Pre Purchase Stage Awareness of Need
  10. 10. Clarifying between the 2 options Explore more solutions Pre Purchase Stage Information search or
  11. 11. Search attribute- style, color, texture, taste, soun d are feature. Experience attribute- vacation, sporting events, medical procedure. Credence attribute- hygiene of a kitchen in a restaurant Pre Purchase Stage Evaluating of service
  12. 12. A service encounter is a period of time of time during which you as a customer interact directly with the service provider. Moment of truth Service Encounter Stage
  13. 13. Service Encounter Stage High Contact Service Customer’s exposure takes on a physical and tangible nature Low Contact Service Little, if any physical contact between customer and service provider
  14. 14. Evaluation of service performance Future intentions Post Encounter Stage
  15. 15. Post Encounter Stage Negative disconfirmation- Service worse than expected Positive disconfirmation- service better than expected Satisfaction: attitude like judgment following a purchase act
  16. 16. Customer Service Expectation (CSE) Expectations are formed during the search and decision making process, and they are heavily shaped by information search and evaluation of attributes • Situation specific • Change over time • Influenced by supplier control factors
  17. 17. Desired Service- “wished for” level Adequate Service- accept without being dissatisfied Predicted service- customer actually anticipate receiving. Zone of tolerance- very difficult to be consistent service delivery at all touchpoints Components of CSE
  18. 18. Seeking information from respected personal sources Relying on a firm that has a good reputation Looking for guarantees and warranties Asking knowledgeable employees about competing service Use internet to compare service offerings Customer Handle Perceived Risk
  19. 19. Offering performance warranties Money back guarantees To preview the service through brochures Instituting various safety procedures Providing 24/7 access by a toll free telephone call to a customer service center. Giving access to online information about the status. Risk Reduction Strategies
  20. 20. Thank you..